Reloop RHP-15 DJ Headphones Announced

Reloop's RHP-15 headphones are the new entry-level model in the RHP range.

Reloop has announced the RHP-15 DJ Headphones, a new model tucking in beneath the RHP-20 and RHP-30 in Reloop’s range, with closed earcups, 50mm drivers, a removable one-sided audio cable, and as folding design for ease of transportation.

Review & Video: KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones


A few years back, KRK introduced the KNS line of monitoring headphones for recording and mixing. With more music being made in bedrooms on computers, a cost-effective monitoring solution that offers a more “neutral” sound for DJ/producers compared to standard DJ cans is a must. We review the KNS8400 in this article.

Review & Video: UDG Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag

UDG Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag

The Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag is UDG’s all-in-one solution that can carry most of what today’s digital DJ needs, especially for club DJs that spin their sets using media players like CDJs. Will this be the only thing you’ll need to carry to your next show? We take a look in this review.

Review & Video: Numark HF350 Headphones

Numark HF350

While more popularly known for its controllers like the Mixtrack Pro and media players, Numark is also a company that produces DJ headphones. What we’re looking at today is the Numark HF350, which is an around-the-ear pair of headphones meant for DJ monitoring. Are they any good? We find out…

Kickstarter: Magzet Lets You Plug In Your Headphones In A Snap!


This curious Kickstarter, called Magzet, adds a magnetic connection between your headphone jack and audio device aiming for hot-swap convenience, gear use safety, and longer plug life. The Magzet consists of two parts; the MagKap, which is what you connect to the end of your plug, and the MagJack, which is what you connect to your DJ mixer’s headphone outputs.

Review & Video: Pioneer HDJ-C70 On-Ear DJ Headphones

Pioneer HDJ-C70

Pioneer DJ’s latest pair of cans, the HDJ-C70, sport a lightweight, on-ear design that veers away from the company’s traditional large cup / over the ear design. Are they just as good as Pioneer’s existing line of cans while being comfortable and contemporary in the looks department? We find out…

[NAMM 2015] The Best Of The Rest


We¬†braved the massive crowds from Hall A all the way to the depths of Hall E to bring you NAMM 2015’s Best Of The Rest for DJ’s and producers alike. Four days simply aren’t enough to cover all the excellent gear and technology on display at this year’s show, but we did out best to search high and low for interesting bits to include in this roundup.