Get Traktor Pro 2 At 50% Off

Native Instruments has announced a half-price sale on its Traktor Pro 2 software at its online store. The promo runs until 16 July 2017 only. This is a sweet deal for anyone looking to get into digital DJing, or for those coming from other DJ software who want to try mixing with Traktor's Stems and Remix Decks.

Traktor DJ Is Not Dead! It's Back, & With Cloud Sync...

Native Instruments just released an update to its Traktor DJ app for the iPad. Now at 1.6.8, the newest version marks the return of cloud syncing for beatgrid, hot cue, BPM, and musical key data via Apple's iCloud service. This lets you back up to the cloud for safekeeping, and for syncing to other iPads.

The Robots Are Coming: 5 Ways To Future-Proof Your DJing

Will increasingly intelligent and powerful DJ software replace human DJs? As apps can do more and more of what DJs do, will we find our skills becoming inevitably more and more redundant? Or is this going to actually be good for DJing? Our five tips will help you make sure you take advantage of, rather than get replaced by, AI...

Get Traktor Pro 2 Free When You Buy A Kontrol X1 Or Z1

Native Instruments recently announced that it's giving away Traktor Pro 2 software to folk who buy either the Traktor Kontrol X1 or the Traktor Kontrol Z1 before 30 June 2017. This is a sweet deal for anyone looking to upgrade their gear or add to their existing DJ controller arsenal.

Traktor & Pioneer DJ Cosy Up Further As Hawtin's RADR Joins The Party

Today it's been announced that Pioneer's KUVO music tagging system plays nicely with Richie Hawtin's RADR app, following on from last week's announcement that the flagship Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 multi players and DJM-900NXS2 mixer finally play nicely with Traktor Pro 2.

New Traktor Update Solves Crashing Issues

Native Instruments just announced an update to Traktor Pro 2. Now at 2.10.3, the new version addresses and fixes nearly all known crash issues in both Windows and Mac computers, something that's been talked about a lot by our Traktor-using readers for quite a while now.

How I DJ With Stems Part 4: Prepping Your Stem Loop For DJing

In part four, the final instalment in this series, we'll prep your Stem Loop production in Traktor Pro 2 to get it ready for you to drop. We'll be placing Loop points throughout chunks of the Stem Loop: Loop points are like cue points in Traktor, but this time whenever you press the hot cue button, it automatically engages a loop as well.