How I DJ With Stems Part 4: Prepping Your Stem Loop For DJing

In part four, the final instalment in this series, we'll prep your Stem Loop production in Traktor Pro 2 to get it ready for you to drop. We'll be placing Loop points throughout chunks of the Stem Loop: Loop points are like cue points in Traktor, but this time whenever you press the hot cue button, it automatically engages a loop as well.

How I DJ With Stems Part 1: Introduction To Stem Loops

In part one of this four-part video series, I'm going to introduce you to my concept of the Stem Loop and how I DJ with it. Stem Loops are quick to assemble in a digital audio workstation like Ableton Live using sample packs, and you perform them while you DJ using hot cues and loop cues in Traktor Pro 2.

Get Song Recommendations On Traktor With Smoothie

Smoothie, a song recommendation app, has just been released. It works in the background while you DJ with Traktor Pro 2, and gives a list of song recommendations from your library based on tempo and musical key, and gives you a percentage of how well these songs match what you're currently playing.

Getting Started With Stems & Traktor Part 4: Using With The Kontrol S4

This is rather a special instalment of our series on using the bright new Stems file format from Native Instruments in your DJing, because it concerns a feature that has only just been launched, at the time of writing, at least (February 2016): Onscreen stem waveform display in Traktor.

Stems Arrive For All Traktor Users

Native Instruments just released an update of Traktor Pro 2 that finally brings Stems to all Traktor users. For the first time, Stem files will now be displayed as four individual stem tracks in Traktor Pro 2 software through Stem View, letting any Traktor user see and mix with Stems, even though they're using a third-party controller.

Beyond Genre: 5 Tagging Tricks For Better DJ Sets

The DJ is making music changes seemingly effortlessly, the crowd is loving it as the set switches from genre to genre yet still stays tight and smooth - and there's you, shaking your head in the corner, wondering how the hell he's pulling that stuff of. Here's the secret: It's all about thinking beyond genre, and being organised...

Tiny Faderfox DJ4 Traktor Controller Launched

German boutique gear company Faderfox just released the Micromodul DJ4. Perhaps the smallest Traktor Pro 2 controller in the market today, it packs a ton of controls including a crossfader, two volume faders, EQ and filter knobs with kill switches, switchable four-deck control, and even monitoring / library browsing knobs.