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Friday Roundup: How To Successfully Combine A Day Job & A DJ Career

In this week’s Friday Roundup, learn how to keep the cash flowing while chasing your DJ dreams, get sound advice no matter what stage you’re in regarding your DJ career, and read about a punter who just wants to have fun (without his girlfriend, that is).

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Is Live Remixing The Future Of DJing?

Is live remixing the future of DJing? That’s the premise of the latest video interview from Native Instruments, as they ask Pan-Pot about what they do to differentiate themselves from the DJing crowds. We want your say – so take a look and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Your Questions Answered

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Controller Clinic #33: Best Portable Traktor Controller For Travelling?

New Digital DJ Tips subscriber Andy writes: “I’m just starting up and will be looking to get a MacBook with Traktor Pro 2. I will be travelling around Asia and want to have a controller that would be suited for this trip. I suspect there is a good chance it will be stolen. What would you suggest?”


Your Questions: Lame Laptops DJs Are Making Me Want To Quit!

Digital DJ Tips forum member Shawn writes: “When I go to the clubs round here all I see is a guy with a laptop and Virtual DJ and no controller basically just waiting for the song to end then hitting play on the next song. Not even mixing at all! It makes me want to quit…”


Over To You: Dealing With Requests From Drunken Teens At A House Party

Our reader writes: “I have a house party that I’m going to be DJing at in the next month with about 150 schoolkids in my year and I’m concerned what I will do with bad requests from drunken people. Can you give me any ideas please?

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