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American Audio

[NAMM 2015] American Audio VMS Prototype

American Audio has teased the next generation of VMS DJ controller, to replace the ageing VMS.4.1 in the company’s DJ range, and correcting some of the issues of the previous design, such as the somewhat bizarre rubber-sheathed jogwheels.

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Hercules Universal

[NAMM 2015] Video: Hercules Universal DJ Controller Talkthrough

We got a look at the new Hercules Universal DJ controller here at NAMM 2015 (outside in the California sunshine for a change), which won an Innovation Award at the CES Show just a couple of weeks ago.

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The Single Skill You Truly Need To Be A Real DJ

In one shape or form, “what do I need to do to be a real DJ?” is the question that rules the conversation here at Digital DJ Tips, in our forums, comments and private conversations with our members and students. So what is the one skill you need to be able to truly call yourself a “real DJ”?

2015 Goals

3 Simple Steps To Achieving Your DJing Goal In 2015

Having shaken off your hangover, we’d like to ask you: What’s your DJ goal for 2015? If you still haven’t thought of it, now would be a great time to commit to at least one goal for the year that would take your career further.

Happy New Year!

Don’t Play Your NYE DJ Gig Until You’ve Read These 5 Tips!

Ah, New Year’s Eve! That time of the year when anyone and everyone’s in the mood to party. Whether you’re DJing for a packed megaclub, spinning the year in review for your local sports pub, or playing a party for friends or family, keep these five tips in mind for a smooth transition into 2015.

The Mixdown

Making Your First Tune: A Guide For DJs, Part 4

In this final tutorial, we’ll adjust the levels of the individual tracks in your production so your levels don’t go “in the red”. We’ll also add some compression plugins to your drums and bass, as well as a limiter to the mix bus. Finally, we’ll create a mixdown of your production so that you can upload and share it with friends.

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