Your Questions: "Help! I Can't Cope With Maintaining My Social Media..."

Digital DJ Tips reader Axel writes: "I deleted my social media accounts because I had too much to manage. However, now I feel I'm missing out on something. Could you give some tips on using social media and managing my presence on other platforms without going in over my head?"

Your Questions: Why Is Sync A Dirty Word?

This weekend’s big question comes from member Tim Leavitt. He says: “I understand that getting two tracks totally locked in by ear is something that takes years of practice. And yet I can’t help but think that this problem is almost completely, automatically solved by the Sync button."

A Eulogy For Frankie Knuckles

Last night, the word went around the Internet that house music legend Frankie Knuckles died at the age of 59 due complications related to diabetes. While at first many were skeptical, believing this to be an April Fool's prank, sources close to Knuckles confirmed that it was not. I'll be honest, it feels like a [...]

Creating Killer DJ Promotional Materials, Part 6: Videos

We’ve all seen plenty of promotional videos for DJs out on the internet for years, and in my book a lot of them are just terrible. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Creating Killer DJ Promotional Materials, Part 5: Your Email List

Email marketing is still a strong resource for music and event promotion, thus it’s a medium that should not be overlooked in your promotion campaigns. This week, we show you how to sue it to promote yourself, your night or your music.

Creating Killer DJ Promotional Materials, Part 3: Your Press Photo

Today in the latest episode of our Creating Killer DJ Promotional Materials series, we’ll have a little fun and hopefully nudge a generation of DJs to take better photos of themselves.

Creating Killer DJ Promotional Materials, Part 2: Your Logo

Do you need a DJ logo? While it’s not a necessity to being a DJ or artist, more and more we see how much marketing is a deep part of this industry, and having a set brand can do much more for you than just having your name floating around with nothing attached to it.