Friday Roundup: Revealed: How Much DJs Really Make

In this week's Friday Roundup, we've got a piece showing how much DJs can expect to earn at different steps along the career ladder. We've also got articles on how electronic music could change the way music is taught in schools. These and so much more in our weekly roundup of DJ news from around the web...

7 Hacks To Improve Your DJing This Holiday Weekend

A welcome long holiday weekend is on us, and for DJs that means gigs (and hopefully a bit of extra cash too). However, whether you're DJing or not this weekend, why not spend some of the extra time a long weekend gives you to improve your skills? Our seven hacks are a good starting place.

7 Big DJ/Producer Myths Busted

Fear is one of the biggest hurdles to making music, like "what if I produce something and it doesn't sound good?", or "what if no one likes it?". So in the spirit of helping you get past the fear and started in music production, let's debunks some of the biggest myths right now...

The Two Dirty Secrets Music Producers Don't Want You To Know

Ever wondered how the big names in dance music manage to make so many tracks, seemingly effortlessly, when amateur producers often struggle to finish anything at all? Or how the top producers always seem to make tracks that sound instantly familiar, yet different enough to guarantee their success?

5 Reasons All DJs Should Learn To Produce Music

Back in 2011, we published an article about how music production was becoming less an option, more a necessity for the modern DJ. In the time since, that has only become more true. Certainly if you want to have a jet-setting DJ career it's taken as read nowadays that you produce, but even for mobile DJs and hobbyists, production is more and more becoming just part of what us DJs do. Here's why...

Serato DJ 1.9.6 Brings Raft Of Improvements For Turntablists

Turntable users rejoice: Serato just released Serato DJ 1.9.6, an update that includes DVS-specific tweaks like Smart Sync, improved Sticker Lock, and the new Anti-Drift feature. The latter calculates a track's overall average tempo and displays it, so instead of the usual jittery BPM (DVS users will know what I'm talking about), what you get is a stable tempo display that's perfect for beatmatching and executing longer mixes.

Review & Video: Pioneer DJ WeDJ For iOS

Pioneer DJ is no stranger to digital DJ software - its Rekordbox music management app has matured into a full-on laptop DJing platform. Now, Pioneer DJ has come out with an iOS app meant for simple mixing on the go. Is it a good DJ app to cut your teeth on, or is it a “toy” app better left to weekend warriors and dabblers? We find out…