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Your Second FREE Scratch Training Video Is Now Live

We've just released the second free scratch training video of this week's programme, meaning there is now over an hour of complete free tuition for you to get stuck into - spending just 60 minutes on these two videos this weekend could change your DJing life forever!

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7 Videos That Will Change Your Mind About Controller Scratching

So you can't scratch properly on DJ controllers? Those jogwheels are too small, the feeling just isn't right? You simply have to use real vinyl, or it's not worth it? Take a look at these seven videos, that might just change your mind...

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Your Questions Answered

Over To You: What To Do When Your Gig Is Cancelled

Digital DJ Tips reader Warwick Holby writes: "How do other DJs deal with cancelled sets? On Saturday my DJing partner and the DJs before us had our sets cancelled and the room closed, even though we were busier than the other room.

Your Questions: How Do I Set Up Visuals Behind Me?

Digital DJ Tips reader Yuri Dafuri writes: "I'm playing a big club soon and I want to set up visuals, my logo, and other graphics behind me. I DJ with USB sticks and CDJs only, so I'm not sure how to get my visuals up on the screen. What are my options?"

Your Questions: How Should I DJ A Fashion Show?

Digital DJ Tips reader Sergio Comani writes: "I've just been hired to DJ at a fashion show. It will be the typical event where models walk the runway several times, and will last for around three hours. Any tips? Should I change the song for every model walk? Any recommended tempo, volume, or energy? Thank you."

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