Reloop Announces RMX-80 Club Mixer

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 9 November, 2017


Reloop RMX-80 Digital
The Reloop RMX-80 Digital offers the classic Pioneer form factor but at what we suspect will be a pretty competitive price. (Click to enlarge.)

In a busy week for the brand, Reloop has announced a new club-style mixer, the four channel RMX-80, which has a similar form factor and function layout to the classic Pioneer DJM series of mixers. Likely to be popular with DJs who want a club-style set-up at home but can’t afford to pay Pioneer prices, the mixer has a host of popular club features, including dual beat counters, beat-matched effects (13 of ’em), classic/kill EQs, per-channel filters, and master (balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA) & booth outs.

Innofader compatible, the mixer also has full crossfader assign, single/multi cue modes, crossfader and line fader curves, headphones EQ. What’s more, there’s a firmware-style setup utility menu. From here, it’s possible to individually customise various settings including output zone routing, limiter and talkover threshold, and EQ crossover frequencies.

The RMX-80 is able to act as a USB hub (for DJs with lots of digital gear but not enough USB powered sockets on their laptops), but it is nonetheless unclear from the press release whether “digital” just refers to its internal architecture or whether it has an audio interface that can be used by DJ software; the spec mentions the USB hub can be used for an “additional audio interface”, so maybe so? We’ll clarify this when we review it. It definitely isn’t Midi, though.

We’ll also bring you prices and availability when we have them, but we’d expect it to be competitive against even the most basic Pioneer club mixers.

Would you be tempted by this if it came in at the right price? Would you like to have a more club-oriented DJ set-up at home? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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