Your Questions: I Want To Become A Throwback Party DJ!

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Last updated 11 April, 2018

Want to rekindle your love of a party scene from when you were younger? DJing is a great way to do that…

Digital DJ Tips reader Andrea Marcovaldi writes: “I’m a ’50-year-old boy’. Together with some friends of mine I started to organise some throwback parties with a lot of success, and for that reason I’d now like to learn how to DJ.

“I’d like to get started with some very entry-level / budget gear to see if I like DJing. I can always step up to more professional gear later on once I’ve got the hang of it.”

Digital DJ Tips Says:

Well, they say it’s never too late to start! Our advice as ever would be to get an entry level but solid controller (Check out the Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO3, Reloop Beatmix 4, or Denon DJ MC2000) until you’re sure about all of this.

Clearly, you’ll need a good pair of headphones, too. We’ve reviewed a couple of good entry-level models, like the Reloop RHP-15 and Numark HF350, but there is one very cheap pair of phones that are great for DJing – the Sennheiser HD-201. Not the best build quality, but sound-wise they are the best you can get for under US$30.

On the contrary, don’t buy a PA system if you don’t have to, because renting is easier and better. If you do have to buy a PA, be aware that “you get what you pay for”. There are no shortcuts to that and there are no low-budget speakers that will sound good enough to do a paid gig with. Again, easier (and cheaper) to rent professional gear than to buy professional gear.

For learning how to DJ, start with our How To Digital DJ Fast course. It will get you from total newbie to someone that knows the basics well (and also includes lots more advice on shopping for gear than we have room for here).

You’re at an advantage because you already have an event, the music and a crowd – you should get off to a flying start…

Do you DJ “throwback” events? Have you blossomed into DJing later in life? We’d love to hear your stories, thoughts and recommendations in the comments.

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