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Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: Top DJs As You’ve Never Seen Them Before!

In this week’s Friday Roundup, check out snaps of your favourite DJs doing everyday stuff, take a look at the brand new Beatport streaming site, and find out the number one reason why buying fake likes and followers sabotages your social media efforts in the long run.

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The Real Reason Many DJs Stare At Their Laptops

So we’ve all heard the phrase: “Serato face” (not sure why Serato got the monopoly on that one, could equally be “Traktor face” or “Ableton face”). But is it really the fault of the software, or the way we DJ today? Or is it something else entirely, more to do with confidence and performance?

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Your Questions Answered

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Your Questions: Why Have My Gigs Dried Up?

Digital DJ Tips member Sean writes: “So it seems I’m losing a few gigs now due to the bars I work in cutting budgets and change of management. What should I be doing? Obviously I need to get out there again and make sure I can network properly and not step on others’ toes, but I need ideas!”


Your Questions: Best Budget Sound Card For Digital Vinyl Use?

Our member Angel Burgos writes: “Decided to take my Technics 1200s out of their boxes again! Would like to continue using my turntables and mixer to get accustomed to using DJ software. I got Mixvibes Cross DVS with the software and timecode vinyls from a friend, but I know I need a sound card, and would like one that won’t break the bank (around US$100). Any recommendations?”


Your Questions: Traktor Key Mixing Vs Mixed In Key

Digital DJ Tips member Rayanaldo writes: “I’m fairly familiar with manually mixing in key. Then I discovered Mixed in Key. Awesome! Then Traktor came out with the key detection feature, even better! Only problem is while there are a few tutorials that explains how to mix using Traktor key notation, most if not all explain it using major minor sharps so and so forth.”

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