The 5 Best iOS DJ Apps For 2015

While you won't be seeing an iPad as the digital system du jour just yet, you can expect more folk to consider the platform as an option for mixing while on holiday or in transit thanks to its growing sophistication.

Traktor DJ 1.6 Is Here: Plays Nicely With Other Apps

The latest version of Traktor DJ brings Audiobus integration, letting you chain it with other iOS apps so you can add effects and process or record your output in a DAW.

Traktor DJ 1.5 Arrives With New SuperSlicer As An In-App Purchase

Traktor DJ for iOS has its first in-app purchase: SuperSlicer. Think of it as the existing Slicer function on steroids. With the new SuperSlicer, you can "slice up your tracks and rearrange your loops using Scratch, Break, Reverse, Slice or even Pitch-shift effects".

Your Questions: Are iPads Finally Gaining Acceptance For DJ Use?

Digital DJ Tips reader Shaun writes: “Are iPads slowly starting to become more acceptable pieces of equipment for DJs to use? And, would you expect to find them in DJ booths up and down the country in the near future?"

Traktor DJ 1.3 Brings Huge Leaps, But...

Traktor DJ has been updated, with “Flux” (slip) mode, enhanced looping, new tutorials, and compatibility with the imminent Traktor Kontrol S2 and Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk II hardware.

BPM 2013: Traktor Kontrol S2/S4 Mk 2 & Traktor DJ First Look Video

A "hands on" first impression of the brand new Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 with Traktor DJ, and the Traktor Kontrol S4. Are they really much of an improvement on their predecessors?

Traktor DJ Cable Launched

Native Instruments has ticked a box in its product range by launching a "DJ cable", otherwise known as a mono splitter cable, which should appeal particularly to users of the company's Traktor DJ software.