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New Video: Your Top 10 Music Production Questions Answered

If you've been living under a bush (bad) or locked in a studio making music, without needing our help (awesome!) this last week, you may not have realised we've been running a free music production course, Dance Music Formula. Well, we just added a fourth video, answering your biggest production questions.

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5 Reasons All DJs Should Learn To Produce Music

Back in 2011, we published an article about how music production was becoming less an option, more a necessity for the modern DJ. In the time since, that has only become more true. Certainly if you want to have a jet-setting DJ career it's taken as read nowadays that you produce, but even for mobile DJs and hobbyists, production is more and more becoming just part of what us DJs do. Here's why...

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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions: Is Ableton Live 9 Worth The Price Tag?

Over on the Digital DJ Tips forum, Sy Swint asks: "I want to learn how to produce but I'm not sure which digital audio workstation to buy? I'm leaning towards Ableton but it is twice the price of some other, seemingly professional, DAWs like Logic Pro. Is Ableton L:ive 9 worth the higher price tag?"

Over To You: "I Want To Change All My Music To The Same BPM..."

One of our readers has a slightly bizarre request. Mike writes: "Does anyone know of software that can batch adjust all of my music to a single BPM? I would like to save my MP3s to all the same BPM to speed up the time it takes for me to ready my next record when I am playing..."

Your Questions: Should I Organise My Music In My DJ Software?

Digital DJ Tips forum member Bryan Douglass writes: "I am just getting back into the DJ game after many years. After looking at all of the software, I have decided that Virtual DJ will fit my needs. My question is it better to download MP3 files on your hard drive and organise them in virtual DJ, or use a outside program?"

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