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Beatport Pro Can Now Play Stems Files

Beatport has become the first third-party company to incorporate Stems, the new open-source music file format developed by Native Instruments that splits a tune into four “stems” (such as drums, bass, vocals and melody) that DJs can utilise independently in DJ software such as Traktor.

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Brighton, England. Always known as a party city, apparently "talented" DJs are being pushed out by "kids with laptops". But is that really what's going on?

Why New DJs Deserve Their Chances

Someone just recounted a conversation to me. A DJ was complaining that “there’s loads of talented DJs in Brighton, but they can’t get booked any more, because the bar owners have realised that they can pay a kid with a laptop £50 and get the same number of people in, so why pay a ‘name’ DJ £500?”

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5 Things To Consider When Buying A Windows PC For DJing

Digital DJ Masterclass VIP member James asked this question in a recent coaching webinar: “Do you have other recommendations regarding laptops than Apple? Where should I put attention to regarding tech specs?” In today’s post, we give five recommendations.


Over To You: Is It Time To Give Up?

With a lot of honesty, our reader Chris writes: “I’m after some life advice. Like a lot of aspiring DJ/producers, I had aspirations of making a career out of my interests / talents but it hasn’t worked out the way I hoped. In a nutshell, I’m thinking of just selling all my equipment and never doing any of this again…”


Over To You: Is It Wrong to Recreate Mashups?

Our reader Eddie writes: “I’ve heard mashups made by known DJs that are amazing. They are so good that I would’ve liked to drop these off in my DJ sets too. But it’s quite hard and almost pointless to try to contact these
celebrity spinners, since they probably haven’t got time, and they don’t really bother to answer back and so on.”

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