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    Hi all, I’m a new subscriber to this site and loving it!

    I recently purchased a Mixtrack Pro and upgraded from Traktor LE to Traktor Pro 2. Everything was going fine, then out of nowhere last night I began to encounter a problem with the ‘cue mix’ level.

    Before, I could set my ‘cue mix’ level to the middle and have an equal split between the master output and the cue track. Now however, the cue track is so overpoweringly loud in my headphones that I can’t hear the other track at all unless the ‘cue mix’ knob is set to about 15% cue and 85% program. In addition to this, the other track is a lot quieter than usual, even when the ‘cue mix’ knob is set to 100% program.

    Any idea on what could be causing this issue?

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