Surprise! Traktor Pro 2.5 Drops A Week Early

Traktor users who were patiently waiting for Traktor 2.5 to drop along with the new Traktor Kontrol F1 on May 30 as previously announced got a bonus today, when Native Instruments unexpectedly released the new software into its Service Centre, 6 days early, along with the video above.

As all current 2.x users of the software get it for free, that means a lot of users will be able to have a bonus weekend of playing with its new features, in advance of the hardware release next week.

A quick glance at the new software reveals the following headline changes, among a score of minor fixes and improvements:

  • Remix Decks & Kontrol F1 integration, with S4 and S2 sample slot functionality matched to Remix Deck functions too
  • Improved tempo and beat detection
  • Improved CDJ integration (there's a model in there from a certain manufacturer that we've not heard mentioned before. Go look for yourself...)
  • Browser and library improvements (browser tree state remember, iTunes node behaves better)
  • Better Midi output mapping (to help get status LEDs working more easily when working on your own mappings)
  • Remembers user-defined input/output routings between sessions
Traktor 2.5

The Kontrol F1 is still due next Wednesday, but in a move that's surprised users worldwide, NI has released the Traktor 2.5 software today.

We'll have a full review in a week or so, along with of course a Kontrol F1 review. Meanwhile, if you're reading this at work, have fun when you get home and hit the Service Centre for your upgrade!

Are you looking forward to playing with this latest incarnation of Traktor? Do you have a pre-order in for the Kontrol F1? What feature would you most like to see in future releases? Please let us know your thoughts below...


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  1. You know how Scratch Live and Itch have the Trigger option for the sample player. Do you know if that is something that will be implemented in Traktor... because I hate having to press it once to play a sample and if i press it again it stops it.

    • yes it does...its called Punch mode to do a 1 shot instead of loop.

      • Punch mode does not change between one shot and a loop. Punch mode is for switching samples. When you have it enabled, the sample you switch to will play from the spot of the playback area of the previous sample, instead of starting at the beginning of the sample.

  2. superb!! Downloading!

  3. lordamercy says:

    scared to download got to play out Saturday lol

  4. dj lyts out says:

    Must i upgrade to 2.5? Dont plan on using sample decks. How will that affect me?

    • you can choose a rool back option when instaling the 2.5 (on mac anyway) so if you don't like it you can go back to 2.1.2-3 but 2.5 is not going to be much differant from 2.1.2 if you don't use sample decks or remix decks. There will be some improvements to the software it self othere then minor fixes (beatgrid importent fix) the 2.5 is verry much the same as 2.1.2 without sampl/ remix decks

      now we need to see how that Dennon SC2900 looks like πŸ˜€

  5. Let's GO !

  6. thedjprestige says:

    Wait a week and check the message boards for issues and bugs. Do not update if you have a gig this weekend.

  7. Good that it is out early but think i'll wait till after this weekend to update, can't be doing with any bugs messing with my set on Saturday!!

  8. like the sounds of better LED output midi mapping

  9. OK, NI service centre is telling me I'm up to date on all software (Traktor Scratch Pro 2, Maschine and Komplete 8 Ultimate) and when I tried downloading from the NI website, it re-installed Traktor 2.2 ... Err. Where's my 2.5?

  10. pumped! but for those of us that like the remix decks concept...whats the point really if you dont intend to buy the f1 to actually use the new feature. Essentially they would behave like the regular sample decks no? The live clip feature was what I was looking forward to the most....might get the f1 later down the road if they dont open it up to other controllers for mapping. I get it has tight integration but I am also a big fan of using existing gear!

  11. I need some clarification here, are the S4 mappings changing for Traktor's standard plug and play? If so, what controls were changed? I use Ean's S4 mappings, are they going to be updated? We can't afford to much down time, so we are waiting for some answers before updating our software.

  12. It was available yesterday before they had announced it. I've had a bit of a play with it and I'm happy to say so far it seems very stable and the CPU load issues experienced with any of the versions after 2.03 have gone. It looks like besides adding new features, NI has put a lot of development time in to making it work well. It would be stupid of them not to, after some of the troublesome updates they released previously.

  13. Works fine with both my x1 and s4, like the little filter and volume displays next to each sample (remix) deck

    • Cool, my x1 is at the club, can't get to it till 9p, lots of talk bout how s2 & s4 will work, but how not much bout the X1,
      Is it still a deck c & d left right mapping? I'm interested in making a mapping just for deck c so i can have vol and filt and play and mute all ready at once

  14. To bad there servic center sucks I love traktor but there service center fails and is never reliable some time it runs othere time nothing they need to send a instalation cd with when u buy there software

  15. To bad there servic center sucks, I love traktor but there service center fails and is never reliable some time it runs othere time nothing they need to send a instalation cd with when u buy there software

  16. To bad there servic center sucks, I love traktor but there service center fails and is never reliable some time it runs othere time nothing they need to send a instalation cd with when u buy there software.

  17. M. Knight says:

    I use the Sample decks at all my gigs.
    With 2.5 Sample Decks get renamed Remix Decks. According to NI the F1 Controller is required to control the Remix Decks. Does this mean I will have no "Sample Decks" functionality with my S4 If I upgrade to 2.5?

  18. Im really curious about the improved bpm detection bit... i have at least 5 tracks in my collection Traktor cant detect correctly whatever I try.. anybody noticed any improvements there?

    • I had the same problem that the BPM detection is compeltely crazy with at least 10% of my tracks. I never had that problem with version 2.0 !!!
      Hence, I have reverted back to the old version for now, until the updated for 2.5 come out...

  19. A-Dag-Io says:

    Got Version 2.5 last night and I'm quite excited about it.
    Didn't have any issues with stability so far - beat detection is much more precise, and I love the idea that LED output is mappable through learn function now, 'cuz it was always a nuisance.
    As long as you don't own the F1, the new Version is not at all a noticable update, so don't believe the hype!
    But I definitely think about buying the F1 or a Twitch next time and switchover to another system not only to check it out - difference is like 100 €, and vanishes when I sell my NI stuff.
    And I'm not the only one.

  20. B.B. Koning says:

    It must've been ESP or something. I was wondering when the update was going to roll out, then checked the news to find this early present of sorts.

    I hope they fixed the windows quirk that I and others have had with Traktor overwriting ID3 tags to leave only what you wrote in the comments field while in the program.

    I'll have to test it out before I get too excited.

  21. Frenkee says:

    I downloaded and tried last night.
    Had to restart the software twice before my mapping was working as it did in the previous version.
    The new sample decks are different than with the previous version.
    What not worked well is the SYNC of each sample deck
    Before my samples were always in sync, now it isn't always!! (sync was enable!)
    something I'm going to find out this weekend, I probably did something wrong.

    Going too re-map my A&H DX now in combination with machine.
    Found out I have 4 sample rows available on each deck.... I hope it works....


  22. Traktor 2.5 has some serious stability issues, Pops and crackles at random, very bad grid marker handling, The FX panels lose their on state when switching, and other very annoying bugs.. Don't get me wrong, I love Traktor, but this release is not stable for Live performing yet!

    • B.B. Koning says:

      I wholeheartedly agree.

      Jesus, I Mr T. pity the fool who tried to play with this @#$$! in a club over the weekend.

      Just screwing around in my bedroom DJ world with it, it lagged down and clicked/popped. I actually thought it was going to hang up and crash at one point.

      Let the downloader beware.

    • yep... I have those problems.
      back to 2.0.3 for me.

      version 2.1.3 consumes too much cpu... and has crashed live when DJ'ing online.

    • Jim Davidson says:

      Did anyone seriously expect it to be stable? NI gotta keep up their track record πŸ˜‰

  23. DJ Forced Hand says:

    Wow... you know how Traktor Pro already looked like the cockpit of a 747? Yeah, this complicates things even more. I'm sure we can all handle these "incremental changes", but to someone just coming into this software, it must be daunting.

  24. 2.5 isn't stable.

    I'm sticking with 2.0.3

    Grids run out of sync with and i can't satisfy myself moving the jogs, i can never think it's perfectly beat mateched.

    tracks have artifacts when playing, which don't in 2.0.3

    on a stopped deck, scrolling through with the jog wheel causes cpu spikes.

    there is a thread on NI's forum where some people have already stated these problems.

  25. Christ ! I still can't figure the latency issues out with thw S4 how will this new tool help me??

  26. Upgrade was disastrous for me... now get various error messages saying I am missing controller TSIs, uninstalling and cleaning the registry then re-installing doesn't work. Nightmares.

  27. Gbrown44 says:

    I looooove it... the fun and creativity levels went up notches. I'm glad to say I haven't had any issues with this release... I even purchased the F1, and manyun... love it.

  28. Hi can anyone help me, I have downloaded the new update for traktor, but there is no change what i mean is I still only have sample decks, but no remix decks, i own the S4. I've downloaded the update twice, and I am unsure what i'm doing wrong? thanks if anyone can help.

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