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Your Questions: Do I Actually Need DJ Gear At All?

Over on one of our “inner-circle” weekly DJ coaching webinars this week, new DJ and Digital DJ Masterclass course owner Tom writes: “Why all the need for extra gear, when most good DJ software can do the same thing as a controller? Why have DJ gear at all, in other words?”

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Review & Video: Gemini Slate 2 Serato DJ Controller

Gemini has had a chequered history in the digital DJ world, with a handful of “almost there” devices, and a few that frankly failed to make the mark. But the company appears to have turned it around with the Slate 2 (reviewed here) and the bigger Slate 4.

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iTunes 12

Is It Time For DJs To Ditch iTunes?

With the latest iTunes 12.2 update swinging firmly towards streaming media and reportedly breaking more than a few users’ local music libraries along the way, the outcry against the program among DJs is louder than ever. So today we’re asking: Is it now time for DJs to ditch using iTunes altogether in their music preparation?

7 Hidden Qualities Of Successful DJs

7 Hidden Qualities All Successful DJs Share

If you want to make a career in this difficult industry, giving yourself an honest score for each of the seven points that follows will help you, because it’ll show you where you need to work on your personal development. Treat it as a checklist, or way of measuring progress – and why not come back in a year to see how you’ve moved on?

djay Pro

Your First Day With: djay Pro For Mac

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through your first encounter with Algoriddim’s djay Pro. Developed specifically for OSX, djay Pro is the only professional DJ software that’s Mac-exclusive, and it shows: Your music library within the app is directly tied with your iTunes library, so this is a great option for DJs looking past the traditional “big three”.

Rekordbox 3.0

Your First Day With: Rekordbox 3.0

In this article we’re going to walk you through Pioneer’s Rekordbox. We’ll begin by taking a quick look at what Rekordbox really is, since it’s not a DJ app per se. We’ll then download Rekordbox from the Pioneer DJ website, install it on your computer, and get your music into it and onto an external USB drive. Let’s go!

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