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[NAMM 2015] The Best Of The Rest

We braved the massive crowds from Hall A all the way to the depths of Hall E to bring you NAMM 2015’s Best Of The Rest for DJ’s and producers alike. Four days simply aren’t enough to cover all the excellent gear and technology on display at this year’s show, but we did out best to search high and low for interesting bits to include in this roundup.

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[NAMM 2015] Five Talking Points From The Floor

We’ll close our NAMM coverage with a “state of play” article. Because bubbling underneath the relentless new product releases at NAMM 2015, deeper forces are at work – forces that are really going to shape the DJ industry over the coming years

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Your Questions: How Can I Spend Less Time Organising My Tunes?

Digital DJ Tips member Dave writes: “I have returned to DJing after about a 30-year gap. I am finding that for every hour of practise I put into beatmatching and learning what my controller can really do, I spend a day trying to organise my music in Serato DJ / iTunes! Can you help?”


Over To You: What Next For Built-In Screens?

Digital DJ Tips reader Lee writes: “I was looking at the Numark NV and loved the idea of the displays. I like the individual screens, but the visual I seem to use most in Serato is the combined one to beatmatch. My question to you is: How long before we see more information put on such screens?”

Updates are generally a good idea, but Is this kind of thing advisable the day before a gig?

Over To You: Updating Software Before A Big Gig

Digital DJ Tips forum reader DJ High-Tone writes: “I have my biggest gig ever tomorrow! I need some advice. A few weeks ago Native Instruments released a critical Traktor Pro 2 update. While I updated the S4 driver, I have yet to install the update for Traktor 2. Would it be dangerous to do that the day before my huge gig?

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