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    So, recently i have seen some distressing things in the DJ booth…

    One was a few weeks back i was playing, i was hired by a promoter to play peak time like 1-2, i got there early to chill out and network etc etc.

    So im in the booth and the DJ keeps putting his headphones down on the platter (which of course stops the music). So i say to him after the 3rd time of him doing it “WHY DONT U JUST PUT THEM ON YOUR HEAD BRO!”

    To which he replies soooooo cockily… “no, i don’t need need to, i know every song”

    I actually melted inside a little bit.

    Another one is where i was also chilling in the Booth and the DJ kept spinning the tune back WHILE IT WAS PLAYING !! To make matters worse he would look me in the eyes and grin at me as he did it in the club… I kind of said to him “i wouldnt really do that all the time”, to try and deter him, ill always try help up and coming people, but i also thought who am i to tell him, im no Roger Sanchez… furthermore nobody ever told me what and what not to do in a club i just learnt, is this wrong ?

    What kind of new level ignorance is this.

    When i was learning as a DJ, i would see people better then me, and yes it would knock me a little but also give me the boost to get better. Now i feel i am catching up with the better ones, it is knocking me seeing people abuse the craft and get regular giggs… ahhhh

    Please someone reassure me this isn’t the way the art is going.
    I think the main thing here is the Promoters might of been paying very little, or not even paying at all for the warm up kids…

    Basically i havn’t vented no anger lately and thought what better place to write an essay than DDJT 😉


    Li WingYu

    That kind of ignorance is going to be their downfall anyway. You could “know every song” but you still need to hear how two of those tunes are going to mix, at the very least you have to beat match them (unless they use the sync button). Without those essential skills, they’re only going to spectacularly fall flat on their faces with their mismatched phrases and off-beats

    I’m still a bedroom DJ but I always make it a habit to scroll through a track and hear how it’ll match harmonically with the current song before fading it in; so there are those out there that still take the craft seriously its just the shortcuts in digital DJing are making success too easy with minimal work. Once the work and pressure that they’re not prepared for sets in, they’ll crack under it.



    Those are usually DJs at the low end of the scale that only get spots because they play free or are friends with someone… this is not where it is going. In fact the ways to express yourself creatively have increased hundred fold when controllers came along compared to old CDJ stuff. It takes some time for those things to catch on, but the DJ booth will be very different in 10 years (except for backwater clubs…). Look at the new Denon pro gear, it is basically a modular controller with build in mini-laptops.

    However I have to say one thing: There are some songs (after 20 years) that are my top favorites of all time, that I also do not need headphones on, but you would recognize that transitions would be flawless nonetheless hehe


    Tucker Pentz

    You mean like this?

    …and this?

    That is some of the most sh$% djing I’ve ever witnessed and they totally got the gigs because of their celebrity. Snoop Dogg, God bless him, trainwrecks every mix and doesn’t use headphones either. I hate it when people don’t use headphones and don’t even try to mix. I trainwreck a lot but at least I try. You gotta try. I’m glad you got paid. I see one possible avenue for the future of djing as promoters and club managers putting on wack freejs because they figure nobody cares anyway and the kids who go just want to get faded before getting laid or fighting in the parking lot.



    Hahaha I loled watching that …

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