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Core Values #3

Our Core Values #3: Do It Yourself!

So you think there’s a path you can easily tread to become a DJ, do you? That if you only do this, then do that, then inevitably the other will happen, and bam, you’ll have made it! Well I hate to break it to you, but that isn’t the case, and probably never was. You have to make it happen on your own. You have to do it yourself.

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Review & Video: Pioneer Remix Station RMX-500 Effects Unit

Go into any big club DJ booth and chances are pretty good that you’ll spot a piece of gear behind the main mixer, raised to hand height, with two massive tactile knobs on it just inviting you to have a good fiddle. That gear would be an effects unit, such as the Pioneer RMX-500 “Remix Station”, which we are reviewing today.

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Save yourself from the heartache of losing years of plays, comments, and followers on SoundCloud by learning from my mistakes.

How To Protect Yourself Against SoundCloud Takedowns

A few weeks ago I read about SoundCloud starting its takedown campaign on a massive scale. I’ve had a few takedowns in the past due to some remixes and mixtapes that I’ve made in the five years that I’ve been on the music sharing platform, so I didn’t think much of it because I just assumed it was business as usual. Big mistake…

High Fidelity

7 Secrets Of Good Music Organisation For Digital DJs

Digital DJ Tips member Jason Nappier writes: “I’d like more insight about programming and organisation. I have a ton of music, but it is all dumped on my hard drive. When I used CDs and even back in my vinyl days, I knew where everything was. Without that organisation, I find myself just blanking and scrolling at gigs. Can you help?”

Wedding DJ

6 Things Brides Really Look For In A Wedding DJ

What does it take to get bookings as a wedding DJ? What is it that brides (who we all know call the shots at weddings!) are really looking for when considering someone to book? Here are the qualities you should work on as a DJ that’ll help you get the bookings…


8 Lessons Learned When Someone Hijacked My DJ Set

“I’m a friend of the bride! I’m gonna DJ now, can you end your set already? And can you remove your controller and laptop and set the CDJs up for me? Where are they, anyway? I only mix with CDs, you know!” Check out the lessons I learned going through this ordeal.

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