Reloop Goes Back To The Future With RHP-10 Mono

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Reloop has released the RHP-10 Mono, a single cup headphone akin to the classic lollipop-shaped headphones of the disco era. The RHP-10 Mono has a water-resistant leatherette ear pad, a swivel-mounted cup design and, an ergonomic stick handle.

Gig Fix: Turn Your Headphones Into A Mic

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If you’ve forgotten your microphone, your headphones can make for an impromptu substitute at the last minute. We also show you how you can turn your iPhone earbuds into a microphone that can be connected to any standard 1/8″ mic input such as those found on PCs.

Hi-Tech Headphone Case Touted On Kickstarter By DJ Bag Company

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Orbit Concepts has announced its Kickstarter campaign for their DELOOP premium headphone bag.

Armin Van Buuren & Philips Announce A5 Pro Headphones


Philips has announced the A5 Pro headphones, designed in conjunction with Armin Van Buuren. Meant for professional DJs, the A5 Pro headphones are aluminium closed-back phones, “for noisy club environments”.

Nocs NS900 Live High End DJ Headphones Launched


Swedish company Nocs has launched the NS900, a top of the line pair of headphones built for discerning DJs. They’re built with custom titanium drivers and come with replaceable ear cushions and three different kinds of cables.

Review & Video: Numark Electrowave Headphones


Headphone opinions tend to be subjective, don’t they? And the Numark Electrowave headphones will certainly divide opinion on looks alone. In white and grey with flashes of blue, they have a kind of trance-meets-retro look, and they’re also really very big and bulky.

Vestax HMX-05 DJ Headphones Review & Video


Looking for some Vestax headphones to match your Vestax DJ gear? The new Vestax HMX-05s are a smart, durable design with streetwise looks – and some decent DJ credentials tucked up their sleeve too.