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Brighton, England. Always known as a party city, apparently "talented" DJs are being pushed out by "kids with laptops". But is that really what's going on?

Why New DJs Deserve Their Chances

Someone just recounted a conversation to me. A DJ was complaining that “there’s loads of talented DJs in Brighton, but they can’t get booked any more, because the bar owners have realised that they can pay a kid with a laptop £50 and get the same number of people in, so why pay a ‘name’ DJ £500?”

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MixMeister Express

Review & Video: MixMeister Express Mixtape Maker

MixMeister is meant to be used for creating mixtapes without having to mix, meaning you can drop a 10-song mix in a fraction of the time it used to take to create one. Sure, it’s not DJing, but for DJs who want to make mixtapes as quick possible but don’t because they’ve got “no time” to execute, you no longer have an excuse!

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Carl Cox

6 Tips For A Long & Fulfilling DJ Career

Artistic growth and technical progress as a DJ can feel like a slow burn – the problem is that we want to dramatically improve as soon as possible, so sometimes we feel like we’re not getting anywhere. But there are some things about DJing that simply take time, and that includes the musical, technical, and entrepreneurial sides .


Video Training: How To DJ With Stems & The Traktor Kontrol S8

Excited by the new Stems file format form Native Instruments? Especially if you’ve got or are thinking about getting a Traktor Kontrol S8, you should be, as your controller is ideally placed to make the most of this new DJ-friendly digital music format. In this exclusive tutorial, we show you how to use them, using real life Stems files…


7 Reasons You Should Still Make Mixtapes

A student asked the other day if mixtapes were dead and buried in these modern times. The only way to make it as a DJ these days, he argued, was to have a popular track that you’d produced, and to be a social media expert. Why go to the time and trouble of crafting great mixtapes? Today we find out…


5 Essential Skills For DJing In Any Situation On Any Gear

This a question that came up with our VIP students on our coaching webinar last night, and we really liked coming up with this list as it’s full of things DJs who are happy on vinyl, CDJs, controller, and – yes – even the Apple Watch, take for granted but that people who only use, say, an iPad DJ app or a simple controller, may not realise.

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