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Pioneer DJ Announces XDJ-700 Compact Multi-Player

Pioneer DJ just launched its XDJ-700 digital multi-player, a smaller player that inherits features from the XDJ-1000. It’s got an LCD touchscreen with a Qwerty onscreen keyboard, a removable stand that brings it up to the height of other Pioneer DJ gear, and Rekordbox compatibility built-in. It’s also got Pioneer’s Pro DJ Link onboard, so you can connect to other Pioneer gear.

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Video: AIAIAI TMA-2 = Headphones Deconstructed

AIAIAI’s TMA-2 is the successor to the popular AIAIAI TMA-1 headphone model, but the twist here is not so much a new model of headphones, but a change in the way you configure and order the perfect pair for you. Because by using the configurator tool on the company’s website, you can craft your TMA-2’s to suit your exact needs.

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Does Your Gear Support OSX 10.11? Our Compatibility List

Apple released its latest operating system OSX 10.11 El Capitan this week, and DJ manufacturers have warned users not to perform the update because of incompatibilities with current hardware and software. Here’s a compatibility status list of DJ software and hardware, which we’ll be updating as the patches roll out.

7 Ways To Deal With Pressure Before DJing

You’ve just bagged the gig of your dreams. Awesome! You’ve been practising and preparing for it, which is great. You arrive at the venue, and the butterflies in your stomach begin to flutter. Your mind makes up all these scenarios were things go wrong. Pressure is experienced by all DJs: Here’s how to manage it.

How To Kickstart Your SoundCloud With Fan Gating

Do you sometimes feel that in order to grow your fan base online like the pros, you may actually have to consider buying “likes” on social media or SoundCloud? Don’t! There’s a perfectly ethical and often very effective way to genuinely build your followers, and it’s called “fan gating”. Let’s find out more…

10 Steps To Releasing Your Own Mix Album

Ever since the mid-90s, the DJ mix album has been a stamp of a DJ’s authority. And even today, having your name on a professionally released DJ mix compilation album that sells worldwide can stamp an undoubted seal of authority on your DJ CV. Here’s our 10-step guide to creating, clearing, and releasing your compilation album.

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