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Friday Roundup: How To Prepare For Problems Performing With A Laptop

If you’re relaxing this weekend, cut straight to the puppy video at the end of this week’s list… but if you want some learning, we’ve got three absorbing technical articles from around the DJing and music web for you as well.

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Friday Roundup: What A Pioneer All-In-One Controller Might Look Like

First it was four-deck controllers, then sample pads, then iOS controllers, now all-in-one (ie with a computer built in) controllers are heavily rumoured to be this year’s “big thing”.

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Your Questions Answered

Apart from the fact that drugs are illegal and having a career doing illegal things is a very risky idea, there are lots of other good reasons to moderate how much 'aprtying' you do when you want to succeed as a DJ.

Your Questions: How Do Career DJs Manage To Avoid Drink & Drugs?

Our reader writes: “Phil, electronic music for a lot of people is all about going out at the weekend, having a good time and in a lot of cases taking drugs and alcohol. How is a DJ to avoid getting caught up in this?”

Traktor Scratch Pro

Your Questions: Using Loops & Cues With Traktor DVS & CDJs

Our reader asks: “One of my favourite things to do on my Traktor controller is to mess around with loops and beat juggling as a way of introducing the next track. If I were to buy a digital vinyl system, would the hot cued loops from my Traktor software translate to the CDJs?”

House party

Your Questions: What Gear Do I Need To Start Playing Small Parties?

Reader Nick writes: “My plan is to just be a casual mobile DJ that does house parties (birthdays, celebrations, family events etc) however I don’t know how I should best work out gear for the events while I’m beginning.”

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