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Friday Roundup: How To Use Effects In Traktor’s Remix Decks

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we take a look at why you should use Traktor’s Remix Decks for more precise effect tweaking, learn how to optimise Serato DJ for your laptop, and learn how to connect with other people in the music industry effectively.

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Magma Riot Backpacks

Review & Video: Magma Riot DJ Backpacks

Magma’s Riot is the company’s top-of-the-line range of bags designed for DJs who travel a lot. Today I’ve got the smallest (simply called the Riot DJ Backpack) as well as the largest (the humungous Riot DJ Backpack XXL) up for review. Let’s dive right in!

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The only thing constant in the world is change, and that's a universal truth we all have to face.

7 Lessons For Digital DJs From The Days Of Vinyl

if you’re a new digital DJ who’s not yet had someone explain the home truths about how it used to be pre-digital (and even pre-CD), this list contains some of the wisdom that vinyl DJs gained over the years. I hope some of it helps you on your digital journey, too!

The World's Number One DJ

7 Tips For Breaking Into The DJ Mag Top 100

So DJ Mag in the UK has published its Top 100 DJs voted for by clubbers, and once again it gives us an irresistible glance into the relative rankings of the super-famous in the world of dance music. But what do you need to do to break into that top 100? Today we take a closer look…


7 Places To Legally Download Free DJ Music

Downloads are the music industry’s equivalent of a digital elephant in the room: While music is readily available and freely searchable online, there are some ethical considerations whenever you download an artist’s music “for free” when it’s something that you should be paying for. Here are the best sites today for guilt-free downloading at no cost.

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