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Friday Roundup: 10 Things That Don’t Actually Make You A Better DJ

In this week’s Friday Roundup, bust some myths that don’t elevate your DJ game, read some great interviews with Laidback Luke and Todd Terry, and tweak your room’s sound while getting a crash course on music theory the easy way. All this and more in our weekly roundup of the best bits from the DJ web! Have a great weekend ahead!

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Is Live Remixing The Future Of DJing?

Is live remixing the future of DJing? That’s the premise of the latest video interview from Native Instruments, as they ask Pan-Pot about what they do to differentiate themselves from the DJing crowds. We want your say – so take a look and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Over To You: Wireless Headphones & Speakers For DJing?

Today I’d like to ask a question to our more adventurous, minimal and/or portable gear-loving DJs. That is: Have you ever come across and used any wireless headphones and/or speakers for DJing that are actually useable?

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Your Questions: Is It Time to Give Up DJing?

Digital DJ Tips forum member Xavier D writes: “I’ve been DJing seriously for something like a year. And now I feel like I don’t really want to do this any more. I never thought about this until last month during a private party. I suddenly asked myself ‘do I enjoy what I’m doing?’”


Over To You: What DJ Record Decks Should I Buy?

Our forum member Koengsv117 writes: “My question is, which of the following options would you recommend to get familiar with a vinyl set-up? First one, to buy a set of Technics, Second, to buy a set of Technics replicas like the Audio Technica LP-120. Third, buying turntables which are equal or maybe even better…”

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