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djay Pro 1.2

djay Pro 1.2 Supports All Pioneer DDJ Controllers

Algoriddim’s djay Pro software for Mac is now compatible with the entire Pioneer DDJ series of controllers. The just-released djay Pro 1.2 natively supports the DDJ-SB, DDJ-SR, DDJ-SX, DDJ-SX2, and the DDJ-SZ, the big takeaway meaning you can now spin tunes directly from Spotify using these controllers.

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Brighton, England. Always known as a party city, apparently "talented" DJs are being pushed out by "kids with laptops". But is that really what's going on?

Why New DJs Deserve Their Chances

Someone just recounted a conversation to me. A DJ was complaining that “there’s loads of talented DJs in Brighton, but they can’t get booked any more, because the bar owners have realised that they can pay a kid with a laptop £50 and get the same number of people in, so why pay a ‘name’ DJ £500?”

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Your Questions Answered


Over To You: Too Many Level Meters, Help!

Digital DJ Tips member Psychofrakulator writes: “Recently I realised what a huge number of level meters there are all around me to keep track of! First there are the ones in the software. I mix externally, so I also have the mixer to look at. It goes on and on… what’s the best way of managing them all?”


Your Questions: Tips For DJing With A Wedding Singer?

Digital DJ Tips member Michael writes: “I’ve got a wedding next month and have recently found out a singer has been booked as well as myself. Do I avoid the songs he has sung already? Do I need to contact him before hand or just play it by ear on the night? Will he need to use my PA or microphone? Cheers for your help guys.”


Your Questions: Are DJ Controllers Reliable?

Member Mat writes: “I am new to DJ controllers, but not new to DJing. In the past I have DJed several wedding and school dances, using just a laptop, plugged into a mixer, into speakers. My wife and I have been endlessly researching into controllers, however according to reviews of several controllers, they sound a bit unreliable.”

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