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Allen & Heath Xone:43

Allen & Heath Releases Xone:43 All-Analogue Mixer

Allen & Heath just released a brand new model in its Xone series of DJ mixers. The Xone:43 is a pure analogue mixer meant for clubs and DJs who want top shelf sound quality in a four-channel mixer format. It has four switchable line and phono inputs for plugging in CDJs or turntables, three-band EQs and individual effect sends / returns across all four channels.

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14 Things DJing Changes About You Forever

Being a DJ is awesome, but boy can it change you! You suddenly find yourself behaving in certain ways, almost involuntarily, and doing things that many “normal” people think are crazy. I’m talking about the subtle behavioural changes that kind of sneak up on you, until they’re totally ingrained in who you are…

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Over To You: Locked Out Of Facebook For Using My DJ Name!

Digital DJ Tips member Jerry London writes: “I use my DJ name on Facebook for all things related to my DJing, and a separate personal account for all my day to day stuff. Yesterday I logged in and was told I had to provide government ID (drivers licence etc) to prove my name was legitimate! Now I’m locked out.”


Your Questions: Setting Up A DJ Controller In A Club

One of the questions we seem to get asked every week is: “How do I set up my DJ controller in a venue?” So today we’re looking at exactly how to do that, both from the practical point of view (ie “how do I fit all my gear in?”) and exactly how to wire in to a club mixer.


Over To You: How Much Do Full-Time DJs Earn?

Digital DJ Tips member Silviu writes: “How much can a DJ earn? I am living in the UK at the moment and I want to know if I were to try and be a ‘normal’ DJ with around two or three gigs a week (say, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) how much would I actually earn and would I be able to make a living out of it?

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