5 Things To Look For In DJ Headphones

Picking a set of DJ headphones that will last can be a daunting task. First off, the market is saturated with poorly made headphones. Then, there are also well-made headphones that are suited for casual listening, but not for DJing with. In this article, we aim to detail what you should be looking for in an "ideal" set of DJ headphones.

AIAIAI Releases New TMA-2 Ed Banger Headphones

AIAIAI has released the limited edition Ed Banger TMA-2 modular DJ headphones. They’re a collaboration with French house label Ed Banger Records, and come in a limited run of 300 pairs. They are recommended for: "bass lovers and those who like their music loud [who doesn't?]."

Aumeo Lets You Hear What You've Been Missing

Want to get the most out of your headphones? Aumeo aims to optimise your cans by modifying how they sound according to how good (or bad, as is the case with most of us DJs) your hearing is. It's like the EQ on a mixer, except that Aumeo is calibrating the sound of your headphones specifically for your ears.

Review & Video: Pioneer HRM-7 Studio Headphones

In this review we take a look at Pioneer's HRM-7 headphones, a pair of cans with big cups that cover your ears to provide comfort and isolation, with the aim of providing you detailed sound for music production purposes. Should they be on your list if you're a producer? We'll find out...

Latest DJ Headphones: 5 Of The Best

DJs need two things: tunes and a pair of headphones. Show up at a gig without one or the other, and you're screwed. There's a reason why, despite all the changes in DJ technology, headphones have remained a staple in every DJ's bag. We round up the five best headphones from the past year...

Over To You: What Headphones Do You DJ With?

Ah, DJ headphones: with so many to choose from, and with everyone with their own preferences for style, fit, and sound, is there really such a thing as the "perfect" DJ phones? Probably not, but it's fun to toss this question to our dear readers to see what everyone's got strapped on their heads.

Review & Video: RCF Iconica By Benny Benassi Headphones

We're taking a look at the RCF Iconica By Benny Benassi headphones, a pair designed by respected loudspeaker manufacturer RCF in partnership with electro / pre-EDM superstar Benny Benassi. Are the headphones any good? We find out...