Pioneer Launches CDJ2000 Nexus: Works With Your Tablet Or Smartphone, Adds Sync

Pioneer CDJ2000nexus

The new Pioneer CDJ2000nexus updates the company's top-end media player with wireless WiFi compatibility with rekordbox apps on smartphones and tablets.

Pioneer has today unveiled the CDJ-2000nexus, an update on its high-end club standard CDJ2000 DJ deck (update: there's now also the Pioneer DJM-2000nexus club DJ mixer to complement it). The headline features are its compatibility with the company's rekordbox software, wirelessly via smartphones and tablets - and the fact that it adds a Sync button.

DJs can prepare sets and playlists using the new rekordbox app on their smartphone or tablet. Music can then be loaded onto the CDJ-2000nexus wirelessly via a network, much in the same way that the Denon SC2900 and Denon SC3900 work with that company's own Engine software on the iPad. Read on for features overview, press release, videos and hi-res photo gallery.

Main features overview

As guessed by us on our Facebook Page earlier in the week, the unit also adds in the ubiquitous "sync" button, allowing up to four player to snap to a master tempo from rekordbox.

There are a whole host of improvements, most lifted squarely from software/laptop/controller DJing, and all likely to make DJing on CDJs closer to the experience of using controllers and software. Here are the standout items of appeal to digital DJs:


While the unit keeps the basics of the CDJ2000 (screen and platter are unchanged, for instance), the improvements are a massive nod to software/controller DJing and should make using a CDJ2000nexus set-up in a club far more fun for DJs used to some of the advanced features of DJ software.

  • Full colour, zoomable waveform display - The same waveform display visible in the rekordbox software is now accessible on the screen and can be zoomed in on
  • Editable beatgrids - It is now possible to edit the beatgrids of your tunes on the player itself rather than in rekordbox
  • Phase meter - Now that the players have sync, a phase meter shows how far the playing track has drifted from master tempo, much like in Traktor
  • Slip mode - Slip comes to the CDJ2000 - it leaves the track playing underneath your scratching, cue juggling etc, ready to kick back in when you're done, still in sync
  • Rating on the go - It is possible to add ratings to your tracks as you're playing, which will be relayed back to rekordbox and to your library
  • Key analysis indicator - A "traffic light" system for key analysis - presumable green means same key yellow related key, red unrelated. Whether the software actually does the key analysis for you is unclear to me
  • Autoloops - It is possible to add autoloops to your tracks in rekordbox which the player then executes for you. You can extend breaks, intros, outros etc, for instance to ensure a tune never "ends"

More about the WiFi feature

So the WiFi workflow would be to prepare your tunes on an iPhone, iPad or Android device, and connect to a WiFi network which the CDJ2000nexus player/s are also connected to (eg upon arrival at the club). From there you can load tunes over WiFi so no need for USB.

Note that while up to four players can be used in this way, they need to be connected to a standard router for this to all work - it's not "ad hoc" like with the consumer-focused Pioneer XDJ-AERO. However, unlike the XDJ-AERO, it appears that this system actually loads the track fully onto the CDJ2000nexus before playing, so hopefully there's no chance of a dropped WiFi connection stopping the track that's playing.

Recommended retail price is a wallet-slapping US$2,399 / £1,599 / €1,899.

• See the launch videos with Laidback Luke, Kissy Sellout and Eats Everything
• Read the Pioneer CDJ2000nexus press release on the Digital DJ Tips Newswire
• See the Pioneer CDJ2000nexus photo gallery on our Facebook page

So, sync on a Pioneer CDJ? Wireless taking over the world? What do you think it's going to cost? Comments below please!

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  1. the price tag would be interesting but i think i won't see one of those things for quite a while.

    maybe the normal 2000s will become a little bit cheaper tho.

  2. haha ! Great that it has Sync. CDJ users can't say that controller are cheating because of sync anymore 😀 Now they have sync too ! So great features that you have since a while in the world of controllers. But great because there is no computers!

    • That's my thought entirely - now, everything has a sync button except turntables...

      • For me it's not about the sync button

        This thing is a pretty powerful computer. It's not very versatile - you can only use it for music. Like the SCS.4DJ just without the mixer ...

        Make a nice All In One and maybe i'm in for one

    • EXACTLY my thought here!

      I am completely excited about this product to hit mainstream clubs, so us DJ’s who have been using controllers can start showing those “traditionalist” what’s up. Lol!

      In all reality though, I am just hoping that this finally begins to squash the discussion about using the sync button and we all get back to caring about the music we put out of our speakers.

      • Computers have always been the future, but taking them to a gig it's not very convenient. It's better to have an integrated software inside the media player / hardware, so that you have the benefits of the software without any of the side effects. Taking a laptop to most gigs it's a risk. The only disadvantage I can see is that bringing this kind of processing power inside the hardware can be expensive. I suggest the cheaper alternative of integrating well established ipad or android tablets into dj equipment, just like Numark is doing, because this way you take advantage of the tablet to navigate and search your tracks and to do so much more. It's strange that big companies like Pioneer and Denon are not getting this...bigger screen, better and faster software at a fraction of the price. Instead of taking advantage of tablets, they are merely using them as a library browser. Currently, when streaming or transferring music from the mobile app to the player, you don't see the wave form anymore on the tablet. With the new CDJ-2000 nexus this does not represent a big problem, because you have a big wave display on the CDJ anyway, but with Denon's small screen this can be a problem. It's a shame that developers are not using the tablets as they should. Restricting mobile apps to search and prepare tracks it's not good. We have examples of companies like algoriddim that have already shown what can be done with tablets.
        Commom Pioneer & Denon, open your eyes!

  3. I would like that Pioneer launches a similar controller but with no CD player

  4. First Pioneer must drastically improve Rekordbox: slow data transfer, mediocre usability, crashes too often, sometimes the Rekordbox Data even freeze the CDJ.

    • Agree 1,000,000%

      • If your having problem with loading time.

        I would bet you 100 dollars that if you go buy decent usb sticks you will eliminate all your issues with rekord box.

        Cheaper usb stickers actually have slower transfer rates than expensive ones.

        I use sansdisk usb3.0 compatible ones. I can load my 20 gb music library on it in about 20 minutes.

        I had cheap no ones to start and they took 6 hours and errored at the end.

        I dont really care for sync or beat repeat cause I use beatmasher on mixer. So Maybe the 2000 old school may be a better choice. Maybe they will get cheaper.

  5. DJ Forced Hand says:

    I think the CD part may be a bit of "old tech" at this point and we all know it's going to cost more because it's a CD player as well. Ideally, if you're looking to scratch, you can't beat a turntable for it, everything else a CD player does can be done BETTER with a controller and a computer... and yet these companies charge upwards of $500 each (these are around $1500 each) with no mixer included... as though this is the desired way of playing music, as though this somehow produces a better groove.

    I want to know why is it we have not heard from Technics (Pioneer) yet?

  6. sameoldsong says:

    pio copies a lot of features from DJ soft like traktor, ssl, and vdj. not trying to deny that pio also came up with some features of their own (e.g., wireless) but it's def something that strikes me.

  7. This is actually kinda boring. I'm not seeing anything really "useful" here, it just seems like a lot of "ooh, shiney!" I mean realistically, the only thing relevant is the "beats to cue" indicator, which is a slight help when you're practicing and phrasing a track you haven't played before. But there's not really anything on this unit that doesn't resonate purely with laptop DJs who will never touch CDJs, it seems like it's just ammo for internet idiots and bedroom DJs who think beat sync is relevant.. I guess the CDJ-1000 Mk2 was a bit boring as well.

    The new browser is pretty clean though, maybe we'll get that in a firmware update, as long as those irritating laptop holdovers (auto hot cue load? Scrolling waveforms? Useless!) don't get in the way.

  8. ok for a setup like shown in the performance videos you have to pay about 10k
    for 4 media players and a mixer

    are you serious pioneer?

    • Jayson Joyce says:

      I think they get your point but the bigger picture is that the CDJ2000Nexus is for clubs-have to come out with everything on that first. Would think that over the next 6 to 8 months all this will flow down to the 900 and 850 and they may add a CDJ without a CD slot for Cheaper price. Flagship product then the stuff for the little people. lol

      • I'm not afraid of paying serious money for serious gear. Although i am one of those little people i got myself a Xone DB4 a while ago.
        if i add a MBP and 4 single deck controllers like the denon dn-sc2000 i have essentially the same kit - for around 4-4,5k

        They just put far too much computing power in every of these units - there has to be a better way

  9. Hmmm, buy two of those or a powerfully specced Macbook Pro, a controller and have plenty of cash left?

  10. The best thing in everything that slowly but surely the arguments against controllers are disappearing. That all the big haters never realized it's an evolution and no matter what they think, it's always what the manufacturers that put in the new gadgets and functions into the gear.
    Ofc soon comes the "real djs play on OLD cdjs".
    Sync, phase meter, beatgrids, track rating....sounds cool!

    • "Real djs play on OLD cdjs" LOL

      • If people actually think that sync on high end club players is poinigant, they're missing the point of the issues of sync.

        Sitting here sniggering that gear you'll never touch now includes a feature you depend on doesn't nullify the issue that you depend on it, and that theres an entire class of twits that depend on it.

    • >>>>“real djs play on OLD cdjs”.<<<< I love that.

    • that really made my day 😀

    • That was the post of the year right there.

    • LMAO ! That quote is just gold ! What makes it even funnier is that you know exactly that is what the CDJ controller-hater DJ's are thinking right now....especially that they're beloved CDJ now comes with a sync button & all they're arguments have been shot to s#*t !!!

      It's basically a shiny new controller that has a CD slot !!

      • I think your missing the point of the sync argument. Im fine with people using sync as long as they can beatmatch. It is an essential skill to learn if you ever are put into an environment with CDJs (not the new one) or turntables. You can use sync all you want AFTER learning to beatmatch.

    • Laidback Luke already tweeted that he "LOVED" the new CDJ. The revolution has begun! Lol!

    • Here is a quote I seen on You Tube......

      Real digital djs buy, CDJ 1000 mk3 / CDJ 2000, that gear take som effort and skill

      With CDJ 2000 NXS, you just play music look dumb and chill

      Why degrade a whole workforce of djs, dont you love money, cause you wont get any from me anymore when it comes to MPLS, I just cant believe that Pioneer sold themselves that cheap! its scary, because what comes nextm i dunno wanna know!

  11. I think it's a great improvement, after this if you buy a controller it's because the money, all the features that you could need in a cdj are in the 2000nexus. Why to complain about the SYNC button? If you don't like this way, don't use it, as simply as that. Now you can be as creative as you want easily. The only fact that keep of these cdj's from me and too many people is the PRICE.

  12. "connect to a WiFi network which the CDJ2000nexus player/s are also connected to (eg upon arrival at the club). From there you can load tunes over WiFi so no need for USB."

    Hang on there: Unless I'm the opening DJ for the event, wouldn't the 2000nexus decks already be in use when I arrive? Has Pioneer indicated how well the WIFI music transfer works while the decks are fully in use? No matter what Pioneer may claim, I certainly wouldn't rely on WIFI to get all of my music onto the decks while someone else was DJing with them and I would want another DJ trying to do it during my set, either. Are all the DJs that want to load their tracks via WIFI supposed to show up nice early, before the event begins, to load their tracks onto the decks? I can't even begin to list all of the potential disasters that lurk in this scenario.

    Also, has anyone thought about the potential hacking dangers afforded by having the DJ decks connected to WIFI? Meddling with a DJ's set (even remotely from Internet!) might yield some priceless Youtube moments, but I sure wouldn't want to be the DJ that was starring in them!

    WIFI aside, even if I had it to spare, do I really want to spend well over $4000 (don't forget hefty insurance on these puppies) to lug a pair of these things to every gig? For that $$, I could have 2 very well spec'ed laptops (the 2nd booted up and ready on standby in case of problems).

    • I think you missed the point of WIFI here. Your not supose to load your intire liberary onto the decks at arival what you can do is conect it to the network when you enter the club so when ever you are going to play you press rekordbox on the player and choose your device and go from there. Also there is not need to be connected to the internet.
      You can't load a song from anydevice that is not selected by the player. So in practis you can have 2 DJ's playing from 2 iPads or laptops using rekordbox. It's the same as you can have 2 USB drives hooked up or 1 linked and on the players you select the source to play from. No one can connect to the players unless the DJ controlling them chooses their phone or what evers as the source to play from. But to be honest with that wave form I see no need for the larger display of an iPad.

      • I think this should be the workflow but remember that the entire track has to be transferred to the CDJ before it starts playing - so if i got some wav files to load the delay before i can hit play should be pretty long - or am i missing something?

      • @Marc Tauros
        Yes I can see that as a problem with wav files. I was more thinking of his concerns about WIFI connection and loading all song onto the decks. Witch you won't have to, also no need for internet so no hacking can be done and you deside what source to load from so it you and not a random person in the crowed can connect to the players. but if I were to use only wav files I would not even consider using WIFI. I see the WIFI as a nice adition to a loptop connection, but the info on the screen on the CDJ'S there is no need for an iPad. I doubht that smarphones or tablets are going to be used by most DJ's. On the XDJ instead they are making sence even as browser controlls for the USB conected drive.

      • Jayson Joyce says:

        The point that no one is talking about is that you can't play WAV files on the Rekordbox app so 50% of the DJ's in the world won't be able to do anything with Rekordbox until they fix that. HUGE oversight. I would love to set up my cues and loops on my iPad but I can't.

  13. Finally,we are now all in 'SYNC'.
    No more bad blood towards controllerists

  14. The same CDJ snobs will tell later on that the SYNC feature allows them to be more creative with mixing by automating beatmatching... I don't know what's the fuzz about beatmatching, when all you have to do is listen and align beats together. I wouldn't even consider it a skill. Even the crowd can beatmatch by clapping their hands to the beat.

    The song selection and being able to read the crowd is the key to DJing.

  15. The good:
    - Wifi support
    - Rekordbox mobile app
    - Direct edits
    - Artwork
    - Wave Zoom
    - Slip Mode
    - Sync to Master

    The bad:
    - Price
    - No video support
    - Slow (some pionner youtube videos show album artwork still being loaded while scrolling up / down the track list)
    - No loop shift/move along the track (right/left) as in traktor
    - No sample slots
    - No info about traktor or serato HID integration
    - Still 3 hot-cues
    - No touch-screen
    - Useless CD slot

    Did I forget anything?

    • Jayson Joyce says:

      1 thing- Rekordbox App won't play or import WAV files. Big BAD!

      • I've found another bad one... hot cues do not seem to work in slip mode. When you press hot cue and hold it while in slip mode, it would be good to go jump to that cue and then returning back to the track that was playing when releasing the hot cue, something that can be done with the pioneer ddj-s1 which uses serato itch. Apparently, the top of the line cdj is still not able to match the serato controller which by the way plays videos too...

      • sameoldsong says:

        the rekordbox app on ios won't do it. it works just fine on android.

    • Pitch Master says:

      "Other functions
      ● DJ software MIDI/HID control"

    • I must revise this list, as recent videos have shown that this unit it's a bit more capable...

      The good:
      - Wifi support
      - Rekordbox mobile app
      - Direct edits
      - Artwork
      - Wave Zoom
      - Slip Mode (works with hot-cues and play-pause too!:)
      - Sync to Master

      The bad:
      - Price
      - No video support
      - Slow artwork reading times (to be confirmed if this happens only over wifi or if this also happens when using USB or SD cards or certain types of USB or SD cards only)
      - No loop shift/move along the track (right/left) - could this be achieved in CD mode while looping by pressing loop-in adjust and then using the search buttons? to be confirmed.
      - No sample slots
      - No info if traktor or serato HID integration will display the big wave and enable to zoom it too.
      - Still 3 hot-cues
      - No touch-screen (could actually be a good thing to avoid mistakes)
      - Useless CD slot (unless Pioneer is planning to deliver video support later on - reading Blueray CD's, etc. but still, everyone today is downloading video as we do with music, so I don't really see the point on continuing with this CD slot. Oh, unless the next pioneer mixer let's say DJM-2000 nexus comes with USB recording functionality, enabling us to easily copy our music CD's to USB...still don't see much reason for this CD slot other than enabling old DJ's to keep playing their CD's)
      - Rekordbox mobile App does not work with WAV files on iOS

  16. Juan L Ortega says:

    It will be perfect unit if it had dvd player and not cd player that nobody use anymore ,very close to the perfect unit

  17. im still waiting for apple, or microsoft or hercules/numark/native instruments etc. to come up with a laptop that is specially made for djing and has a built in controller. That would be the ultimate purpose built machine. something like the xbox is a pc just for playing games. That would also be great news.

    • actually no, laptops are all in one for all thing a human can do machines,from gaming to surfing,from djing to making a business presentation. an controller with an 7 inch screen with win8 running with traktor would be much better and beutiful

  18. Finlay Stewart says:

    Can we all agree that CDJs are controllers now?

  19. And I thought I wasn't going to upgrade my CDJ-900s to 2000s anytime soon! By Christmas, I bet everyone who can get rid of their 2000s for 2000Nexus's will be doing so. Kids that have parents with deep pockets will definitely want to spring for the sync feature, so maybe we'll see a top-down price decrease across the used market.

    Think I'll be able to pick up a CDJ-2000 used for less than $1000 within six months?

  20. Where can I find the information about this player pushing its music vs streaming?

  21. Great...Cdj 2000 nexus is gonna be one expensive controller and u need 2...just so I can sync? Hell no! I'll stick to my cdj 850's....

  22. In my opinions this is clearly Pioneer admitting defeat to Traktor and to the new world of digital DJing. "Since we can't beat them, let's join them!" For me personally, I still have all the features of this CDJ and then some with my S2 except with a $450 price tag. Sorry Pioneer, you're not getting my money. And thanks for admitting that digital is the way to go, you just affirmed that I made the right decision for choosing Traktor over you! :)

    • Eeeer no, because pioneer make controllers anyway.

      And about the price: whenever someones creates something unique or maybe the best in class (think computers or cars) they have the right to charge a hefty pricetag until someones copies them. then the price drops. I expect to see it used by "rockstar djs" or at brand new "posh" clubs

  23. James Norris says:

    I think these are a great idea and cant understand for the life of me why people are moaning.

    I get frustrated because I like DJing with Traktor but if I play a club you nearly always have to use the CDJs. Now with these players you have a system which is very similar to Traktor but you can just turn up and play. No need to bring a laptop or controller. The wireless idea is really good because it means no more confusion when switching djs with external devices. Essentially we are reaching a point in the digital DJ era where it wont matter what you practice on at home because all knowledge will be transferable to the industry standard. Also these things will feel like heaven to use and will be built like rocks. I think this product finally gives an indication to what the future industry standard could be like. I think Pioneer is getting close to a club standard that suits everyone. Who cares if you cant afford to have these in your bedroom. Thats not what there designed for.

  24. I want to see a turntable that u can plug in a USB storage card and be able to control ur music with the vinyl no computer.

  25. I'm wondering, can one use a smartphone/tablet/laptop (in a LAN) to browse through a USB conected drive, or even better, through network attached storage (NAS)? If not, wifi functionality would be useless to me.

  26. this is a now a perfect CDJ from my point of view, you can use it as a controller for traktor or just a cdj as it has been during thesedays. Don't complain about the SYNC button if you don't like it, just don't use it. But wtf the price is just, excessive. For clubs is OK but for mobile dj's is practicaly imposible to afford.

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