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Your Questions: How Do I Mix At A Silent Disco?

DJ Pocket Size Dave writes “I’ve been hired to DJ a silent disco, and being a bit old school, I use my left ear to cue in headphones, and the right to monitor the room. Since the audience will have headphones, what is your advice for manual mixing at an event like this?”

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Review & Video: Roland TR-REC Step Sequencing Game

In this review we’ll take a look at Roland’s very own TR-REC app for iOS and Android, which promises to train you how to use a step sequencer through a video game in the style of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Is it any good and, more importantly, is it fun? We find out…

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Beyond Genre: 5 Tagging Tricks For Better DJ Sets

The DJ is making music changes seemingly effortlessly, the crowd is loving it as the set switches from genre to genre yet still stays tight and smooth – and there’s you, shaking your head in the corner, wondering how the hell he’s pulling that stuff of. Here’s the secret: It’s all about thinking beyond genre, and being organised…

Tell Us Your DJing Goals For 2016

An efficient way to achieve something is to set a measurable goal with a deadline. Ditto for DJing – life gets in the way, and before you know it, another year has come and gone without you getting closer to what you want to reach in your DJing. So today’s post is to make sure that doesn’t happen to you in 2016!

7 Things I Learned Playing My First Ever NYE Party

One of our Digital DJ Tips Platinum Facebook Group students Arijit Chowdhury shared his great success playing his first New Year’s Eve party that turned out to be as such – there were people of all ages, tastes, and even some who had strong musical preferences. He then offered some useful tips for DJing these request-heavy parties.

6 Non-Music Ideas For Your DJ Page… & Why You Need Them

If the only thing on your DJ page is your music, you’re missing a trick, and I’m willing to bet it isn’t performing for you, whether it’s your own website, your Facebook Page, or a bio page on a third-party site.

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