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Friday Roundup: World's Biggest Nightclub Will Hold 15,000 People

Can you imagine a nightclub that could fit 15,000 people? Just such a venue is being planned for Toronto. Catch up on this and other stories we've been enjoying around the music and DJing web this week, in our regular Friday Roundup. Have a great weekend!

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[NAMM 2017] Exclusive Interview With Jean-Michel Jarre

He's sold 80 million albums. He's had a 45-year career in electronic music. He was putting on huge sound and light shows when most of today's EDM DJs weren't even born. Oh, and his grandfather could just have invented the turntable. Legendary electronic producer and performer Jean-Michel Jarre talks to us here at NAMM 2017.

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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions: How Should I Mix Trap For A Frat Party?

Digital DJ Tips member DJ LABVL writes: "I'm getting ready to DJ at a frat party later this month, but I'm having a problem: I'm gonna be playing for a huge crowd of gyrating teens/young adults who wanna grind to hip hop and trap music. I'm having a hard time getting into the higher BPM ranges without screwing up the mixing and transitions."

Over To You: A Quick Rant About Clueless DJs...

Digital DJ Tips member DJ Jimmy G writes: "So, recently I have seen some distressing things in the DJ booth. I was hired by a promoter to play peak time, so I got there early to chill out and network. So I'm in the booth and the DJ keeps putting his headphones down on the platter (which of course stops the music)..."

Your Questions: What Do All The Names For Different Versions Of A Track Mean?

Digital DJ Tips member MUR write: "When I am downloading music from places like BPM Supreme and so on, I don't know what some of the version terms mean. I mean terms like "Short Edit", "Radio Edit", "Clean Intro", "Dirty Intro". Especially clean and dirty intro, that's confusing! I thought it had to do something with clean and dirty lyrics, but I don't think it does..."

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