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EPM Series

Epsilon-Pro Launches EPM Series Affordable Studio Monitors

Two new budget studio monitors have been launched by Epsilon-Pro. Dubbed the EPM Series, these bi-amplified powered monitors come in 6.5″ and 8″ speaker cone variants.

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Is Live Remixing The Future Of DJing?

Is live remixing the future of DJing? That’s the premise of the latest video interview from Native Instruments, as they ask Pan-Pot about what they do to differentiate themselves from the DJing crowds. We want your say – so take a look and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Over To You: Dealing With Requests From Drunken Teens At A House Party

Our reader writes: “I have a house party that I’m going to be DJing at in the next month with about 150 schoolkids in my year and I’m concerned what I will do with bad requests from drunken people. Can you give me any ideas please?

Ableton Live

Over To You: How Do I Perform My Music Without Looking Boring?

Our reader writes: “Recently I’ve been seeing quite a few live sets, mostly on Ableton. The music played in these was fine, quite often great! However I’ve been left unsatisfied with the producer/DJ’s performance.”

New music overload

Over To You: How Do You Deal With So Much New Music As A DJ?

Our reader writes: “I been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of new music and remixes that have exponentially grown over the recent years. Do you know of a system to help refine the process of new music discovery?”

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