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Friday Roundup: You’re Not A True DJ Until You Can Clear The Dancefloor

In this week's Friday Roundup, we've got a feature on why great DJs aren't afraid to take risks during their sets, even if it means clearing the floor just to try something new. We've also got a piece that ponders whether DJing's lowered barriers to entry have killed the art form (spoiler: they haven't). These and more in our weekly roundup of news.

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"That's Not Real Scratching, It's An Insult..."

Here we go again... with people seemingly having lots of fun scratching halfway up mountains on portable turntables ("portablism", dontcha know), Numark has rushed out a new take on its PT01 portable deck, with a "scratch switch" built in to let DJs cut in/out from a backing track fed in via a phone or similar.

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Your Questions Answered

Over To You: "I'm Tired Of Being A Wedding DJ! How Do I Move On?"

Digital DJ Tips reader Ashley writes: "I run a very successful mobile DJ business working in the wedding industry. I've become very tired of fending off drunk guests from potentially hurting themselves and / or my equipment. So, my question is, what is the route I would need to take to achieve this while sustaining the same level of income?"

Your Questions: Should I Focus On One Music Genre Only?

Digital DJ Tips reader Joe Roku writes: "Is it wise to focus on just one style of music to DJ with? I'm an EDM DJ, but also play a lot of other genres such as top 40, urban / hip hop, and house. I can mix anything, but I really do love EDM, and I'm having a hard time deciding on whether I should just stick to one style of music or continue playing other genres."

Over To You: Should I Switch To A New DJ Software?

Digital DJ Tips user James writes: "I'm a Traktor user, and I like the potential of Stems as it fits with my beat-gridded house style. I've had little temptation or need to look in any other direction, but this week has made me start to wonder if a change might be up for consideration..."

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