NAMM 2013: Numark NS7 II Serato DJ Controller Announced

The Numark NS7 II packs in a four-channel mixer, motorised platters with real vinyl, and 16 control pads to make a claim as being the best Serato DJ controller (any maybe the best DJ controller, full stop) ever...

The Numark NS7 II was announced today at the NAMM Show 2013, a direct replacement for the Numark NS7 and a controller that Numark is touting as the ultimate for Serato DJ software.

It has motorised platters, a full four-channel mixer for both software and standalone mixer control, 16 RGB multi-backlit MPC-style pads lifted straight from Akai Professional gear, and "capacitive touch-activated knobs and filters". read on for details or go here for our Numark NS7 II Serato DJ Controller Video Talkthrough.

You helped to design it!

The Numark NS7 II looks very much like the culmination of the design process that started 12 months ago with a teaser of the "Numark MPC controller" at NAMM 2012 involving the ideas of hundreds of Digital DJ Tips readers, who commented at Numark's request on both our Numark MPC Controller article and our Numark MPC Controller video.

Numark NS7 II

If the NS7 is anything to go by this will be a beast of a control, build-quality wise.

Clearly aiming at the ground currently occupied by the Pioneer DDJ-SX at the top of the Serato DJ food chain, the new controller similarly has eight pads per deck offering cues, loops, rolls, sampler and slicer functions, and these pads do indeed look excellent, with velocity sensitivity and full multi-colour backlighting.

Of course the real pull of the NS7 and this unit too is the motorised platters with real slipmats and vinyl. These are now apparently high-torque or low torque, depending on your preference (I wonder if low torque feels like using cheap belt drive turntables?). They were the real star of the show on the NS7, feeling utterly authentic to DJ on, so I'd expect them to be just as good here.

Indeed, the NS7 is still an amazing instrument, five years on, and if the NS7 II builds on that without dropping any balls, it deserves success. It'll be big, heavy and expensive but that's not going to put off those who want a substantial, pro-built controller that feels like using real record decks but has a lot of cutting edge controllerism features built into it too.

We'll get a video, talkthrough and proper opinion of this in the bag at NAMM in a few days, but for now, and having only seen the teaser photo at the top of this piece, it's fair to say we're excited by this one.

• No launch date or price as yet.

Would this be your ultimate DJ controller? Did you contribute to the debate last year over the "MPC DJ Controller", and if so, what do you think of the result (or what we can tell of it from the teaser photo, anyway)? Please share your thoughts on the Numark NS7 II in the comments.

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  1. Looks cool. The motorised platters are kind of overkill. At least for me, as I've only dj'd on cdj's, never with vinyl.

  2. Oh my goodness this is the God of all controllers.

  3. I have been waiting for this. A4 channel ns7 allows my backups to be plugged in. Hopefully it has 2 seperate mic channels as well that are xlr. And maybe an integrated crossover with sub woofer out.

  4. Bought my NS7 this past summer now they drop this smh

    • NS7 is an all-time classic, many of us would love to own one. Don't be too upset.

    • bought a 4 year old controller, upset there is a new one coming an entire year later... haha your lucky it wasnt two years before you bought it... 5 years is huge in controller life, and its not like you paid whatever this will cost (if you paid full retail 4 years after launch you have more problems anyways)

  5. Always missed my NS7. Now I got the NS6, on my way to uppgrade to the DDJ-SX, but this looks absolutly amazing!
    Maby I wait for the reviews.....

    • I rock the NS6 too and i'm torn between the NS7II and Pioneer's DDJ-SX, he the selling point for me will be the quality of the soundcard, I just want to know which sounds better. Although the vinyl platter's are cool I can work just fine with touch sensitive platters.

  6. DJ Gatortail says:

    It looks like they made a ddj-sx and moved a coupe things around. Although I really wish the SX came with motorized vinyl jogs like this will. However I see a lot more little detail bits that pioneer never bothered to add and numark is capitalizing on. Note the pitch faders: the ddj sx has a cramped pitch fader on the left decks (1+3) but the ns7 took that right out, putting both faders on the outside edges of each deck. What appears to be the FX faders have led feedback rings which is kind of a cool addition.

    I won't be purchasing this controller as I just bought the SX in November but this controller looks to be damn near the end all be all of all in one controllers

    • I had that problem with the DDJ-SX. My hand kept hitting the pitch fader for the first few minutes. Take a close look at the NS7 II's platters. It looks like there are dedicated cue buttons very close to the platter. I wonder if this will be an issue. Although, could be a major advantage over the SX because you can hit cue point while using the pads for loop rolls. Very cool.

  7. DJ Gatortail is correct on all points, specifically the pitch fader issue. If this has great reviews, all I can say is Bye DDJ-SX.

    Now the big question, should I wait for the V7II's, which are my ultimate DJ gear of all time?

  8. Looks like an amazing controller and i can't wait to test it out. one thing i didn't see (i might have just missed it) is one of my favorite features on my NS6 and that's the Master Tempo button which allows you to change the tempo as far as possible while keeping the track in the same key. hope it's got it!

  9. DJ Death Stroke says:

    I love my NS7, had it for almost 4 years now and it the closest thing to vinyl I have used. Now with the ability to trigger samples and other loops from the NS7II, I might have to upgrade and jump in head first. I also have a V7 for those days I want to practice in the house or need a smaller setup. These are a GOD send...........

  10. Phillip Diaz says:

    so this would be great if it was for Traktor! Serato is so weak! i can't even map the damn thing! come on how do people even invest in a controller with a bundled software that can't be mapped to the preferences of the user! major fail by Numark for going the Serato route!

  11. Had the DDJ-SX on my Amazon wish list to use as my Serato controller (Not a big midi mapper)...waiting to see what other companies are bringing in 2013... Glad I waited.... though I like the Pioneer name and Rep...Numark with this NS 7II has stepped up to what looks like the SX but with some improvements as mentioned above... Wondering about the build quality.... Professional Metal case? and hopefully not too much plastic...will wait for more reviews... As a side note: My beloved Kontrol S4 is starting to look dated... wonder if NI/Traktor has any surprises at NAMM?

  12. Anyone see anything about Slip mode on this guy? It would seem silly if they don't have a dedicated button for it coming out after the DDJ SX.....

    part of my thinking between the two....

    pioneer - dedicated SP6 fader
    numark - moving platters
    pioneer - moving platter indicator - that changes with hot cues
    numark - RGB pads (pioneer only has single color)
    numark - a 5th pad mode (pioneer only has 4 buttons for pad modes)
    pioneer - Slip Mode button (I didn't see one on the numark...I may be wrong)

    I wonder if the Numark can control both both decks at once with the platter - not that this is a huge feature (I can't imagine using it in anything other than a routine), but it is a possible difference....

    • Isn't slip mode a Pioneer only feature?

      • I made the (probably wrong) assumption that it is a new software feature with Serato DJ that the DDJ-SX was the first controller to integrate it into the hardware.....

      • I with Itch…new hardware came with new features – but newer hardware usually had access to them….

      • Jam-Master Jake says:

        You might be right about that being a Pioneer feature, but I could also see it being a Serato DJ feature now as well. NI put slip mode in Traktor Pro 2.6 and allow use of it with the new Z1 mixer. I'd love to see Slip mode in the NS7 II myself, but I don't use it much.

    • Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

      If it's a controller, the slip mode (under whatever name they use) would be in the software and then mapped to a button.

      Think it is flux mode in Traktor, Serato has it (but mapping may be depended on the accompanying hardware), not sure if it is native in VDJ, but I know there are plug-ins that make it available.

      If your preferred software supports it, it would be a matter of mapping it to a button if there isn't a dedicated one.


  13. Jam-Master Jake says:

    HOLY SHNIKE!!! I am pre-ordering this thing the second I can and my DDJ-SX is for sale the second I get it!

  14. Shishdisma says:

    The original NS7 weighed around 35 pounds, and was far too large to use in anything but dedicated setups. I don't even want to think about what a behemoth this thing clocks in at as far as size and weight. People who complained about the SX being big? You're in for a surprise. Looks like a dream for a really ambitious turntablist with an iron spine and a huge apartment though.

    Side note for Phil: the high and low torque options were on the V7, with low being a 1200 ~1.5-2kg, and high being a TTX esque finger bleeding ~4kg.

  15. just sold my ns7 three days ago, beat to shit, missing the rotary pots on the fx bar, for $600.

    ordered a ddj-sx this afternoon. canceling as soon as i hear a release date.

    honestly, don't care how much it weighs. yeah the ns7 was a beast and that was PARTLY why i was getting rid of it/excited for the 16lb sx, but you know what? i used to earn $10 an hour landscaping, i'm not complaining over moving 35lbs for a few minutes and making $100 an hour. the real reason was i needed 4 decks, i hated letting go of my ns7. and now i got it all. its xmas baby!!!

    ive carried my ns7(35lbs), my laptop (8lbs), my bag of cords and mics and back up shit (20lbs), two speaker stands (25lbs?) and my qsc k12's (84lbs) down five flights of stairs, into a taxi, through a train station, to the subway, back through the train station, taxi, through club. and then back home again. up 5 flights of stairs. thats a 160 some pounds, on my back, so really, stop whining about the weight. you dj music to people for 100's of dollars, suck it up. i guess i don't have the luxury of 'auto syncing' to the clubs dedicated set up!

    now i have a car and its all gravy. i'm glad it weights what it weighs. i need exercise. things a beast, a tank. and maybe it will get MORE respect than cdjs (really just a poor imitation of the ns7 right?)

    • Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

      I hear that!

      I am coming full circle.

      First I changed to a Denon MC6000 setup because it was nice and compact, Just one 19" flightcase and a laptop bag. But then I carry around two CD-players in flightcase and a CD case for backup purpose. There is the foldable DJ Stand, speaker stands, Mackie HD1221 active speakers and if needed 18" sub. Oh, and some crates with assorted cables. In the end, the few pounds more or less for the controller setup are not gonna safe my back.

      So, I have bought two Denon SC2900 (gotta love BIG jogwheels and buttons) and a Denon X1600 mixer. All together in a big ole DJ coffin with wheels. USB hub and wifi router all built in and permanently connected. Outputs and mic inputs on external XLRs I made in the coffin and that is it.

      Yep, it is heavy, but it looks very pro, people compliment on how awesome looking the gear is and I never get complaints about the amount of money I charge for the gear.

      I'll get me a Numark iDJ Pro to f*ck around with at small parties or when I travel abroad. It, together with the necessary iPad will fit into a backpack, great for travel.

      The Numark looks like it is one awesome piece of gear and the weight and size should not deter you from getting one.


  16. Jon Glover says:

    I miss my old NS7. It was so fun, well made and had those awesome spinny platters and looked uber cool (I had no FX on mine though). It was too big and heavy sadly, used it for one (one!) club outing, had to clear the decks to use it (I now use an S4 mainly and although big that's nothing compared to the NS7 giant) but then you'd be taking up even more space with a pair of Techs and a mixer to get the same scratch appeal.

    NOW the mk2 looks even sicker. I must have one. I do lots of DJ tuiton too so would be good for demoing scratching (without ruining vinyl and needles!), CDJ style and controller DJing all in one. I can put up Serato as most new students are open minded (although I'd love to see this integrate 100% with Traktor)

  17. Only cornball DJs don't care about the spinning platters (excusing House/EDM music jocks). This thing blows the Pioneer DDSX out the water. Anyone would be a fool getting that unit over the NS7 II. You lose until next design change cycle Pioneer.

  18. Dj Gregree-I says:

    Does anyone know what this unit might cost ?

  19. the unit looks fantastic, especially for someone like myself steeped in vinyl. I would love a smaller two deck version of this. I'm not too fussed about all the bells and whistles but the spinning platters would make me finally sell my (or at least one of them) 1210's

  20. Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

    Uhm ... one question peeps ... is there any other manufacturer coming out with new gear for the NAMM or is Numark (no booth at the NAMM) paying for your ticket, Phil? :-p


    • Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

      Never mind, somehow I was getting a listing of only Numark articles hahahahaha.

      Cleared my cache and presto! all kinds of other gear at the NAMM.

  21. MistaJoolz says:

    love this,I have the NS6 love it used the NS7 loved it....i will be purchasing one as soon as its released, but i cant help think there will soon after be a an "NS8" which will have all these features plus USB Flash/HDD support and have the ability to run as a stand alone unit now that my fellow dJs and Numark if your listening/reading lol, would be the controller of all controllers.....maybe a Nexus2000 killer?????? which is amazing...

  22. Mike Miller says:

    I don't see what all the fuss is about with the size. I like the room to work. When there are too many buttons and functions that are too cramped together breeds a recipe for disaster. There are models made just for use in cramped spaces. I prefer the size for room and I hope the weight will provide durability.

    I hope the difference in this unit as compared to the DDJ-SX is a separate channel for the mic. I should not have to sacrifice a line or deck for the microphone. What is the purpose to having four decks if you have to give up one of them to use as a mic line?

    Also, if the pitch control is at least as good as the SX, then this unit will have a huge advantage with the motorized platters.

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