Over To You: How Do I Write A Club Night Proposal?

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Last updated 26 March, 2018


Nightclub business proposal
When it comes to club night business proposals, keep it short, talk numbers, and – of course – try and be confident that you can deliver.

Reader Jay Allan writes: “I am in the process of setting up a club night in my home town and have been asked to write a club proposal by the venue. I am wondering what essential info I should include and how to package it well. Any info/help is much appreciated. ”

We’ve offered Jay a few pointers below, but would appreciate the input of our readers if you’ve ever presented a written club proposal – what you did right, what you did wrong, what worked and what didn’t.

Digital DJ Tips says:

The venue owner just wants a summary in writing. He’s busy and he expects you are too, so save him wading through reams of stuff that is irrelevant to him and give him a printed, spellchecked, edited (less is definitely more) summary over two pages maximum that states:

  • Your business contact details (name, address, phone numbers, email etc)
  • Proposed name of club and a summary of what the night is including music policy (do it in one or two sentences. Getting this right will also ensure your club night has been properly thought through. If your two sentences sound rubbish, maybe your club night idea isn’t as strong as you think. Best to work this out now!)
  • Proposed dates and times of events
  • Proposed business deal (cut of door, cut of bar, etc.)
  • Expected attendance
  • Brief details of your previous promoted events, focusing on profit made and numbers through the door
  • Clearly outline who will be responsible for/paying for security, DJ bookings, decor, promotion (including flyers/posters), sound and lights, DJ equipment etc.

If you have any testimonials in writing from club owners or managers you’ve worked with previously, attach one or two of them too.

Talk business, not music
He’s not interested in your DJ mixes, or where you buy your music from, or the DJs you know (unless they’re household names) – his bottom line is money in his till, and an easy life (so what are you going to do to make everything run smoothly?). He’s also interested in you as a person – specifically, how reliable, communicative and business-minded you are. His club is a business, and you should approach your promotion in a business-like manner too.

This document is for discussion, not cast in stone, so talk and listen and feel free to go away and redraft when you’ve come to agreement. Then both sign the agreed final pages – it’s not for legal reasons, more so you can refer back to it weeks or hopefully months (even years!) down the line.

Over to you: If you’d like to advise Jay on the best way to present a proposal for a club night and what should be included, please add your thoughts in the comments below.

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