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Denon DJ Shows Off Its New VL12 Turntable At ADE

Denon DJ has sneaked out a brand-new pro turntable here at Amsterdam Dance Event. Called the VL12, it's unusual in that it is a genuinely new design, as opposed to the vast majority of post-Technics turntables out there that are rebadged but essentially almost identical to each other.

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One DJ Routine It's Definitely Worth Watching

I get to watch scores of DJ routines, and despite wanting to be enthusiastic about them, the truth is that often they leave me cold - I liken many of them to watching an endless guitar solo or a rock drummer showing off for too long. Yeah, it's all technically impressive - but often, I end up asking myself: What's the point?

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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions: Why Did My Club Night Fail?

Reader Nathan writes: I have been putting on house music nights in my city for about a year and a half now. They have all been successful bar two where attendance wasn't as high as expected. I have recently moved my night to a better venue with better sound quality, production etc. I really don't know where I have gone wrong..."

Your Questions: How Do I Handle DJing With A Vocalist?

Digital DJ Tips reader Main Event writes: "I have a couple of gigs coming up where I am playing the music to accompany a vocalist. I imaging there must be proper communication between myself and the vocalist. I would like to be properly prepared so that everything goes off smoothly and as professionally as possible. Do you have any tips for me?"

Your Questions: Is Sync Really So Different To Beatmatching?

Digital DJ Tips reader Rob S writes: "My mate is a pure CDJ guy, no interest in any other form of DJing. He absolutely slates anyone using software or syncing in any manner at all, yet happily uses the BPM readout and merely matches it up. Is syncing really so different from matching the readout and giving it a little nudge into touch?"

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