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    I’m never happy with my mixes. Is this normal? Would love some feed-back and will gladly give some to you, too…
    https://www.mixcloud.com/paul-vickery2/electro-disco-3/ with #hifisean #goldfrapp #deadmau5 #vitalic #hotchip #yazoo


    Craig Kilburn

    I like the track selection, but a couple of things I would recommend:
    1) When mixing tracks, turn down the bass on the track you’re going into. When you transition between tracks, bring the bass up on the new track at the same time as you turn down the bass on the track you’re exiting. At the moment the basslines are bumping up against each other making it not as smooth as it could be.
    2) Slower transitions. Each mix sounds a bit rushed, sounds like you’re a bit quick on the crossfader.

    One way to help with both of these issues (if you’re using a controller) is to disable the crossfader and use the line faders only to transition between tracks.

    It is pretty normal to not be satisfied with your mixes, as long as it’s not making you think about quitting, disatisfaction is what drives you to be better!

    Keep at it!



    Thanks for this, Yournez. Yeah I tend to not completely turn down the bass, because the track starts to sound tinny in my ear… So will defo do what you say… What do you mean by “line fader”?



    line faders are the up faders per channel a.k.a. channel faders or just faders 🙂



    Er… don’t think I’ve got those. Will just use the big volume knobs or get better using the eq. Thanks though…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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