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Stanton Releases SCS.4DJ Update In Wake Of Numark NV Announcement

Stanton has released a software update to its all-in-one DJ controller, the SCS.4DJ. Bumping the operating system to v5.0, this latest version brings new features to the three-year-old device, including new effects, FLAC support for high-resolution audio file playback, improved song analysis, and time-rift mode, which is the Stanton equivalent to Traktor’s Flux and Serato DJ’s Slip modes.

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Review & Video: Allen & Heath Xone:23 DJ Mixer

This is our review of the the Xone:23, Allen & Heath new entry-level mixer. It’s styled like the Xone:DB2 and Xone:DB4 high-end mixers, and has a few features that you’d only expect to find on modern mixers, but at its heart it’s pretty much what you’d expect a two-channel mixer to be.

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Realistic Mixer

5 Tips For Starting Out As A DJ On An Extreme Budget

Here at Digital DJ Tips, we absolutely believe that everyone who wants to should be able to try their hand at DJing. We simply do not subscribe to this idea that it is a hallowed, expensive hobby only for those with the cash to pursue it.


5 Highly Useful DJ Tools (That Have Nothing To Do With Music)

My recent article on whether your gear is as important as you think it is got me thinking a little about the non-DJ tools that have helped me get gigs, create buzz, or just simplify the often chaotic process of being a DJ.


Making Music With Ableton, Sample Packs… & Mad Zach

Making music using pre-produced sample packs is huge right now. Why? Basically because sample packs – collections of sounds that are pre-prepared by top producers and sold as a set – offer a fantastic way to get started in making your own beats, especially for DJs.

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