Stanton Releases SCS.4DJ Update In Wake Of Numark NV Announcement

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 6 November, 2017

Stanton has released version 5.0 of its software for the SCS.4DJ, bringing new features like time-rift mode and FLAC support to the three-year-old unit.

Stanton has released a software update to its all-in-one DJ controller, the SCS.4DJ. Bumping the operating system to v5.0, this latest version brings new features to the three-year-old device, including new effects, FLAC support for high-resolution audio file playback, improved song analysis, and “time-rift” mode, which is the Stanton equivalent to Traktor’s Flux and Serato DJ‘s Slip modes.

The SCS.4DJ has won fans through the years, and since its initial release in 2011, has become more and more robust, useful, and stable. That’s great news for an “all in” DJ controller that packs its own onboard computer, LCD screen, and proprietary DJ software; an impressive achievement as you’re solely responsible for creating all touch points of the entire digital DJ experience (ie hardware and software) all in one device.

However, with recent news of the Numark NV entering the “DJ controller with built-in display” fray that the SCS.4DJ has held court in unchallenged, it’s interesting to see how Stanton will develop its device: Will it continue pushing the SCS.4DJ to the limits of its ageing hardware capabilities, or will Stanton release an entirely new DJ controller built on the foundation of the SCS.4DJ, but this time aimed at a more professional DJ market? Only time will tell, but as it is, Stanton seem keen on keeping very much in step with this segment of the digital DJ market. And let’s not forget, the Numark NV still needs a laptop, even if it can be hidden away…

Are you a Stanton SCS4.DJ user? Do you welcome this update? What do you think of this controller – is it a dead end, or do you think Stanton will develop the idea with new models? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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