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DJ Scholarship Prize Draw Winners Announced

We ran our first ever online DJ training scholarship prize draw last month. From the thousands of entries that we received, we have picked one lucky grand prize winner and four runners-up. Thanks to all who joined, and watch out for the Digital DJ Masterclass Free Training Event coming next week.

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Review & Video: beaTunes 5 Music Library Fixer & Playlist App

beaTunes 5 review beaTunes is an app for Mac or PC that helps you to improve, correct, update and manage your music files. It analyses your tracks to give you accurate information regarding the tempo, key, mood, danceability and more. It aims to take away the stress of manually processing a huge number of tracks, [...]

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Masterguide: Know Your DJ Cables

DJ cables are hardly the most glamorous part of your set-up but without them, nothing works. There's a confusing array of plugs and cables to deal with in a typical set-up, and many DJs (experienced or not) have no idea where to start. In this guide, we will cover all the cables you are most likely to come across while DJing.

Grab Your Free "50 Ways To Get Gigs" Guide

If you've been struggling to get bookings, we've got great news for you: We've just launched a brand-new free downloadable PDF guide, called "50 Ways To Get Gigs" - and it's yours for free. Building on the huge success of our "getting gigs" series, this huge, practical guide will help you fill up your DJ calendar super-fast.

5 Things To Do After You've Played Your DJ Set

It's finally over - you've just delivered a killer DJ set. The performance of a lifetime. Before exiting the DJ booth and making your way back to the hotel / motel / Airbnb / basement of your mum's house, go through this checklist of five things you should always do after a DJ set before calling it a night.

7 Ways Partnering With Others Can Get You Gigs

Lots of people start out on their quest to get DJ gigs alone. They might well be the only seriously musically oriented member of their respective friendship groups. Going it alone is fine and does work but it can make things more difficult, especially if your local DJ circuit is "closed" to outsiders.

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