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ADJ Expands Inno Pocket Series With Roll And Scan Models

Two new additions to American DJ’s compact and affordable Inno Pocket line of LED lighting were released this week. The new Inno Pocket Scan and Inno Pocket Roll inherit the same characteristics of theseries: scaled-down body, weight reduction, and an attractive price tag.

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The Stupid Mistake That Nearly Ruined My Weekend Gig

Talk about not taking your own advice! I’ve DJed thousands of times in the last 20 years. And I’ve been teaching this stuff for nearly half a decade. Yet I tripped up at such a simple hurdle on Friday which nearly ruined my gig.

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Your Questions Answered


Controller Clinic #37: What’s A Good Pro-Quality Backup System?

Reader Carl asks: “What can I use for a simple, professional, back-up system (something that I can use in the event that the S2 fails)? Ideally, whatever it is would contain a mic input, a nice sound card, and would be small enough to easily carry. Professional grade is required.”


Your Questions: How Can We Build On The Success Of Our College DJ/Rapper Act?

Our reader writes: “We have a DJ/rap act. We have reached a point where we are getting hired for every event at our university, but we can not seem to branch past here. We have no clue as to how to get the attention of promoters that matter in order to get past this stage.”


Over To You: Do You Use Mini Sets In Your DJing?

Digital Dj Tips forum reader ScottoRobotto (great name, btw) writes: “Do any of you sit down and diagram where you’re going to go with your set? I been working on breaking my music down into mini-sets of three or four songs that mix together well, and then play them sequentially.

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