Reloop Announces RMX-80 Club Mixer

Reloop RMX-80 Digital

The Reloop RMX-80 Digital offers the classic Pioneer form factor but at what we suspect will be a pretty competitive price. (Click to enlarge.)

In a busy week for the brand, Reloop has announced a new club-style mixer, the four channel RMX-80, which has a similar form factor and function layout to the classic Pioneer DJM series of mixers. Likely to be popular with DJs who want a club-style set-up at home but can't afford to pay Pioneer prices, the mixer has a host of popular club features, including dual beat counters, beat-matched effects (13 of 'em), classic/kill EQs, per-channel filters, and master (balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA) & booth outs.

Innofader compatible, the mixer also has full crossfader assign, single/multi cue modes, crossfader and line fader curves, headphones EQ. What's more, there's a firmware-style setup utility menu. From here, it's possible to individually customise various settings including output zone routing, limiter and talkover threshold, and EQ crossover frequencies.

The RMX-80 is able to act as a USB hub (for DJs with lots of digital gear but not enough USB powered sockets on their laptops), but it is nonetheless unclear from the press release whether "digital" just refers to its internal architecture or whether it has an audio interface that can be used by DJ software; the spec mentions the USB hub can be used for an "additional audio interface", so maybe so? We'll clarify this when we review it. It definitely isn't Midi, though.

We'll also bring you prices and availability when we have them, but we'd expect it to be competitive against even the most basic Pioneer club mixers.

Would you be tempted by this if it came in at the right price? Would you like to have a more club-oriented DJ set-up at home? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. This will be interesting, I would definitely by if it can be used with VDJ. I can't wait for the full test

  2. Sander Kalsbeek says:

    "..., which has a similar form factor and function layout to the classic Pioneer DJM series of mixers."

    That's a way of putting it lightly. I mean, a lot of hardware is based on Pioneer design, but this is just a shameless copy of the DJM-800. I wonder when the lawsuit will follow.

  3. Behringer have been making cheap poor copies of pioneer for years. Nothing new.

  4. Actually, I would buy it if it reaches my country. Surprisingly, there are not many competitive brands for a budget in the Pioneer-Rane area around here.

  5. Phillip Diaz says:

    It's about god damn time they released it!!! been waiting on this mixer since it was first presented! now watch the price Reloop! if the price isn't right people just gonna go Pio!!!

  6. Angelo was using this at the dj expo in Atlantic City last week. Had me drooling in the booth.

  7. 2 litle 2 late.

  8. Brendan Wrixon says:

    I keep thinking I want to cash in my beloved pioneer 600 for a modern digital solution, but it isn't happening with any gear i've seen lately. Though this piece looks more promising than the behringer equivalents, I don't see myself doing the upgrade. Granted, i'm a DVS dj playing traktor scratch, i've considered getting a few MIDI mixers but I always decide I will hate switching between mixer and controller and just stay with an x1. The only affordable traktor certified digital mixers(z2 and t1) are only two channels, so as for me, until a mixer offers me the ability to delete my audio six I think i'm staying with what I got

  9. Just to let you know: A german DJ equipment store (don't know if I should mention the name - better not) claims to have it in stock for 749 euros. As far as Behringer DJ mixers is concerned, that is A LOT. So my guess is it won't be something that just tries to look good (like the DJX 750 for example).

    Behringer DJ mixers aren't necessarily crap, on the contrary. I have actually surprised a few sound engineers with my DDM 4000. Which has it's flaws, but it it sounds really quite good as long as you keep it out of the red.

    Still, for 750 Euros, Behringer better deliver something really good. Which, to my experience, they are absolutely capable of if they want to create something that isn't just engineered to be as cheap as possible. Can't wait for the reviews.

  10. Sorry, that comment of mine was kind of useless, I mixed up Behringer and Reloop. Got up a bit early, I guess. Still, the 750 Euro price was correct. Which is still quite a lot and RELOOP should make something quite good for that.

  11. Do they have a confirmed price for this?


    Didn't want to post this link at first, because I wasn't sure if that is okay here. And BTW, I am not affiliated with that shop. I don't even like it very much 😉 (and yes, it's all in German).

    • Oh, and I have just checked three other german online retailers who also sell it for the same price and claim to have it in stock. Which makes sense as Reloop is a German Company and it makes sense to start sale in their home market.

  13. Kuku Walter says:

    the other German manufactures beside Reloop are DAP-Audio, LD-Systems and EE-system. I intruduce this one because it is only 185 Eur.

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