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Hercules Announces New DJ Control AIR S Controllers

Hercules has launched two DJ controllers. Dubbed the DJ Control AIR S and the DJ Control AIR + S, they are redesigns of models that have been in the company’s “AIR” series of controllers.

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MC6000 Mk2

BPM 2014: Denon MC6000 Mk2 Now Comes With Full Serato DJ

The four-channel Denon MC6000 Mk2 is a marked improvement layout-wise on the Mk1, and now that it comes with Serato DJ in the box as opposed to the cut-down Serato Intro, it’s even better value for the working DJ.

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Your Questions: Where Can I Get Instrumentals To Make Mashups With?

Jon writes: “I am looking out for instrumental versions of songs, for my mashups. I also remember seeing an article somewhere that mentioned there are softwares to remove the vocals of any song and leave only the instruments; if that is true please do let me know that as well. Many thanks!”

EMusic formats

Over To You: What Music Formats Will Dominate DJing Next?

Digital DJ Tips reader Darren writes: “We’ve gone through many audio formats – eight-track, vinyl, tape, CDs, and now of course digital. We’re all using MP3s, AACs, WAVs etc to DJ with now – but what do you think the next dominant format will be?”

Faderfox DJ3

Controller Clinic #33: Best Portable Traktor Controller For Travelling?

New Digital DJ Tips subscriber Andy writes: “I’m just starting up and will be looking to get a MacBook with Traktor Pro 2. I will be travelling around Asia and want to have a controller that would be suited for this trip. I suspect there is a good chance it will be stolen. What would you suggest?”

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