DJ Scholarship Prize Draw Winners Announced

We ran our first ever online DJ training scholarship prize draw last month. From the thousands of entries that we received, we have picked one lucky grand prize winner and four runners-up. Thanks to all who joined, and watch out for the Digital DJ Masterclass Free Training Event coming next week.

Friday Roundup: 2017's Dance Music Power Players Revealed

We lead with a list of electronic dance music's movers and shakers according to Billboard. We've also got a look at what it's like to DJ at the biggest festival for the creative industry, along with a story on gear that had an accidental impact on electronic music. These and more in our weekly roundup of DJ news.

Roundup: 5 Best Starter DJ Controllers

In this article, we look at five of the best starter DJ controllers for casual / leisure use - anywhere from a dorm room or house party, to Sunday barbecues and DJing on-the-go. These fun controllers all fall under US$300, so they also make decent controllers for beginners or those wanting to see if digital DJing is for them.

Review & Video: Pioneer DJ Toraiz AS-1 Synthesiser

Pioneer DJ has put out the AS-1, a standalone analogue synthesiser. It's obviously aimed at producers, but would DJs find use for it at a gig? Is it possible to perform with the AS-1 while spinning tunes? If so, why would you even want to do that? We explore the AS-1 from a DJ's perspective in this review...

Over To You: How Do You Back Up Your Music?

Nothing's unsexier than the words "hard drive back-up". Unfortunately as more of our music crosses onto the digital domain (I don't even have CDs anymore), it becomes crucial to have a back-up routine in place. In today's question, we'd like to know: what's your system for backing up your music library, and what storage do you use?

Friday Roundup: Hardwell's 17 Success Secrets Revealed

In this week's Friday Roundup, we're leading with a video of former DJ Mag Top 100 winner Hardwell as he runs down his top 17 tips for achieving success in today's hyperconnected, social media-savvy DJ industry. This and more in our weekly roundup of DJ news from around the web.

Review & Video: Pioneer XDJ-700 Multi Player

In this review, we take a look at Pioneer DJ's XDJ-700 multi player, a compact device that works with both USB sticks filled with music prepared via Rekordbox, and Rekordbox DJ running on a laptop. It was released shortly after the XDJ-1000 multi player, so in this article we find out who the XDJ-700 is for.