Serato DJ Intro Users Finally Get A Software Upgrade Path

Serato DJ Intro

Serato DJ Intro users can finally unlock the potential of their DJ controllers by upgrading to Serato DJ, the new software that is to replace Serato ITCH.

Owners of Serato DJ Intro controllers finally have a software upgrade path, as Serato today announced Serato DJ, its new pro DJ software, which is to replace Serato ITCH. For a one-off fee of $199 (although there's an opening offer - see below) owners of any Serato DJ Intro-compatible controller can upgrade to the new software. Serato DJ will begin to become available from November 1, and be rolled out to all compatible DJ controllers over the winter.

Numark has already given us a timetable for its controllers. Beginning in December, DJs who own the following Numark controllers can upgrade to Serato DJ: Mixtrack Pro, N4, Mixdeck, Mixdeck Express, and Mixdeck Quad. NS6 will begin shipping with Serato DJ in early Q1 2013, with NS7 and V7 to follow shortly thereafter.

New features

Serato DJ Intro users can look forward to all the new features of Serato DJ, arguably the biggest of which is Midi mapping. They will also get access to pro features previously only available to users of Serato ITCH, Serato DJ's predecessor. These include recording, full-powered looping, better sync options, smart crates (for easier library organisation), and far more powerful sample playing with the SP-6 sample player.

Reloop Terminal Mix 4

The Reloop Terminal Mix 4 is one controller that will be considerably more powerful thanks to this upgrade choice.

Full four-deck support
For some, the most welcome advance will be proper four-deck support. This will appeal to users of Serato DJ Intro-compatible four-channel DJ controllers such as the Vestax VCI-400, the Reloop Terminal Mix 4 and the Numark N4, among others. (Users of these controllers with Serato DJ Intro were previously tied to using just two software decks.)

Cost and compatibility
While the upgrade costs US$199, for a limited time it will come with Serato Video for free. This means the software will be able to play video as well as music files.

It appears that, as with Serato DJ's predecessor Serato ITCH, all future upgrades will be free.

The full list of controllers that will be upgradable is: Numark Mixtrack Pro, Numark N4, Numark MixDeck, Numark MixDeck Quad, Numark MixDeck Express, Vestax VCI-400, Vestax Typhoon, Vestax VCI-100 Mk2, Pioneer DDJ-ERGO, Reloop Terminal Mix 2, Reloop Terminal Mix 4 and Denon MC2000.

First thoughts

At a stroke, this will make the number of controllers compatible (albeit for an extra fee) with Serato software many times greater than before, and could herald a much larger uptake of Serato software among controller DJs.

It is something we've long expected, as controllers were continually being released bearing Serato's name but which couldn't be properly used thanks to only coming with the limited Serato DJ Intro. It should thus boost sales of all the controllers listed above, as well as making those users who can afford US$199 for an upgrade happy.

Are you a Serato DJ Intro controller owner who's been waiting for this upgrade? Do you think the price is fair? Will you be upgrading? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I just bought the Pioneer ddj-s1. Great....

  2. DJ Forced Hand says:

    This is a very welcomed upgrade path. It appears Serato isn't going to just lay down and die after all. The one notable feature Serato DJ has (over Traktor) is the ability to play video... this may be an important difference or just a novelty. Either way, it's nice to see ITCH users are supported.

    • DJ Forced Hand says:

      I forgot to mention, it'd be really nice if Serato DJ came with the ability to control 4 decks on the controllers that have toggles for deck control (AKA the 2+2 controllers).

  3. Phil can you tell me something... Will the MIDI mapped controller also be one to one as DJ intro or ITCH?

  4. Will there be a 4 channel compatibility for 2 numark v7's??? that would be amazing!

  5. This sounds like it will turn the Reloop Terminal Mix 4 into a serious contender! Can't wait to get the software. I bought the Reloop TM4 after some stellar advise from on the digital dj tips forum who predicted the intro upgrade path! Nice work guys.

    • It will be if not because it will put the TM4 in the $800.00
      range now just to be able to use the firmware upgrade THAT THEY ADVERTISE IN THEIR WEBSITE.

  6. Great news. I use the N4 with Traktor just because Intro dont use all possible features of the controller.
    The upgrade price is a bit too much compared to Traktor Pro, but with Video it is OK.
    First i was thinking about the NS6 - i like serato and i wanted Itch - but now i can use my current hardware..
    Now i can wait for the next generation of highend hardware from Numark and save money for it^^ A lot people should be happy about this, most people got hardware with Intro/Itch support in my area.

  7. I for one am very excited. I have the Numark N4, which is amazing but it came with VDJ which has a bad UI, bad filters but it came with 4 deck and recording. I always used serato intro but it was very limited. So I will do this upgrade hands down!!! Thank you serato !

  8. hi phil! i have allen & heath xone k2. what i must do to work with serato?? wich version etc. thanks

  9. Will serato DJ be a free download for ITCH users?

    • According to Serato It will be a free update for itch users but those of us that use it now, not till the end of March will see an update for our controllers.

  10. Dustin Howe says:

    SO, say for instance you had a controller like the Denon mc2000 that came with the dj intro software. Would a controller like that be able to become stronger wih the upgrade or not have enough capabilities to fully take advantage of the new serato dj software? I am looking at purchasing the mc2000 but would definitely want to upgrade the software at some point in the near future. However, my dilemma is, I am not sure if I should choose a different controller that could take advantage of the new software if the mc2000 couldn't use it to its full putential.

    • Good point. It would benefit, but obviously a better controller cam make more use of powerful software. but the smart crates, better looping, better sampling etc will all work, and everything else is keyboard-accessible (or add an add-on controller later).

  11. djdhennie says:

    A very competitive upgrade they made (Serato dj)... that good. just had my Serato DJ Intro and deciding if i'll switch to Virtual DJ and knowing with this upgrade? I might stay with Serato...

  12. Isaiah Furrow says:

    I had used VDJ Home Edition, and played around with it a little, then tried LE with a Gemini CNTRL-7 (twice, got 2 bad ones). I had become accustomed to VDJ, and now I have ended up with a Mixtrack Pro 2(should've just listened in the first place...kicks self in behind...)
    I got the software and controller working, took just a little fiddling and off we went...ugh.. how to get to my songs.... figured out how to put some music into Serato, but some didn't transfer??? unsure, and it's all together, not in folders like I have it on my desktop... Where can I get more info on sorting/re-organizing my music into Serato? Played with it for a while, like the software so far, and the controller, but I'm having to learn some things again, and it's just, different. I like the wave forms, and I'm sure I'll find more, just got it yesterday and need some time...
    I think I'm going to need some learning time, and I may eventually upgrade, I like the price and would pay that when the time comes. I also dream of a DDJ-SX, and I think it comes with the full version, so I dunno, time will tell.
    I luckily have analog gear to run through, for extra inputs and recording options. I have a Numark iM1 mixer that lets me record to an iPod, handy, and also a Stanton M.203 with rec and master RCA outputs. I'll look into Audacity...
    I would love to know what the best places to get more in depth info on using Serato DJ Intro, and will look into Itch for organizing crates... Thanks too all who labor to put info and videos on the net to help others out. Phil, thanks again!
    santacreekfurrows at gmail dot com

  13. Hey phil, Can you confirm serato dj will work with a numark n4 right out of the box??

  14. Mr. Breezy says:

    Does serato dj work with numark mixdeck? I have seen where it works with mixdeck express, but I haven't seen any videos of any one using it with the mixdeck. Please before I buy it give me some facts?

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