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Winners Of Carl Cox DJ Competition Announced

Congratulations to DJs Stanley Hood and Holly Louise, who have both won the chance to DJ alongside Carl Cox in the Houses of Parliament, plus a bundle of extra prizes – including £1000-worth of courses each from Digital DJ Tips.

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Meet Your Fellow Students…

First day at school is always a nerve-racking time. So If you’re thinking of joining us on Digital DJ Masterclass this year, I thought it would be nice for you to meet some people already on the course – students who’ve already taken the training, and brand new students excited to get started.

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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions: How Should I Organise Music On A USB Drive?

Digital DJ Tips reader Eliah asks: “Want to give USB flash drives and Rekordbox a try with CDJs. My question is should I have more or less one drive per genre or just dump everything on two large capacity flash drives? For example, should I have acid, dub techno, standard techno all on one drive, or have one drive per genre?”

Over To You: How Can I Analyse My Songs For Audio Quality?

Digital DJ Tips reader Patrick writes: “I recently started focusing on quality instead of quantity and thus want to find the black sheep in my library. My approach would be to analyse the actual frequencies. Is there an app or programme that is able to do that in a kind of batch-mode?”

Your Questions: How To DJ With Portable Power?

Digital DJ Tips member DJ PayPuz writes, “As a mobile DJ, sometimes I’m challenged with finding portable power – some clients want a DJ in a park or on the beach. It would need to power a MacBook Pro laptop, Pioneer DDJ-SX2 controller, and two 15” Electro Voice EKX 15P speakers. Any ideas?”

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