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Exclusive: Fakin' The Funk? App Weeds Out Rubbish Music Files

No, it doesn't tell you whether the song is good or not, but this interesting new app called Fakin' The Funk does answer a question that DJs often ask: Is this 320mbps MP3 or so-called lossless WAV really so great, or is is just a YouTube rip or similar of a badly mastered file, craftily exported in a more acceptable format?

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12 Of Our Members' Weirdest DJ Gigs Ever...

It certainly seems like our members aren't scared of playing anywhere and everywhere. A recent post where a member related his strangest gig has led to a whole load of stories from others. From swingers to bird-watchers, everyone needs DJs... Here are 12 of our favourites.

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Your Questions Answered

Over To You: When DJ Price Quoting Goes Horribly Wrong...

One of our Digital DJ Tips VIP Platinum Group member shared this screenshot, writing: "I thought I'd share an enquiry I had yesterday that made me p*** myself laughing and wondered if anyone had funny incidents of their own to share on enquiries/bookings?"

Over To You: Somebody Ripped Off My DJ Mix!

Digital DJ Tips member Phil Sledge writes: "Someone has audio ripped one of my mixes off Mixcloud and uploaded it to his own, saying 'welcome to my new mix' and so on. Firstly should I be annoyed or say 'that's life'? I have contacted him and he said 'everybody does it on here' which I would be shocked if true. Anyone else had something similar happen to them?"

Over To You: How Do I Approach My First Ever Festival Gig?

Digital DJ Tips member Rodwell writes: "I am a bedroom DJ from Zimbabwe who has played a couple of house parties and two public performances. I recently entered and won an opportunity to open at one of the biggest music festivals. I love to mix deep house/tech house and dance. I am feeling very nervous because I have never performed for more than 10 to 20 people."

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