Traktor 2.8 Released, Rane MP2015 Mixer Now Traktor Scratch Certified

Last updated 5 August, 2017


Rane MP2015
Rane’s new MP2015 rotary mixer is now Traktor Scratch Certified, meaning you can use it with Traktor timecode CDs and vinyl.

Native Instruments has just released the latest version of Traktor Pro 2. Now at version 2.8, the update includes Traktor Scratch Certification for the Rane MP2015, which means you can use it with Traktor timecode CDs and vinyl. Faster song library analysis, support for the Traktor D2 modular controller, and compatibility with Pioneer DJ CDJ900NXS and XDJ-1000 media players are included enhancements in the version, among other changes.

Unlike Serato DJ, Traktor doesn’t need to be “unlocked” by compatible gear, however if you plan on using timecode vinyl or CDs, you’ll need to use a Traktor Scratch Certified mixer or audio interface. As such, certification for Rane’s new rotary mixer is a welcome addition to the list for Traktor-based DJs, and if Serato gets in on it too (which I’m guessing it will), then we may just see more of the Rane MP2015 in DJ booths in the coming years.

• The Traktor 2.8 update is now available via Native Instruments’ Service Center app.

What do you think about these new updates to Traktor? Any features you’d like to see before Traktor 3.0 comes out? Let us know your thoughts below.

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