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We've discovered that the Numark NV Serato DJ controller also works fine with Virtual DJ, even down to the screens working pretty much in exactly the same way.

Numark NV Update: Screens Now Work With Virtual DJ

When filming, we had all three main DJ apps (Traktor, Virtual DJ and Serato) all open at once, and a Numark NV plugged in. That’s when we realised something mighty strange was happening, and also something pretty cool: It turns out that Virtual DJ not only works fine with the Numark NV, but also with its built-in screens!

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So which of these types of DJ best describes you? We're a broad church here at Digital DJ Tips, and we'd love to know where you fit in!

What Type Of DJ Are You?

Not every reader of this website is the same “type” of DJ. We are lucky enough to work with all types of DJs, and you may be surprised at all the different needs people have when they first discover Digital DJ Tips. So I thought it might be nice to show you the main categories of DJ we have as members. Where do you fit in?

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Your Questions Answered


Your Questions: How Can I Get My First DJ Gig?

Digital DJ Tips reader Alex writes with a question we obviously get asked an awful lot. He says: “I am new to DJing. I have been thinking about how to book my first gig but am struggling. I play mainly techno and tech-house but am having trouble finding where to try and get a gig, and how to do so.

Track Names

Over To You: Is It OK To Hide The Names Of My Tunes?

Digital DJ Tips member DJ Ninja writes: “Would be interested to know your thoughts on having track names hidden when playing out live. I’m generous with my music – if people ask me the name of the track in the booth I’ll tell them the name. I do hold the view of sharing my music to a certain degree among people I trust.”

Get organised!

Your Questions: Organising Music For Different Types Of Gigs

Digital DJ Tips member Chris writes: “I currently DJ at a few different gigs: weddings (about 4-5 a month), bar gigs (chart / hip hop / dance and pop), cooler bar gigs, and the odd club gig . The subject of organising music is obviously well documented, but I’m still having trouble. Would love to hear some examples and advice.

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