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Richie Hawtin Teases New DJ Controller

A new DJ/producer controller born from a partnership between Richie Hawtin and ex Allen & Heath engineer Andy Rigby-Jones appears set to hit store this year, under new brand name “PLAYdifferently”. The controller gives the appearance of, well, a box of knobs. Find out more.

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SoundCloud’s State Of Play: Safe Again For DJs?

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but SoundCloud is alive and kicking. Having just signed on two of the three largest major labels in the world today,plus securing a cool 32 million in debt funding last year, SoundCloud is setting the stage for its next reveal.

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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions: Can I Fly In The USA With My DJ Gear?

Digital DJ Tips reader Cquer writes: “Since I have to fly in the USA this year with my Pioneer DDJ-SX controller, I’m wondering if the recent ruling (section 403) on musical instruments as carry-on baggage applies to DJ equipment? I really don’t want to check my deck on a plane…”

Over To You: Why Do CDJ DJs Hate On Controller DJs?

Digital DJ Tips reader Austin writes: “So I recently moved to the San Fransisco Bay area. I haven’t had a chance to get any gigs here yet, but I have been told that I won’t be respected like the other DJs using CDJs. What would you recommend?”

Your Questions: “Help! I’ve Got To Play A Kids’ Party…”

Forum member Brett Brocoy writes, “I have to DJ a dance party at a Catholic elementary school, where the age range is 9 to 13. I’ve been DJing for five years, but never had to play for such a young crowd. Besides the standard picks like Justin Bieber/Taylor Swift, what should I play? Got any other tips?”

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