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Serato DJ 1.7.6

Serato DJ 1.7.6 Released, Brings Denon DJ DS1 Interface Support

Serato just released its latest version of Serato DJ. Now at 1.7.6, the update includes support for Denon DJ’s DS1, which is a tiny two-channel DVS interface that lets you use a pair of turntables or CDJs with Serato DJ. We first saw the Denon DJ DS1 at NAMM 2015 and was surprised at how compact it was, perfect for cramped DJ booths.

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Some clubs will, some clubs won't, some controller DJs get a lot of lovin' and, some don't..."

Controllers In Clubs: The State Of Play In 2015

A year ago, we ran a story about how a club promoter refused point blank to allow a controller DJ to play at their venue, and we asked for your experiences. We got a massive range of responses, from “you gotta use the gear provided”, to “anything goes nowadays”…

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Your Questions Answered

Oh really? Can the whole art of DJing really be reduced to this? Some would have you think so...

Your Questions: Why Is Sync A Dirty Word?

This weekend’s big question comes from member Tim Leavitt. He says: “I understand that getting two tracks totally locked in by ear is something that takes years of practice. And yet I can’t help but think that this problem is almost completely, automatically solved by the Sync button.”

The WeGO3 is a small and versatile controller that for the space-challenged, has the interesting feature of working with iPad as well as laptop.

Controller Clinic #42: DJ Set-Up For A Confined Space

Digital DJ Tips member Dave writes: “I wonder if you could help me choose a digital set-up for a room with very limited space (it will need to fit in our living room and we’ve got two young children so not too many wires etc). I’m thinking Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 with M-Audio AV-40 speakers.

Today's question is from a reader who's not dealing with jealousy from others, but who bravely admits to being jealous OF another DJ...

Over To You: How Do You Deal With DJ Jealousy?

Yesterday, I was at the venue where I’d played my second-ever DJ gig. I was there as a guest, not as a DJ. The DJ who was playing at the party was unbelievable! I swear if it wasn’t for the awesome food, I’d have run out of there and gone home crying.

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