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Master Tempo

Your Questions: How Far Should I Deviate From The Original BPM In A Mix?

Digital DJ Tips member Mark25H writes: “I wanted to find what people’s thoughts were on how much you should deviate from a track’s native BPM when mixing. For example, some of my music is 120 and actually sounds better at 125, but I just want to find what the general consensus is.” Here’s our answer.

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Making Music

Review & Video: Ableton Making Music Book

The latest product from the makers of Ableton Live isn’t an app or a new hardware controller; it’s a book. It’s called Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies For Electronic Music Producers, and it’s written by Ableton documentation head Dennis DeSantis who’s an accomplished composer and sound designer. Here’s our review.

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8 Lessons Learned When Someone Hijacked My DJ Set

“I’m a friend of the bride! I’m gonna DJ now, can you end your set already? And can you remove your controller and laptop and set the CDJs up for me? Where are they, anyway? I only mix with CDs, you know!” Check out the lessons I learned going through this ordeal.

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The 6 Powerful Daily Habits Of Successful DJs

What is it that successful DJs do “behind the scenes” that others don’t? Sure, they are clearly networking with the right people, they obviously obtain (and often make) great music, and they demonstrably know the technical skills of DJing. But what is it they do that keeps them laser-focused on success when others fall by the wayside?

If you want to get the big gigs, you need to play the big game, and that involves working out and delivering what promoters really want.

Getting Gigs: What Promoters Are Really Looking For

During my long career in music (working on both the DJ side and the promoter side of bookings), I have picked up some valuable insights into the relationship between DJs and event promoters. There is a fairly large disparity between what many DJs feel promoters want and what the majority of promoters are actually looking for.

Press Kit

6 Press Kit Essentials You Need Right Now

You may be the hardest working DJ in your part of town, but all your efforts grinding aren’t reaching their maximum potential if you don’t have a convenient way for fans and promoters to find out more about you. Solution: Make a press kit. Here’s what to put in it…

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