Traktor Pro 2.6 Now Available


Improved Pioneer CDJ2000nexus HID integration, with the new flux mode mapped to 'slip' on the CDJs, is another feature.

Traktor users can today upgrade to Traktor Pro 2.6, taking advantage of the new features of the software that were first highlighted  in Native Instruments's recent Traktor Z2 mixer announcement.

Headline improvements of the release include "Flux Mode" (similar to "Slip" in Denon and Pioneer CDJs), "Macro FX" (that combine multiple Traktor effects in a single control), post-fader effect routing and full EQ kills. More on all of these after the break…

Traktor Pro 2.6 feature details

  • Flux mode. This tracks the time while you juggle cues and loops or scratch the track, allowing you to drop the track back in at the moment of your choosing, where it will carry on playing from where it would have been if you hadn't done anything at all
  • Macro FX. With names like "PolarWind", "LaserSlicer" and "DarkMatter", these are "bundles" of effects that can be activated together with a single button press. Preprogrammed by Native Instruments, they can be thought of as "effect presets" - out-of-the-box goodness to spice up your breakdowns, build and so on. There's a full list here
  • Post-fader effect routing. Say you set up a big, juicy echo or delay on a track, and cut the track out. With pre-fader effects, the echo (that normally would take, say, 20 seconds to finally disappear into nothing), would also stop. But with post-fader effects, it can run its course
  • Full kill EQs. It's long been a bugbear of mine with Traktor that you can't just turn down all the EQs and completely kill a track. Now that's been fixed in one of the available EQ options, meaning if full kills are your thing, you've got 'em

The software is available for download through usual channels now, one week ahead of the Kontrol Z2's launch on Nov 1. There is a full list of improvements and changes on the Native Instruments forums.

Anything here you've been waiting for or are looking forward to trying out? What do you wish could be added to Traktor that it doesn't currently have? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Huff huff going to be a bussy next month 😀 Traktor 2.6, Serato DJ, Live 9, Pioneer DDJ SX.
    I love the Macro effects just need to play more around with them to see whitch once I can actualy use in my sets. Flux is also cool but will need a little practise to get right. Themptation was overwelming so I already installed on my gig machine 😀

  2. Holy macaroni! All of these improvements are win! Native instruments, you are so spoiling us digital DJs.

  3. I can finally override the S4 factory mapping! That's a headline for sure. That's a HUGE thing for every controller lover. So many people got rid of their S4s, just because the customization possibilities were close to none. Finally, finally, finally!

    Took them 2 years. 2 years! amazing, but it came.

  4. But will the remix decks be "mappable" with 3th-Party controllers!

  5. I'll update when I get home.

  6. Full kill EQs? About time!!!!!

  7. If anyone using Jockey 3 and Win7 x64 has any luck, please post. I'm not loading on my machine til i hear its good to go. 2.5 drove me crazy with the whinning pitch and no sound issues.

    • Jason Ross says:

      cant speak for jockey 3, but pioneer DDJ-T1 and WIN7 64BIT, six hours straight using all the new features without a single problem!

    • OMG I had that pitch issue too, I thought it was my DNMC 6000 causing it, then I thought it was electrical noise causing some kind of feedback. Traktor 2.6 didn't fix it, but the problem went away after I downloaded the latest asio drivers for my controller, and updated the firmware.


  8. I just hope it's not as buggy as 2.5 was. I went back to 2.1.3 because of all the annoying bugs.

  9. John Jones says:

    And still no native support for Numark NS7 and V7 decks. When will Native Instruments learn...

    • think about it wow no suport for Serato controller? how many NI controllers are suported natively by Serato?

      • John Jone says:

        Oh wait, how can you say that you're the best dj software but not support the best controllers. There is nothing in terms of quality and sensitivity that is coming close to the NS7 or V7 for midi controllers. NI knows this and refuses to support motorized controllers, especially ones that are the heirs apparent to technics. These are first Numark controllers that run on Serato but there is nothing stopping Traktor from supporting these decks natively or through Midi if they want to make the argument for software superiority. Oh wait, Virtual DJ already supports these decks but Traktor can't! Come on, the days of software only supporting a set controllers are gone! DJ's just want their stuff to work regardless of software and scams to builk us to buy new plastic controllers that do half of what the Numark NS7 and V7's do.

      • Serato doesnt support all controllers...So if u want to use Traktor then use a controller that will work with Traktor...and your idea of the perfect controller obviously isnt Traktors idea of a perfect controller.

        The V7 is a very niche contoller...yes they are nice...but i wouldnt want to use one...If i want to feel like im spinning on Wax ill use DVS...

      • richie bula says:

        Yea it's funny how nobody chimes in with the 'what about Denon' comments They have all given up any hope ever!. Why Denon and others still try to jump though hoops to get support is beyond me. I think a few manufactures should make some commercial decisions themselves, say 'stiff you' and finally build a media player with a video out that gives you everything that software give you without the Inherent problems of using a laptop.

      • John Jones says:

        But the catch is that Traktor had been pushing the last two years to steal back Serato users, especially among the Scratch crowd. Thus, you are seeing more and more videos with DJ's scratching, as they already have a large segment of the electronic music crowd. Yes, we could buy DVS but why would you ruin needles and replace vinyls when you have a Numark NS7 and V7 that does everything the decks do without skipping plus gives you cues, loops, and more. The Numarks are not Niche, they can be used and have been used by multi-genre DJ's. And unlike the other controllers, you can bump or slightly drop the Numarks without worrying about the plastic cracking or breaking. That's the issue with the Denon decks, they are cheap plastic with a motorized top. The other top two software makers already support the Numark decks, it's Native Instruments that is behind and has dropped the ball in not supporting the Numark decks. And, I disagree with the assertion that a company can choose what decks they can't or can support. Not in this competitive market and during an economic recession. That argument goes out the window when you are claiming software supremacy or that you're the software of choice for turntabalist. If Traktor claims they are the choice for Turntabalist, then have them support the best Midi/HID controllers for Turntabalist. They already support the Denons, there is no reason they can't do the same for the built like a tank Numarks.

    • mr stiffy says:

      Clearly traktor would rather you buy their own gear over numark, maybe they see the ns7 as a threat.... that would be like buying an s4 or s2 to use with serato... oh wait you can't... ns7 users are prob 1-2% of the market so I am pretty sure they don't mind losing that gap.

  10. Installed without PC restart = Had Sound issues and controller connectivity issues.

    Restarted PC = All Good and working great, however don't have complete kill on eq's unless using software kill switch(Dont have EQ Kill Button like on my old RMX). Turning the eq knob all the way does not kill...

    PC - Alienware M17X, Quad core i7 2.20GHz 2720QM, Win 7 64, 14 Gigs ram, Hybrid SSD 500GB.

    Sound Card External - NI Traktor Audio 2

    Controller - Faderfox DJ3

    Still need to test it on my A&H Xone DX controller...

  11. Jan Welten says:

    Fantastic! Finally they've put in an option so that the lower buttons on the Kontrol F1 acts opposite, as in stop by default and mute with shift held.

    You'll find it in "Options" -> "Traktor Kontrol F1" and at the very top.

  12. well... looks interesting, but NI service center doesnt give me a download option, despite having a legit 2.5.1 serial.... went to ni manual download page... seems my auth for 2.5 has disappeared although software still works.... was looking forward to seeing what the fuss was about tonight, and testing it djing on saturday...very disappointed... not looking forward to weeks of waiting for NI customer service to sort this out... :(

    • 17 emails so far on this issue, no response that actually does any good.... not very happy with their level of "service" so far.... they are insisting that have sold my copy to someone else, even though I haven't, and when I replied, they have asked if I have sold it and forgot??? Also completely refuse to address me by my full name, only by my email address, despite several mails to point out this is rude and it shows they aren't reading my emails properly before responding..... I'm beginning to find the whole process very tedious, and will probably just sack them off and get a pirate version, which is already doing the rounds, as a last resort.... shame, as they could have kept receiving money from me on a regular basis up until now......

    • You can go to to NI webpage, login, and dl it there.

  13. Foldabledisco says:

    How does it work with the S4?

  14. When u put a cue point (press "IN" en then store) it automatically puts a loop there and u must manual set it to a cue point ...

    anyone having this? It's not a very big issue, but kinda annoying though

  15. I read word that despite NI saying that HID support for Traktor 2.6 is coming for the CDJ 850, it's actually not present right now. Could this be that they will include it in 2.6.1 or one of the following incremental updates for 2.6?

  16. has anyone used the Flux mode yet, and if so how do you use it?

  17. hand of god says:

    If I buy the F1 kontroler Does the tracktor pro 2.6 software come with it or will I have 2 buy it seperately.

  18. FluffyClubBerlin says:

    excellent update ... works perfect for me.
    scaleable Preference Window is the burner ... finally, how long have we waited for that ... :)
    FluxMode can be nice if I got used too.
    regarding the MacroEffects ... it would be great to have them editable or customizeable ...

  19. eisenhorn says:

    downloaded it but have no idea how to find these updates!! have check and my version is defo 2.6 cause it says so in the when i press the about traktor 2 thing in the help menu!

  20. Awesome news and thanks for constantly keeping us in the loop with all the new Digital DJ news.

    I actually heard about 2.6 hear first, that's why I love this site so much :)

  21. CAN anyone help me please :)
    I keep trying to download the new traktor 2.6 update on my PC
    but it seems when it gets to 99% it causes my PC to crash and turn off

    if anyone knows how I get around this problem please let me know


  22. Kumar Mehta says:

    Although I love the uncluttered look of traktor, it would be nice if we could personalise it. E.g Change the colour of the skin or highlight colour for tracks etc.

  23. Canberk hepsev says:

    Phil i installed it.but it shows cpu usage nearly you have same think? traktor2.5.1 was showing %20 cpu usage

  24. I've had to roll back to 2.51 as I'm suffering from heavy cpu loads and spikes. Also the mains output spikes ebven without anything loaded in the track or sample decks! Unloded the new combo effects but still had the same errors. Shame as really wanted the full eq kills and to play with the new effects.

    Will try again soon but have a big party to play before tryingit again, anyone else had this problem, I noticed on the NI forums that I'm not alone just need to get some solution to this.

  25. Josh Swinburn says:

    I have the pioneer DDj-T1 controller
    I have traktor pro 2 version 2.6
    I have been trying all night to get the macro fx imported and get flux mode on but they just are not there.
    Has anyone else came across this
    Please help !!!!

  26. hi all i just saw this about the update so i updated from 2.5 to 2.6 lost scratch control on my technics everything else works great i even pulled out a old dusty midi i had laying around and it works fine is this normal or i missed something help guys

  27. Hello,
    I am just getting Kontrol F1 that comes with traktor 2.5 . Is this update free?

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