Is This The End Of SoundCloud For DJs?


SoundCloud is apparently now letting Universal remove material it believes infringes its copyrights directly from the service, marking - if true - yet another nail in the coffin of the service as a viable platform for DJs to show off their mixes on.

We've long warned DJs that they should not upload DJ mixes to SoundCloud - the popular audio sharing platform - because of the risk that their mixes will be removed for alleged copyright violation/s. It seems things have just gone from bad to worse in this respect, with a shocking piece of evidence that further reinforces that the platform really is utterly unsuitable for sharing DJ mixes on.

This week it has emerged on Do Androids Dance that SoundCloud has apparently granted Universal Music Group (one of the "big three" record labels alongside Warner and Sony) the right to remove content that it believes infringes its copyrights, without any involvement from SoundCloud itself in the process at all. This was revealed in an email trail involving a DJ called Greg Morris ("Mr Brainz" on SoundCloud) and the "SoundCloud Copyright Team", in which they revealed to him that Universal is blocking content as it sees fit without SoundCloud's involvement at all. Here's that part of the alleged email trail:

From Do Androids Dance

From: Do Androids Dance

What this reinforces, alongside years of evidence that DJ mixes are taken down regularly and without warning (everything from radio shows to amateur mixes, although curiously big names seem to get away with it more), is that increasingly SoundCloud simply isn't a safe place to upload your DJ mixes to.

Now, let's put aside arguments over copyright here for a second: After all, "mix tapes" have always been a grey area (are they exploitative or promotional for the artists featured?) and indeed, Warner (for example) actually uses SoundCloud itself, unlike Universal which conspicuously doesn't. Plus, we're not talking about DJs making moey from their mixes, after all; we're simply talking about being able to share our work. Instead, let's look at the problem for DJs and how they can solve this.

The problem is that you need a way to show the world what you bring to the table as a DJ, and DJs by definition play other people's music. That means copyright issues, and we've hopefully shown you that SoundCloud does not have your back on this. At best, you'll put a great mix up, share the link with your friends and DJs, promoters etc, and when they come to listen, it'll be gone due to a dreaded copyright removal. At worst, you'll lose your work, have no backup of it, and it'll be gone forever.

The fact is that for material you own the copyright in or have permission to use, SoundCloud is a great platform (we use it for our artist interviews in courses like the Digital DJ Masterclass, for instance), but for DJ mixes, it really is a complete no-go zone.

Alternatives to SoundCloud

So what are you to do? As ever, we recommend services like Mixcloud. Mixcloud may look similar, but it operates on a different type of licence. One of the stipulations of Mixcloud's licence is that mixes on the service aren't downloadable (an option you don't have to have switched on in SoundCloud either, and which removes one of the bugbears of the piracy argument, although as you can see, that won't stop your mix being removed), and also it is harder to reach a big audience on Mixcloud than SoundCloud, but you've not really got much choice in that. Similar services include House Mixes and Mixcrate. Find one you like and rest assured they're made for DJs, not producers, and so your work should be safer on one of these.

Alternatively, you could host your mixes on your own site. Of course, you're still technically potentially breaking the law depending upon where you are and how / where you're hosting your mixes, but if you're doing it for artistic expression or promotional reasons (ie not offering or worse, selling, downloads) and you have both a bit of technical knowledge and a bit of cash for the bandwidth, this can be an effective way of getting your work out there. Respecting any copyright infringement requests that come in would likely be advisable (unless you want Universal's lawyers on your back, for instance), but you are crumbs in their big pie and it's my guess you'd never have an issue (Note: I am not a lawyer.)

Me? It has to be Mixcloud - worry removed from your shoulders and your mixes safely available on a smart, stable platform. But whatever you choose, please stay away from SoundCloud. They don't want you and it's getting worse.

Have you had an issue with your mixes being removed from SoundCloud? Or have you always used the service with no problems? Do you think it's unfair to have mixes removed without notice, or do you think copyright infringing mixes shouldn't have been there in the first place? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Meh...the only people still pining for mixes on SoundCloud are those who think they'll never get any exposure on the other sites.

    MixCloud and MixCrate have been wonderful for me. I don't see any excuses anymore to not put your mixes on those sites.

    We have been saying for years to stop putting mixes on SC. Push has come to shove now. Adapt or die.

  2. I personally stopped using SC and been using Mixcloud for the past couple of years, just for the reason that you get to have unlimited upload time for free (opposing the 2h SC limit for free users) and it has been working quite well... i still get my mixes listened to, plus i don't need to delete one to up another... and it has Mixlr integration which is quite useful if i want to upload a live mix with no hustle 😀

    IMO: Mixcloud all the way!

  3. I really don't get people posting mixes on SoundCloud unless it's your own stuff. Mixcloud is a perfectly good platform. To go to all the trouble and tweak your mix to beat being caught by the software is just too much hard work.

  4. Mixcloud removed the play button from several of my mixes and left the message "This upload is unavailable in your country due to licensing restrictions." They just joined my "crap" list as well.

  5. You forgot one of the best alternatives:

  6. MarkQuest says:

    Oh well, back to physical mixtapes via CD's & USB's.. it might actually get you noticed more & it will definitely make you network smarter to ensure your stuff actually gets listened to & not binned. But in this day & age of digital it kinda sucks.. the only way around it I see is to video yourself DJing & put it on YouTube.. probably works better than a mixtape in that the promoter gets to see what else you bring to your set. And if you're ugly as balls haha

    • doesn't work either. I uploaded a video of my wife doing a firedancing show and they banned it because of the soundtrack within a month. Although: that was 2008; it might've gotten better.

    • Yep, Youtube now auto scans for copyright material (sound and visual) in its videos (unless of course youre connected to one of the big companies)

    • Kenny Schachat says:

      >Oh well, back to physical mixtapes via CD’s

      Ah the great old days ;-). I used to pretty much cover my rent by casually selling my mix CDs at gigs. Wouldn't mind a return to that one bit!

  7. Yep, totally done with Soundcloud. I can easily get by using the 2 hours from a free account just for my original and maybe remixes; unless said remixes get torched by Universal, and I suspect they may. I'm currently paying for the Pro account but after this month I will no longer renew. Mixcrate, House-Mixes, Mixcloud, et al are far, far friendlier to DJs.

    Plus if you'd like to host them yourself, you get 15GB of free Google Drive cloud space on Gmail and most everyone already has a Gmail account already. You can make public links from Google Drive and then those links could go anywhere! You can put them in your Mixcloud posts, on your Facebook profile or fan page, on your own website, etc.

    I think I'm done with Soundcloud for mixes entirely, I won't take anymore chances after today. I'm very sad that it's come to this - Soundcloud used to be an amazing service that was very friendly to bedroom DJs and bedroom producers alike, but it's no longer this way. Happy trails, SC.

  8. si uno elije poner sus mezclas para que lo conozca el mundo el derecho de autor es uno mismo ya sgen poniendo frenos y trabas como siempre poniendo fronteras ala libre musica xq? muy simple xq las compañias y las grandes monstrous quieren controlar todo otra vez . es una lastima que accedan a esa peticion ...

  9. a perfect alternative to soundcloud:
    it has the same features, also lets you download your things and for now it just looks like the perfect place for DJ Mixes.

  10. My whole account seems to be disappeared about a month ago. Still not sure why, because soundcloud hasn't responded to my message.

  11. I've had the same issue before, where track stopped streaming over the SoundCloud API. I got in touch with their technical team who eventually came back and said:

    "They've let me know that the problems you are having is due to the content and rights holders.

    To explain, profile admins (rights holders) have the ability to change settings as they like, so if the tracks have stopped playing, it's likely that they have disabled apps on the track or content. This means that the rights holders, that own all of this content, have turned this setting off, and we don't have control over it or the ability to enable it again."

  12. i started with mixcloud after i got my 2 hours full in soundcloud. I did like soundcloud and i was even thinking on buy the pro plan but since i'm only a dj and not a producer plus i'm not a big name (yet 😛 ) it's almost for sure that i will be paying for nothing. My feeling and toughs were kind of "well all the bigones are in soundcloud in some kind of way, always follow the path of the ones that have already succeed" but well... as explained in this article the bigones are untouchable but the ones from down there are F**ed. Anyways you get exposure in mixcloud. If you are a user you know that a lot of big djs and producers are there as well. Few names: carl cox, paul van dyk, abobe and beyond, dr. kucho! etc. so if they are in there is because it's quite impoprtant i will say.

  13. is another one and don't forget beatport mixes wihich is compleetly legal and you can sell your mixes.

  14. Francisco Samuel says:

    I'm from the states, and have been using Soundcloud for years. I have yet to experience any content removal. Uploaded mixes and original production and built a steady following. I also have Mixcloud, but it isn't even close to what i have on Soundcloud. if it happens to be that i have stuff removed, I plan on keeping just my production there and point to Mixcloud for my mixes, directly from Soundcloud! It will be fun building a big following, i see it as a challenge to find better ways of marketing myself. Till, then i will stay the course and take my chances. but SoundCloud will only get one strike from me, mind you i am a paying customer.

  15. I stopped using Soundcloud a while back and canceled my pro membership just because of this reason and I prefer Mixcloud they are much better

  16. HelloLoveBug says:

    It happened to me over a track on Armada. They just took the mix off and they let me know that I had some copyright issue. It's kinda sad cause you figure a DANCE MUSIC LABEL would understand the music they put out is by the Dj and for the Dj.

  17. I have never had this issue (Ive had an account since you where allowed 10 unlimited size tracks,) as i am aware of what causes it most often it will be the first song on your mix that will register it or your a DJ that essentially plays pop music, there are obvious ways around this.


  18. mrbrainz says:

    I'm the DJ that is the subject of the article. I was using Mixcloud for a few years before trying Soundcloud as I had more followers there. I was getting exponentially more plays there. It made perfect sense to try it. You can scream "Use Mixcloud" all you want. The fact remains that Soundcloud currently has a bigger; more prolific audience.

    I was mainly upset at losing all the artists that I follow. I use Soundcloud for a few hours a week keeping up to date with all my favourite artists. Had to work out who the 500 or so people I was following were to get it all back. It was a slog. Thank your chosen deity for Google & mobile app caches.

    To clarify - the email in the article is 100% authentic. I had a to and fro with them for several days to try and get it all back. They weren't having it and I'm now "banned for life."


  19. A little Confused says:

    How about if you pay Ascap don't that let you use the music?

  20. I hate Soundcloud for this reason, although I still use them. They been removing my mixes for years! I've written them several messages about that with no response. I wish everyone would just leave them for another platform like "Myspace"

  21. I'm gonna echo a lot of other comments here but . . . I took my mixes off of soundcloud and only use it for hosting mashups (when they don't get taken down for copyright violations). I use mixcloud for all of my mixtapes but then I'll also flip my best mixcloud mixes to mixcrate so people can download them.

  22. I recently uploaded a track to enter a legitimate remix contest and that got blocked for copyright infringement

  23. Excellent place to host mixes. Listeners can download content...and been using it since 2007 w zero issues. Check it out!

  24. I decided to not renew my next subscription to SC because of their stupid decisions. Bootleggers & loads of DJ already choosed "". This platform work like SC. It's not yet popular as SC but everything is in your hands guy's ! The bad news, is that I have to change all the links on my website

  25. Jay Jamison says:

    I have had two mixes taken down from SoundCloud but that was when I used a free account. Upgraded to pro account never had a problem since then. Not to say I won't in the future. My problem is that mixcloud doesn't quite have the same following as SoundCloud does, so I stopped using it. Based on this tho, maybe I'll give it another shot.

  26. Do people actually avoid buying tracks because a DJ mixes in a track in a DJ Mix? The producers and label heads I talk to are *thankful* that you're giving them exposure.

    I understand that legally Universal and other companies have a legitimate point. What would actually be beneficial for everybody would be to maintain a list of producers and labels that don't want their tracks included in DJ mixes. I'd have no problem abiding by that.

    Soundcloud's comment system, traffic, and reliability still make it the premier site to host mixes. There are going to be a *lot* of people cancelling their paid accounts if they continue down this path.

    Laws and regulations should reflect the actual reasons that they were to put into place. Not to simply punish for no or minimal gain.

  27. As a consumer of DJ mixes and not a DJ posting mixes myself I can say that SC is by far my preferred platform because of how dynamic and easy to use it is. I love Mixcloud b/c of the variety offered in content but the user experience is awful and the mobile app downright does not work 25% of the time. Would be nice if Mixcloud could hone the business a little bit more to provide a service similar in scope to SC (from the consumer's perspective) but judging from how little the site has evolved over the years I'm not holding my breath.

  28. last december i made a 2013 yearmix, and it was removed because Universal claimed copyright infringement. so this has been going on for a while now.

    The annoying this is, however, that when i tried to upload it a second time (with some tweaks to the intro) they emailed me that i had 2 out of 3 strikes. and if i managed to get a third strike, my account would be permantely deleted.

    I emailed them back, asking them why they only tell you about the 3 strikes principle after the second strike! It made me furious.
    I had SC mixes deleted before, but untill universal came along, i never heard of anything like this.

    My (temporary) solution? I made another, free, account. I post my mixtapes under that name and if they don't get deleted after a few days, i feel confident that i can post them on my own (paid) account.

  29. Why do Dj's like Tiesto, Chuckie, Armin to name but a few get to upload mixes with tracks from other lables and artists to SC and they don't get taken down. Is it cause they are well known and rich and famous. Where we the unknown Dj's that is trying hard to make it big get victomised by these big corporations and record companies by taking down our mixes......unfair big time

    • Just avoid the big three labels. Universal, Sony and Warner. Actually if everyone started boycotting them their revenue stream would dry up and eventually they would capitulate. Frankly, other than their back catalogs those labels haven't had anything worthwhile in years. While I still purchase music through legitimate channels I'm seeing more and more artists offering their music free to their fans and making up for it in live shows and merch at the shows. Fans appreciate artists who appreciate the fans.

      • So why don't we create a petition and fight back against these assholes. It's not right to treat people like shit who work hard in what they love to do and get ridiculed about it. Cause honestly, without us DJ's, Tiesto and those other prices wouldn't have mixes to play on their mixshow platforms if not the research they do on us. Makes no fuckin sense.

  30. Mixcloud is getting just as bad though... I just noticed today that a couple of episodes of my radio show were taken down because I had more than 3 tracks from the same artist (these things happen when you have a guest mixer play from his new album), then I realized you can't scrub in reverse, and you can't see any of the tracklistings before the track plays, only during... these things are a result of licensing in America, I'm not sure if its the same in the UK or elsewhere, but it's quite annoying and I'm about to jump ship from mixcloud to another service...

  31. For those of you singing Mixcloud's praises,take a peek at this -this is what I was able to find out:

    US Licensing rules for uploaders
    Last Updated: Jun 18, 2014 11:29PM IST
    In America Mixcloud has blanket music licences with SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI & SESAC. These licences stipulate certain rules around the content you can upload to Mixcloud:

    - You cannot have more than 3 tracks by a particular artist

    The way this is determined is by computer analysis of the artist names in the tracklist that the DJ or radio presenter submits. If the same exact artist name is listed more than 3 times it will automatically be flagged.

    As DJs and radio presenters ourselves, we understand that this may be frustrating and we hope that in the future the rules will evolve to be more open to curators.

    In the meantime, Mixcloud is committed to providing a fully licensed and legal service for you to ensure that your mixes and radio shows remain online, and you never have to personally worry about paying royalties or copyright takedown notices.

    So now they dictate my tune selection? Censorship much?

  32. I use both & will probably continue to. I don't really play any big label tunes, so I think it's pretty unlikely that my mixes will get taken down. Also, if they do, it's no big deal because I have mixcloud.

  33. Kevin Hackett says:

    Get your own domains and keep your mixes on your own site, problem solved.

  34. Tomislav Simic says:

    Soooo, that's what been keeping them busy, instead of finishing their crap-API, and fixing the docs.

  35. I uploaded a Mix some weeks ago and it got instantly deleted. So Soundcloud isn't an option for my DJ Mixes anymore. What's strange is, that it seems the big players are allowed to upload their stuff anyways.

  36. I've entered a couple of remix competitions and one of my entries was removed from SC recently.

    Remix Comps are still advertising comps that you need to upload your remix to SC to enter. It will be interesting if these start to get removed for infringing copyright...

  37. Personally, I have always used SoundCloud for "music productions" and "remixes" and mixcloud for my "DJ mixes". I don't see why I would want to do things any other way! They are designed for what they are. I never understood why DJ's made SoundCloud a priority when its designed for "songs". I have never had a takedown from mixcloud and post up my mixes with a full playlist too. I have well over 40 mixes on there. And best of all its FREE!

  38. I have tried to upload a mashup...2 tracker on both soundcloud and mix cloud......both refuse the work, due to "copyright" issues....when uploading I have a play only setting. Yet still they refuse with no way of sharing:(( are these record labels forcing me onto "Torrents" surely my work for listen only should have zero copyright issues ? Ps I will not use torrents...ever.

  39. The work around that problem on mixcloud is to not include a track listing and it comes right back online

  40. check out website :)

  41. DJ Hombre says:

    Funny that this news for Soundcloud comes out at the same time Google is looking to nail indie artists & labels to a dire contract on YouTube.

    Wouldn't be surprised if Google acquired Soundcloud in the next year or so.

  42. Mixcloud is the way to go!

  43. says:

    One would presume that instead of cutting off the people who play their tracks, that the labels would want to support DJs for including their works and try to find some way to work out differences. Why must people be so difficult to deal with? Don't we all want the music that speaks to use to succeed here? BAH! Imbeciles!

    • It's all about money, not helping DJ's out. To be honest even if they did take this approach, there would be way too much music to keep up with, going back and forth between conversations, trying to find middle ground. One thing that everyone has failed to mention is that honestly how many DJ's out there (who are complaianing about this) actually attempted to get permission to use any of the tracks they mixed? I'm guessing basically none. I know you'd probably get knocked back but maybe not...

      • DJ Vintage says:

        I agree with your sentiments, but unless you could get some kind of "blanket" permission, this would work out to an impractical situation. Imagine having a 20-tracks mix and asking each rightful owner for permission. It could be weeks before you hear back, Then 2 out of 20 have refused (which I think would already be fabulous response, more likely is that don't hear a word from 3/4 to all of them). What are you gonna do? Remix the thing without the 2 refused tracks?

        And on the receiving end of the requests, imagine the workload if every DJ using SC would send a request for permission for every track in every mix. Those folks would go bonkers.

        The logical thing would be for the service you use to have the blanket agreemements (like mixcloud perhaps?) and guarding the process.

        The bad news is that we all like to have things free on the internet. I am sure it would be a lot easier to have a paid service, where the service keeps track of what song is used how many times and pay rights to the label (spotify-ish). But then you'd have to pay for either a subscription or an upload fee for each remix.

        It's interesting how this will work out in the near future. As they say, if one door closes another window of opportunity opens.

  44. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of the worst music trend in the history of music. These no-talent, spoiled, frat boys think they have talent because they can point and click on their laptops and mash together other artists' music? Give me a break. I'm embarrassed to be apart of this generation.

  45. Nadejda says:

    Ok, let it be! I am only a fan not a dj not a producer, but like a fan, i prefer soundcloud to stay only for single songs. Lets suppose you only want to listen to w&w when you hit play on the upper song, and if they upload their mix, you will listen other songs that arent theirs, and the idea of soundcloud is to follow the peoples work, not the process they stick others works. I see clear that sound mean a single frequency = single song, whit amasing lyrics, and mixcloud mean what it means - mix.

  46. DJ Davey Zee says:

    This was a long time coming. It was this or them suing the crap out of them for letting copyrighted material remain up after they asked to have it taken down.

    This goes into the column of someone "ruining it for the rest of us". It was made of people to put original songs and mashups up. Record labels didn't care because they were not loosing money.

    But then, idiots started putting unedited songs up there, some DJ programs started playing music directly from sound cloud and sound cloud came out with their own app that you could make your own playlists. That is obviously taking money from the labels, and don't kid yourself that it's not.

    Everyone that put stuff up that they knew they shouldn't ruined sound cloud, not Universal Records. And the other big two are going to follow their lead and even probably put tech in like youtube to keep people from posting illegal contact.

    Good job everyone!

  47. The best thing to do for mixes is to find bootlegs un-official remixes on soundcloud that way you know they are copyright free and the artist who did the bootleg has no copyright over it. I may be mistaken.

  48. Davey Esq. says:

    There isn't a gray area here. Promotion and non-profit use simply do not negate the fact that it is infringement if you are using copyrighted work(s) without a license. Should anyone tell you differently, simply ask what authority they are relying upon. Those two points alone do not make it Fair Use (read the statute if you like).

    The problem is that if any service leaves infringing material available after they have been notified of its existence, they can also be held liable for the infringement. Combine that with the fact that neither SoundCloud nor any other such service has the resources at their disposal to ascertain whether a license has been validly obtained, and you can see why they would allow Universal to remove content it believes infringed their rights.

    The problem is not with SoundCloud. It lies squarely within the way the statute is written and how unpredictable and subjective a Fair Use defense is.

  49. Other drawbacks with Mixcloud: in many cases, the listener cannot rewind during playback and can only play the mix once. I discovered this last week when attempting to listen to a mix I listened to a mix I heard before. I got a message telling me I could no longer listen to this mix due to some licensing restrictions. Record companies ruin everything. Time to move to a new service.

  50. The fact of the matter is it is all about money. Those executives don't care about DJs or their mixes. They just know that they own copyrights and they will win in court in this litigious day in age. Until copyright laws are updated into more reasonable standards that reflect how music is consumed through the Internet nowadays, there is not much DJs can do except migrate to another site

  51. I used Mixcloud instead Soundcloud since the beginning.

    I didn't upload for a moment. I just see they improve the external player, a lot.

  52. I've been using SC for years with no problems until last week. I had a mix which had been uploaded four years ago taken down due to copyrights (I didn't have a backup). It would make sense for SC to allow the user to see the mix in question before taking off their site to allow to back up a copy. Nowadays I use Dropbox for backups saves carrying fobs etc. I would use SC like someone said before just to find music then use a different site of your mixes. Just to note SC is not the biggest music site Youtube is. I know YT as similar problem with copyrights etc so this nothing new.

  53. Basically, what I do as for my mixes on Soundcloud, I start off with either an intro or one of my own tracks with any mix. Whether it's Deep House, Techno/Tech House or Industrial Hardcore (dutch/italian style), they all start out with at least 2-3 minutes of my own tracks. This way a mix is instantly approved on Soundcloud. Since I started using my own tracks as an intro in all my mixes, I have never had any 'copyright infringement' at all anymore.

    However, what I know from Universal, is that they (in cooperation with Soundcloud) implemented a series of plugins/so-called-xxware, that instantly sends information to Universal when a new liveset/mixtape/podcast has been uploaded to SC with their copyrighted stuff in it.

    However, and this really pisses me off, I have a license that allows me to use ANY track on planet earth legally and SC keeps saying that my license isn't valid, while I paid over 3000 euro for it, to upload any mixtape/liveset/podcast anywhere on the planet on whatever website. Another 1600 euro license I have, allows me to sell mixtapes/livesets/podcasts.

    But SC keeps backing up big music companies, such as Warner, Universal, Sony etc, by saying my international licenses are not valid.

    I told SC that when my Pro-subscription at SC runs out, I will leave. I never received any reply anymore. I also told them that I was thinking of visiting the USA only to start a class action lawsuit for EVERYONE that, like me, have international licenses that SC and music companies HAVE to obey ! Not for the money after possibly winning the case, but for our own sake plus that we have put a lot of effort (hard work) to be able to purchase those licenses.

    Your sincerely,
    Sir ME*

    * I will, for personal reasons, not publish my real and DJ name here. If you feel you need more information about me, staff that is, feel free to contact me.

    • Bro not only are they targeting individual artists trying to make a name for themselves, but I also produce for Atlantic Records and their up and coming remixes as well. They took me down even if I showed them a legit license that I was allowed to remix the songs that I did. They're really ridiculous.

  54. One of my greatest mixes couldn't be uploaded on to Soundcloud because of Magnetic Man's copyrighted content on it. Once that happened, I finally decided I would stop the Soundcloud kick and find a different website. The kicker for me about Mixcloud is you can't download content, so I am curious to see "House Mixes" or "Mixcrate" in the near future. SC has lost thousands or even possibly millions of dollars based on the fact from people not renewing their premium accounts (due to from an experience like mine and what they classify as "copyrighted content"). Can you blame people? No. It didn't take me 5 seconds to make my decision and move on from Soundcloud. That was about a year ago.

  55. Charles Logan says:

    I am no fan of big inter wide platforms of any kind really, especially for 'promotion'. One ends up getting endless links to music etc that isn't very good anyway. This news is music to my ears though. With respect, if you use someone else's music and call it your own (be it your own 'mix' or what ever') and you don't pay what you owe to the original performer, than I am all in favour of that rip of product being removed. Try writing your own music for a change instead of ripping off the work of others.

    • "Try writing your own music for a change instead of ripping off the work of others." - come on, DJs play other people's music. That's what we do.

    • I fail to see why you are even here .. >>>DJ tips site <<<

    • The reason why people do remixes and mashups for artists is because it enhances the songs to become better at parties and clubs. And because the originals themselves are not playable on the radio for the mixshows as well. If not for the producers who remix them, they wouldn't be where they are
      so try to give a little respect to the people who make these songs better and bring them to where they are cause without us, there wouldn't be a Soundcloud or a music cite. You'd still have your cookie cutter over played terrible remixes by overrated ass producers like Tiesto and David Guetta who, by the way, use us ghost producers to make music for them (can't stand that term btw)

  56. how much it will cost to remove all the remixes/sets etc ??
    Some time ago some said that they will fight with piracy.. As far as I can see this battle is already lost ... Now someone came up with this idea ... Well good luck :)

  57. I got a mix temporarily shut down for containing a track that wasn't even in it. A track that wasn't even close to the same genre as the mix itself (minimal techno vs indiepop o_O). It took me one week and 12 e-mails back & forth between me an SC just to get them to actually listen to the mix to see that a mistake had been made.

  58. Der Daene Solo says:


  59. dergude says:

    soundcloud destroys itself...i think there are maybe 5% of fully own created music.
    they grab the ground of their massive membership..dont know how to save the idea of soundcloud and at the same time of copyright law??

  60. Somewhere between 10 to 20% of my mixes got removed from SoundCloud so far.

  61. i can't even upload my own material to soundcloud without it getting taken down straight away...

  62. Fuck SoundCloud. They banned us with more than 50.000 Plays, 33 MixTapes uploaded.... We ussualy used no more than 2 or 3 minutes of every song and always mixed into a continued mixtape.... we can't understand why they delete our account and not other that infringe more copyright than us... they are hipocrytes ...

  63. What a bummer... I've been using Soundcloud much longer that MixCloud has been available, therefore, I still use it to post my mixes for those that follow.

    And I just checked... of the first 14 "tracks" in my feed, 5 of them were mixes including big names like Reid Speed, Proper Villians and Revolver.

    It's obviously being used as a means of distributing mixes from both big and local DJs.

    Sad day.

  64. I totally disagree with the whole "stay away from SoundCloud' message. Yes, I've had quite a lot of my mixes and mash-ups removed due to apparent copyright infringement but still, having and using a SoundCloud account when you can is imperative.

    Mixcloud is horrible, the player sucks and there's very little exposure on there.

    Two tips: Avoid using tracks from certain labels (i.e. Armada) as the FIRST track in a mix. Also, adding 8 or so seconds of silence or white noise to the beginning of your mix allows you to upload those mixes that they previously removed/blocked.

    I still maintain that SoundCloud is far superior to anything else.

  65. What I don't like about Mixcloud is the fact that your followers cannot download your mixes. If I find a good mix on SC, I like to D/L it to listen to in the car. Does anyone know of a service like Mixcloud that allows downloading other than Soundcloud?

  66. Mixcloud 10/10 if it would support Timed Comments

  67. i use soundcloud, House-mixes and mixcrate the latter two are great for exposure, found mixcloud hard to get the exposure, avoid the big 3 labels and stick to the EDM labels and should be fine.

    Anybody had success/lots of followers/listens with mixcloud?

    • yes it can be difficult on mixcloud, but it have been slowly build on there myself. Just have to keep pushing. The thing with the internet is there is so much on the internet. Mix after mix after podcast / radio show. So just have to cut through the noise.

  68. I've actually had more remixes/mashups removed from Soundcloud than Dj Mixes. I only post dance music mixes with mostly underground producers featured on them. It's strange how and when soundcloud chooses to remove content.

  69. says:

    You really can't go past (I'm not sure why you never suggest this as an alternative), considering
    a) I've never had a mix pulled from there (and I've had 100s of mix uploads)
    b) Your mixes are downloadable
    c) Your mixes are also made available in iTunes and can be downloaded automatically to your followers that use that service

    Sure it's expensive - but it has a huge audience reach (far bigger than what I have on Soundcloud)

    • oh yeah mixcloud is s0 super c00l

      also tracklist disappears due to licensing issues too. lol @ suggesting mixcloud

      • I think you're missing the point. Mixcloud is batting for you! Of course there are licensing issues, playback issues, tracklist issues - and they are working to ensure mixes uploaded to their site are as available as possible within the archaic existing laws. SoundCloud just takes your mixes down. Which would you prefer?

  70. I guess the big problem for SC is audience, DJs share and circulate the music on their blogs and social media, if they start using other sites then SC will lose some of it's informed users resulting in some of the good music not getting the publicity. Copyright in the DJ world is impractical, it is always good to hear other mixes generated using the music on the club and dance scene. SC are forgetting who helped make them successful, the DJs and the events where music is played.

  71. I use Mixcloud. However, nothing lasts forever so whatever you use, I advise it to use and enjoy it while you can before "the man" gets rid of it.

  72. I like PodoMatic WAY BETTER.

  73. Alternative to soundcloud, this is a new music platform that is just being launched. So for all you artists looking for a new place to upload your mixes, originals, remixes, bootlegs, etc. check out Vidiam at No bullshit! All about the artist!Right now there is a contest going on till July 15th, so go sign up now.

  74. And the news gets worse for Soundcloud. They are signing up the remaining majors to make it totally a no go zone for DJ's.

  75. To all those who have had their mixes removed from SoundCloud, have you enabled "downloadable" in your settings? I'm new to soundcloud, but have uploaded 5 or 6 sets and so far haven't had any removals, but my sets are not downloadable...just curious if it's the download option that is the problem?

  76. I just had this notice for a song i created. The song they believed i infringed on was not even close to my song. I disputed their claims and I'm planning on leaving sound cloud. I have released all my music for free and loved having a platform to share. Soundcloud is losing its soul for cash. It'll be interesting when universal owns them. Thanks for the heads up on the other sites. Gonna check out mix cloud.

  77. BOOM!!!!!!!!!

    Our automatic content protection system has detected that your sound "Deepish 08-08-2013" may contain the following copyright content: "Got a Feeling" by Josh Butler, owned by Sony Music Special Projects. As a result, its publication on your profile has been blocked.

    If you are the copyright owner of this content, please notify us of this by submitting a dispute, and we’ll be able to help out quickly. You can file your dispute at the following link:

    If you are not the rights holder, but you have gotten permission to share this material on SoundCloud from the copyright owner, please send us proof of this permission in a dispute for review:

    To learn more about what kinds of content you are allowed to upload to SoundCloud in order to comply with copyright law, please visit our copyright information page.


    The SoundCloud Copyright Team

  78. walking rhythms says:

    Timely! I just had a couple of tracks taken down today after a complaint & advised I now have two strikes against me. If I have one further strike my account will be terminated. to be fair I did allow downloads which I did know to be wrong, but let's face it, people will be interested in you if you offer free stuff. That's the way of the web, simple as. My challenge is I mainly use it for single tracks rather than mixes (I have only a couple on there). If there was a legal (or as near as legal) alternative for this I would use it like a shot (for example, it's why I use Legitmix for people to download my mixes/edits, though I have issues with them) Like You Tube who get round the issue by allowing adverts on your remixed or re-edited tracks (interesting that like this it's more about loss of money than artistic integrity of the artists and copyright holders...!). so for now, I have disabled all downloads while I check out the other options.

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