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Stanton Releases SCS.4DJ Update In Wake Of Numark NV Announcement

Stanton has released a software update to its all-in-one DJ controller, the SCS.4DJ. Bumping the operating system to v5.0, this latest version brings new features to the three-year-old device, including new effects, FLAC support for high-resolution audio file playback, improved song analysis, and time-rift mode, which is the Stanton equivalent to Traktor’s Flux and Serato DJ’s Slip modes.

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Review & Video: Allen & Heath Xone:23 DJ Mixer

This is our review of the the Xone:23, Allen & Heath new entry-level mixer. It’s styled like the Xone:DB2 and Xone:DB4 high-end mixers, and has a few features that you’d only expect to find on modern mixers, but at its heart it’s pretty much what you’d expect a two-channel mixer to be.

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5 Highly Useful DJ Tools (That Have Nothing To Do With Music)

My recent article on whether your gear is as important as you think it is got me thinking a little about the non-DJ tools that have helped me get gigs, create buzz, or just simplify the often chaotic process of being a DJ.


Making Music With Ableton, Sample Packs… & Mad Zach

Making music using pre-produced sample packs is huge right now. Why? Basically because sample packs – collections of sounds that are pre-prepared by top producers and sold as a set – offer a fantastic way to get started in making your own beats, especially for DJs.

Worst party

My DJ Gig From Hell… & The Priceless Lesson I Learned

This is a story about why I was so wrong to assume my gear would never let me down, but really, it’s a story about a transformation that humbled me, and made me realise that something I thought was important really doesn’t matter at all.

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