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Friday Roundup: What A Pioneer All-In-One Controller Might Look Like

First it was four-deck controllers, then sample pads, then iOS controllers, now all-in-one (ie with a computer built in) controllers are heavily rumoured to be this year’s “big thing”.

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Over To You: How To Mix A Multi-Genre Party Set

Digital DJ Tips reader Robert writes: “I have a 21st birthday coming up, it is early on in a club. The playlist I’ve been given is really varied. How do I mix it?”

Apart from the fact that drugs are illegal and having a career doing illegal things is a very risky idea, there are lots of other good reasons to moderate how much 'aprtying' you do when you want to succeed as a DJ.

Your Questions: How Do Career DJs Manage To Avoid Drink & Drugs?

Our reader writes: “Phil, electronic music for a lot of people is all about going out at the weekend, having a good time and in a lot of cases taking drugs and alcohol. How is a DJ to avoid getting caught up in this?”

Traktor Scratch Pro

Your Questions: Using Loops & Cues With Traktor DVS & CDJs

Our reader asks: “One of my favourite things to do on my Traktor controller is to mess around with loops and beat juggling as a way of introducing the next track. If I were to buy a digital vinyl system, would the hot cued loops from my Traktor software translate to the CDJs?”

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