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Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: How To DJ The Perfect Marathon Set

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve got an article on how to go about playing those epic 12 hour sets the likes of Sasha and Danny Tenaglia are famous for, some music-making tools that only require your web browser, and 7 cool ways to use Serato Flip. All that and more in our weekly muster of DJ news from around the web.

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Case Study: How One Of Our Students Is Smashing SoundCloud

I’ve got something cool for you today, a real success story we want to share. One of our students, DJ Bella Cuts, is absolutely smashing it on SoundCloud – she’s managed to get 14,270 plays of her mixtapes and 1,097 real followers, growing by 176% in just one year! We were so impressed we got her to tell all…

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Your Questions Answered

Master Tempo

Your Questions: How Far Should I Deviate From The Original BPM In A Mix?

Digital DJ Tips member Mark25H writes: “I wanted to find what people’s thoughts were on how much you should deviate from a track’s native BPM when mixing. For example, some of my music is 120 and actually sounds better at 125, but I just want to find what the general consensus is.” Here’s our answer.


Over To You: Dealing With DJs Who Mime To Other People’s Mixes?

Our reader UCF asks us: “How should DJs deal with people playing playbacks? I know two DJs who are playing playbacks at gigs from SoundCloud and getting credit for something someone else did, or that they have recorded in advance. It really annoys me because they are getting gigs I could have gotten instead…”


Your Questions: What Is The Ground Pole For On My Controller?

Reader Allan asks this question, and it’s not as daft as it sounds, because actually, being able to ground your controller or any equipment added to it gives you benefits you may not have thought of. In today’s post, I answer the question in a video format, and tell you a story so silly you’d think it wasn’t true…

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