[NAMM 2015] Video: Korg Kaoss DJ Talkthrough

Surprise hit at the NAMM Show has been this tiny, cheerful little controller from Korg, the Kaoss DJ. Coming with Serato DJ Intro in the box, it offers not only a Serato control surface but also a standalone mixer and built-in hardware Korg FX with trademark touchpad control... all for US$299.

First Look & Video: New DJ Software From Mixed In Key

Announced last week and now in private beta, Mixed In Key's new DJ software promises to bring some of Mixed In Key's existing technologies, plus a healthy dose of new thinking, to the DJ software arena. We've spent a weekend playing with it, and today can give you some first thoughts.

Musikmesse 2013: Reloop Jockey 3 Remix Talkthrough

I caught up with Christian from Reloop to find out about the thinking behind the new Reloop Jockey 3 Remix.

Preview & Video: Vestax PBS-4 Web Broadcast Mixer

In today’s online world, there are more ways than ever to showcase your DJing and VJing talents. Podcasts, videocasts and DJ performances can all be broadcast to the world from your bedroom, giving you a chance to build a following and develop your skills “in public” that didn’t exist a decade ago. The Vestax PBS-4 is a product designed to help you to do all of this.

Video & Interview: Moldover, Inventor Of Controllerism

In the last week Native Instruments debuted "Godfather of Controllerism" Moldover's performance video of its New Kontrol F1 hardware (see below watch it), and we managed to catch up with the man himself for this exclusive interview.

Watch Out, Traktor: ITCH Adds Video & Controller Sampling

Serato has quietly updated its flagship DJ controller software, Serato ITCH, to include hardware control of sample decks and full video support. Is it now seriously pitching for the high ground in DJ software?

Tïesto Video Streams DJ Set Live On Twitter

As I write this, Tïesto is finishing playing a gig at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas - which is being simultaneously broadcast live on Twitter. When you read this it'll have finished, but the 90-minute set will then be looped for 48 hours in the same place, so you can head over there and watch it at your leisure (link at end).