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    What up! Hope everyone is living the dream and playing out.

    I have a question about midi controllers for production. I recently looked at the M Audion M25 and the M49. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with either of these controllers, good or bad? I am not presently a producer but am taking he course on DDJT for music production. Just looking for some insight!

    As always, your advise will be greatly appreciated.

    Karlton Bethea
    aka “Antique”

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    -Billy Shakespeare


    M-Audio has pretty decent controllers, but in that size/price range there is quite a bit of choice. I am no producer either, but my son is a musician so have looked into them before.

    Most serious brands have similar controllers at the lower price range as they all want you to buy their cheap version to start with so you will then get their pro range gear when you are ready to upgrade.


    Rob S

    Not familiar with those two models, but I guess it depends what features you want.

    On my desk I have a Samson Graphite 25 (I think) which isn’t hammer action but has full size keys, transport controls and a few pads and rotaries. I find it a bit too much hard work to set up properly with Ableton though. It’s good enough for just coming up with ideas on though. I also have a Keystation 88 which is absolutely marvellous, built like a tank and full, hammer actions keys and loads and loads of rotaries. I obviously much prefer playing on that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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