Mixed In Key’s Pilot Plugins Lets You Harness AI For Music Creation

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 22 November, 2022


Always fancied writing your own tracks, but scared of the “blank page”? Mixed In Key has just released Pilot Plugins, an AI-driven tool designed to help you come up with melodies, basslines and arpeggios for your own music.

Pilot Plugins offers a “back and forth” experience for music producers with the AI, helping you to create audio or Midi files that you can drop into your DAW, and is designed to help speed up your music making process, taking care of little decisions as you guide the big ones.

The software takes a pictorial approach throughout, to make its options easier to use and remember.

Style packs for different genres

On launch, Pilot Plugins comes with a “pack” of musical styles called “Futurism Vol. 1”, aimed towards melodic techno, progressive house and similar styles, but the makers have promised pop, R&B, hip hop and trap packs soon, too.

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The app take a visual approach to making music, and as you play with the knobs that control the AI, you can see the effect your tweaking has on the piano roll of Midi notes.

Integration with other tools

Mixed In Key says that Pilot Plugins works alongside its Captain Chords plugin if the user wishes, so you can use Captain Chords to fix a chord progression, and have Pilot Plugins help with melody, bass and arpeggio.

A “regenerate” button creates a new musical idea instantly based around your parameters, so you can keep clicking it until something is generated that you like.

The tie-in with Phase Plant gives you access to lots of synth sounds, old and new.

The sound engine is powered by Phase Plant, an award-winning synthesiser made by Kilohearts, and Pilot Plugins comes with a library of both classic and modern synth sounds.

Available now for Windows and Mac, Pilot Plugins currently works with Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio and Studio One. It’s priced at $49 at Launch during its Black Friday special, $99 after.

More info: Pilot Plugins website

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