Review & Video: Pioneer DJ Toraiz AS-1 Synthesiser

Pioneer DJ has put out the AS-1, a standalone analogue synthesiser. It's obviously aimed at producers, but would DJs find use for it at a gig? Is it possible to perform with the AS-1 while spinning tunes? If so, why would you even want to do that? We explore the AS-1 from a DJ's perspective in this review...

7 Big DJ/Producer Myths Busted

Fear is one of the biggest hurdles to making music, like "what if I produce something and it doesn't sound good?", or "what if no one likes it?". So in the spirit of helping you get past the fear and started in music production, let's debunks some of the biggest myths right now...

5 Reasons All DJs Should Learn To Produce Music

Back in 2011, we published an article about how music production was becoming less an option, more a necessity for the modern DJ. In the time since, that has only become more true. Certainly if you want to have a jet-setting DJ career it's taken as read nowadays that you produce, but even for mobile DJs and hobbyists, production is more and more becoming just part of what us DJs do. Here's why...

Get 20% Off Ableton Live 9 & Push 2

Ableton just announced a discount over at its online store. From now until 11 January 2017, get a 20% reduction on Ableton Live 9 software, the Push 2 grid controller, as well as all add-on packs for Live 9. If you've wanted to get started producing music with Ableton Live or are looking to upgrade, now's a good time to do so.

Kickstarter: Waves Nx Turns Your Headphones Into A Mixing Studio

Waves just released Nx - it's a plugin that simulates listening to your mix inside a recording studio control room. It does this by using your laptop's camera to track your head movements, and it emulates the acoustics and what it's like to be sat in front of a pair of studio monitors.

How Anyone Can Finish A Tune In A Day, Part 3: Yeah, But Is This Really Producing?

In this third and final instalment, we'll go through some common questions about using our method for producing a tune quickly. It's not one of the the "traditional" ways of music producing, but there are hundreds of ways to go about producing a song, and that's what's great about making music.

How Anyone Can Finish A Tune In A Day, Part 2: The 6 Steps

I've managed to streamline my production process by following a few simple rules that I live and swear by, and I'm going to share them with you. Here are six secrets to making a track in the style and genre that you want in 24 hours or less.