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Serato DJ 1.8 Finally Adds Key Detection, Free To Everyone

Serato has added key detection to its Serato DJ software, bringing one of the most asked-for features to the popular digital DJing platform for the first time. Serato DJ 1.8 – which will be available as a free upgrade from the end of October – features the company’s own proprietary key detection analysis.

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3 Timeless Tips For Modern DJs From A Veteran

When I was at the BPM Show last week, I caught up with an old friend and hugely experienced DJ, producer and now radio host, Paul Dakeyne. Paul has been DJing for three decades, toured the world with Ministry of Sound, and topped the charts in the UK as a producer back in the 90s, so he know a thing or two about this game…

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Your Questions Answered

Over To You: Desk Or Decks? One Reader’s Job Dilemma…

Digital DJ Tips reader DP writes: “I feel as if I am coming to a crossroads. I am beginning a new job, and it pays well, meaning I can finally get out on my own, as in being an adult: buying the house, new car, being independent completely. However, DJing feels like my passion…”

Your Questions: Can You Scratch On The Traktor Kontrol S8/S5/D2?

Reader Bleks writes “I’m by no means a ‘scratch master’, more a ‘scratcher of disaster’! But anyway, I was following your free scratch training with my old controller… until, that is, a few days ago when I bought the wonderful Kontrol S8 with its nice touchstrip. So, is it really possible to scratch using only the touchstrip?”

Your Questions: Where Can A DJ Under 18 Get Booked?

Digital DJ Tips reader BDX Music writes: “My son is a promising DJ but is under 18, so I’m struggling to come up with suggestions of how and where to get gigs. Obviously he can’t really perform at bars and clubs and that sort of is the main market. If anyone has suggestions please let me know…”

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