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DJ Finger Drumming Lessons Now Available On Melodics App

A new category of cue point drumming and performance pad lessons is now available at Melodics, the innovative “finger drumming” app that recently hit the market. Tailor-made for DJs, these lessons focus on performing with your controller’s pads to help you make build-ups, breakdowns, and flips.

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7 Reasons Why DJs Make Great Cooks

Richie Hawtin cooked my supper for me the other night – and very nice it was too (thanks, Richie). It was at the Traktor Cookery School at the Amsterdam Dance Event, and Richie was one of many DJs to drop in and cook over the period of the festival. And once again it got me thinking: What is it about DJs and cookery?

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Your Questions Answered

Over To You: What Is “Real” R&B Nowadays?

Digital DJ Tips forum member Paul Stubbings writes in with a music question. He says: “I’ve noticed a vast difference in what people call RnB these days. If someone came to you and asked you to play some of your favourite RnB tracks, what would you play?”

Your Questions: Which Is the Best Streaming Service For DJs?

Digital DJ Tips reader Jaysyn writes: “My Apple Music trial just ended and now I have a decision to make: Spotify or Apple Music subscription? I know Spotify works natively with djay 2 software. Do you know if Apple Music is supported and if so is it just like Spotify where I can access any song as long as I am a subscriber?”

Over To You: What DJing Blunders Do You Keep Making?

“Picture this: You have your next song transition all ready to go – beats are matched, levels are set, loop is going – you slam the crossfader and… nothing, because your channel fader is closed off! Do you guys have any other blunders you constantly repeat?”

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