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iTunes 12

Friday Roundup: Eek, iTunes 12 Is Coming!

In this week’s Friday Roundup, news of the latest version of iTunes in beta form, find out why you need to develop your DJ skills and artistry more than ever, learn how house music got its wings after being trampled underfoot by the mainstream, and check out what shuffling is all about and why it isn’t as new as they make it to be. All this in more in our weekly roundup of the best bits from around the DJ web! Have a great weekend!

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A Reader Writes: EDM Is Killing All Other Genres!

Interesting opinion from one of our forum readers this week. Eliah writes: “Back when I first DJed the popular music in the clubs was house and its variants (soulful, deep, tribal, French, etc.) as well as techno. The music was good and the clubs and bars were busy…”

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Your Questions Answered


Over To You: What DJ Record Decks Should I Buy?

Our forum member Koengsv117 writes: “My question is, which of the following options would you recommend to get familiar with a vinyl set-up? First one, to buy a set of Technics, Second, to buy a set of Technics replicas like the Audio Technica LP-120. Third, buying turntables which are equal or maybe even better…”


Over To You: Where Do You Legally Get Your DJ Tracks?

Our reader writes: “I’ve been DJing live for a year and have been purchasing tracks from all over the place. Are we allowed to play out tracks we have purchased from sources such as iTunes and Beatport?”


Your Questions: Are iPads Finally Gaining Acceptance For DJ Use?

Digital DJ Tips reader Shaun writes: “Are iPads slowly starting to become more acceptable pieces of equipment for DJs to use? And, would you expect to find them in DJ booths up and down the country in the near future?”

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