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Mixvibes Remixlive For Mac Launched

Mixvibes just announced Remixlive for the Mac. Like its iOS counterpart, Remixlive for Mac is a grid interface that lets you trigger loop and sample cells for live performances. Exclusive to the Mac version is the ability to use any Midi controller for launching cells and tweaking effects and levels.

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Review & Video: Numark Dashboard DJ Display For Serato

Those controllers with screens built in? All the rage nowadays. But what if you're into the idea, and your controller doesn't have screens? Well, if so - and if you're a Serato DJ user - the Numark Dashboard may be an alternative solution. Let's take a closer look...

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6 DJ Truths According To Steve Lawler

House music legend Steve Lawler released a documentary earlier this year called The Art Of The DJ. It's an engaging biopic on his rise to fame and his struggles and triumph over substances, and we couldn't help but pick out truisms he was dropping throughout the film. Here are six truths...

Snapchat For DJs: 4 Tips To Get Started Today

Snapchat is the latest social media platform to take the internet by storm. Wouldn't you like a head start in building a following on the next big social media service where you can engage with and grow your fanbase? Here are four ways to get started on Snapchat right now.

Interview: Pete Tong's Formula For DJing Success

There's no more famous DJ that Pete Tong, and so who better to ask about what it takes to achieve DJing success in today's world than the man himself? So here at IMS College Malta, I grabbed Pete for a private chat, and asked him what it takes to achieve success as a DJ... wherever in the world you are.

All You Need To Know About DJ Technical Riders

Do you ever wonder how the world's biggest DJs can just walk onstage, plug their USB sticks / laptop in, and get going? That's because professional touring DJs have what's called a technical rider. We take a look at what the rider is and how to make one for yourself.

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