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Your Questions: Overwhelmed Choosing A First Controller

Our reader Donnie Con writes: "So I have been searching a controller to buy and almost bought one, then I found out a couple days ago that you can use Spotify with various controllers. I currently have a prepaid two-year sub with Spotify so it's more attractive to me to get one compatible with djay software, that of course can work with Spotify..."

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Review & Video: Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4 Rekordbox DJ & WeDJ Controller

Pioneer DJ has consistently churned out controllers yearly, starting with the groundbreaking DDJ-SX that took four-channel controllers mainstream. It has also kept a close eye on the casual DJ market: We take a look at the DDJ-WeGO4, the latest WeGO model that brings a sleeker profile and an updated list of compatible DJ apps.

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Thanksgiving Weekend: Some Thoughts for Aspiring DJs

Certainly in the USA, "thanksgiving" is on everyone's minds right now, and the sea surge of people being "thankful" in print, online, and across social media over the last couple of days reminded me of this meme that has been doing the rounds recently - and the lessons within for anyone trying to succeed in the world of DJing.

Five Steps To Your Perfect DJ Music Library System

Our post recommending DJs not to use iTunes to organise their music libraries recently certainly got a people talking. But I'm aware we left some people in pain, pointing out what's wrong with iTunes without fully outlining a preferred alternative. This post will help you see the five steps of any good music library organisation system.

10 Silly Mistakes Beginners Make When Choosing A DJ Name

Choosing a DJ name is one of the most important early decision you'll make when getting started as a DJ. Get it right, and you'll have an instantly recognisable name that tells the world the kind of DJ you are and helps get you noticed. Get it wrong, and all kind of obstacles will block your path to success. Here are some of the rookie errors people make time and time again.

5 Reasons Why You Should Video Yourself Mixing

Have you yet done a mix yet on video? We've actually been doing an awful lot of these recently here at Digital DJ Tips (filming material for our forthcoming Digital DJ Lab training - more on that later...), and we think it's something every DJ should have a go at. So whether you've thought about it and not known where to start, or not even considered it before, here's why you should...

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