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Algoriddim Wins "App Creator Of The Year" For djay Pro

Algoriddim has won "App Creator of the Year" at the 2017 Windows Developer Awards for its work on djay Pro, which was built from the ground up as a native Windows 10 app. The awards honour exceptional apps published in the Windows Store over the past year, showcasing the latest Windows 10 capabilities.

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Is It Worth Paying For DJ Training?

This past week, Dubspot, a well-known DJ and music production school, was accused of fraud for not giving DJ tuition to students who had already paid their fees - and in some cases allegedly not even offering a refund. Apparently, this had been going on for a while, with instructors refusing to conduct sessions because they were not being paid by Dubspot.

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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions: Is It OK To Play The Same Track Twice?

"I DJ in bars and clubs in Kobe and Osaka, Japan. I try my best not to repeat the same tracks already played by other DJs and I don't use more than one track by the same artist in any of my sets. However, not only do the other DJs here repeat the same tracks at will, some of them even play three tracks by the same artist in a row. Does this happen in other countries, or is it isolated to the Japanese scene?"

Over To You: What Was Your Very First DJ Gig?

Alongside this week's launch of our 7 Ways To Get A Gig series, we wanted to hear tales of how you landed your first gig and how it went. What bit of advice would you give a beginner DJ before their first gig that you wish you had known before yours? My first gig was bizarre to say the least...

Your Questions: How To Convince The Bar Owner To Give Me More Gigs?

"I’ve recently started DJing and have a monthly gig at a bar in Southeast London. I was surprised at the popularity of my music and am loving DJing, so I want to gig here more frequently. How would you suggest I promote myself so I can get more bookings at this bar?"

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