Musikmesse 2013: Pioneer DJM-750 Digital Mixer With New Performance Effects

Pioneer DJM-750

The Pioneer DJM-750 adds an innovative 'one knob' multi-effect modulator that reacts to how quickly the knob is turned - cue more gratuitous over-animation from DJs in the booth...

Pioneer today announced the DJM-750, the latest addition to its four-channel club performance mixer range and a clear upgrade from the DJM-700. It boasts new effects innovations, while retaining the digital DJ-friendly built-in four-in/four-out USB audio interface and full Midi control, as featured on its similar bigger brother, the Pioneer DJM-850. A new "Boost Colour FX" knob adds a second effect to the currently enabled Sound Colour effect, which uniquely allows DJs to change FX parameters depending upon how fast the knob is twisted, and a vinyl brake effect has been added to the beat FX options.

Pioneer says the built-in audio interface works with "DVS systems", but there is no mention of onboard compatibility with Traktor Scratch, as the DJM-850 has. However, Pioneer DJ gear is getting increasingly more integrated Traktor HID functionality without the need for traditional timecode, so maybe this is less an issue than it might previously have been, especially when the unit is paired with, say, a pair of Traktor-friendly Pioneer CDJ-850 media players.

As befits a pro club mixer, its basic spec is good: There are four audio channels, one mic channel, master / booth / record outs, and FX send/return, and the audio interface is the same quality as that of the flagship DJM-900nexus. The DJM-750 will be available in black or silver from June at a suggested retail price of £839 / €999.

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• See a full photo gallery over on the Digital DJ Tips Facebook Page
• Get more details on Pioneer's website

Do you like the performance effects angle of this mixer? Would you consider buying it rather than one of the more expensive mixers above it in Pioneer's range? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Jam-Master Jake says:

    Interesting. I'll have to keep my eye on this one and see if this will meet my needs or if I should just go with a high-end Rane 68 or Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Phil!

    • I think this looks really good actually, especially if it works well with Traktor minus any need for traditional timecode/DVS settings (which I suspect it will - will check at Musikmesse).

      • Jonathan says:

        Did you end up investigating this? I am really interested in getting a djm-750 and using it with traktor 2 without any timecode or CDJs. just wondering if it works good or not. Thanks

  2. hmm will it connect with rekordbox and sync like the djm 900? How is this new djm750 any better or worse than the 900 or 850 aside from the new effects and usb? the msrp is seems low compared to the 900 and 850, just wondering why

  3. Like the look of this. Pioneer can never really do any wrong. Would love to know if the ipad can connect via the USB? Wonder if it can be configured somehow? I wouldn't mind using the new traktor app as an extra bolt on unit.

  4. Can the traktor ipad app be linked up using the USB input?

  5. Any idea if the stems and knobs are plastic like the DJM-700, I'd assume so at the £800 price point but would be great if they were rubber-coated knobs on metal stems..

    • Phillip Diaz says:

      you could replace the knobs with the DJM 800/850/900 knobs i guess! but that's extra investment that should be a factory preset!!! so i feel what you're saying!

  6. Was looking for a might be getting this one and save some money...interesting

  7. Phillip Diaz says:

    it looks interesting... if you don't want individual filter knobs per channel (come again the DJM 700 never had them)! let's hope it's Traktor certefied! could be a new standard amongst small clubs and maybe bar's due to the price!!!

  8. Only time will tell if this is a Traktor certified mixer, or even compatible with Serato. Many of us like using control vinyl/cd and every club does not have the latest line of cdj's with HID. If they did I think I would be more likely to run HID directly from the cdj's. The suggested price point seems high, considering that you can get the djm-850 for $1300 US. I will have to keep my eye on this one, it could be a possible upgrade for my current djm-700. This would work perfectly for my at home setup.

  9. King of Snake says:

    Hi Phil,
    actually, i'm still confused on how to use this kind of equipment compared to controllers.
    i know this has midi and or HID, but how functional would this be in a digital setup?
    internal vs external mixing, hardware vs software effects, what about eq resets such things...
    maybe you could run an article on this (or maybe i missed one?)

  10. Not sure where all the "we'll see" on the Traktor Certified/timecode question is coming from. Pioneer clearly states this is not Traktor Certified and if you are using Scratch/timecode you will need to use a Traktor interface. All you have to do is read their release and all your questions will be answered.

  11. Chuck "DJ" van Eekelen says:

    Wow, Pioneer made a Denon X1600 clone, kewl!


  12. Really like the look of this.... might be my next upgrade..... thanks for the heads up!

  13. How can you call the CDJ850's "Traktor friendly"? There is no advanced HID possebilities, just midi! If you compair that to the other players it's madness. I irritate myself to this every time... I made myself a mapping I can work with, but to not have LED feedback of the actions you do is frustrating. Also no info in the screen. Bizarre since software like Virtual DJ can do it... why not high end software like Traktor? I asked Pioneer and they blamed NI, and vice versa...

  14. guys,if i connect the djm 750 to traktor pro 2 ( with usb ) it will work? i mean to use it as a controller

  15. Hello, would just like to add on because I have just received my pioneer djm 750.. and might i say, it is so much fun! i've only ever played with ttm57, xone 92, and a handful of controllers.. and never have i gotten to use REAL effects.. instead of software generic sounding garbage. The boost color effects matched with noise or jet really make a nice interesting sound that can go so well with build ups.. and the up faders of pioneer mixers.. have just the right amount of resistance to get a nice beautiful smooth transition.

    After playing with a pioneer mixer.. i don't think i could ever go back to any other.

    And might i add, that the soundcard works flawlessly with ableton live... who needs serato bridge?! going to run straight cdj's with ableton.. ableton being used for loops, acapellas and other miscellaneous things.

  16. 100% Timecode DJM-750

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