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Your Questions: "Help! I'm DJing My First Big Public Event!"

Digital DJ Lab member Charles asks: "I'm spinning a one-hour DJ set for a big public event in my city. It'll be the first time I perform for a show like this, how can I impress people during my performance? Should I create routines and perform a showcase, or should I just play it safe?"

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Review & Video: The Basslet Wearable Subwoofer

The Basslet is a silent subwoofer you wear like a watch. Think about it like a rumble pack for a games controller, but for your musical pleasure. Everyone I spoke to about it (including myself) said that it sounds too good to be true, so let's find out in review if it is...

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5 Things To Do After You've Played Your DJ Set

It's finally over - you've just delivered a killer DJ set. The performance of a lifetime. Before exiting the DJ booth and making your way back to the hotel / motel / Airbnb / basement of your mum's house, go through this checklist of five things you should always do after a DJ set before calling it a night.

7 Ways Partnering With Others Can Get You Gigs

Lots of people start out on their quest to get DJ gigs alone. They might well be the only seriously musically oriented member of their respective friendship groups. Going it alone is fine and does work but it can make things more difficult, especially if your local DJ circuit is "closed" to outsiders.

7 Ways To Get Gigs While You're On Holiday

In the last article of our 7 Ways To Get A Gig series, we talked about how you can maximise your online presence. This time, we'll cover different ways you can land gigs when you are on holiday. Naturally, you'll want to kick back, but why not take the chance to boost your experience and get a gig in unfamiliar settings?

7 Ways To Get Gigs While You Sleep

This time, we'll cover how you can maximise your productivity to get bookings even when you are asleep. There are loads of resources that when setup properly, require minimal extra effort to maintain and serve as a constant advertisement of your DJ services.

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