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Grab Your Free 2015 DJ Controller & Software Guide

Want the most authoritative guide to buying DJ controllers and software out there, for free? The 2015 edition of the Digital DJ Tips DJ Controller & Software Buyer’s Guide has just been published, and is now available as a free download for all our members.

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Christmas Gifts For DJs #1: DJing For Dummies Book

Stuck for something to say when people ask you “what would you like for Christmas”? Our first suggestion is from none other than our pal John Steventon, whose book DJing For Dummies has just been published in a brand-new 2014 edition.

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Your Questions Answered

Rip up the sound system! If you're not careful, you'll end up literally ripping your speakers if you pick the wrong type to DJ with at a house party. Take our advice and do it right...

Your Questions: PA Or Studio Speakers For A House Party?

Digital DJ Tips forum reader Jamal writes: “I’m DJing at a medium sized house party say 30-40 people. I’ll be in an average sized room, but I have no idea what speakers to use. Would studio speakers do the job? Do I need a PA system?”

mixtrack pro 2

Controller Clinic #35: Which Software For My Mixtrack Pro 2?

Long-time reader Nik writes: “I have loved music all my life, although I’ve only really been into DJing more seriously for the last year or so. I want to settle on one piece of software and my gut says this should be Serato or Traktor, but I’m really not sure…”

Is there just a bit too much pointless EQ tweaking going on in DJing nowadays? We'd like to know what you think...

Over To You: Do Some DJs Use Their EQs Too Much?

This question is inspired by a forum post where a reader was asking about he best way to use EQ, and one of our moderators pointed out that in his view, a lot of DJs overuse EQ nowadays. We’d love to know whether you agree it’s all getting a bit too much…

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