Digital DJ Tips team
The Digital DJ Tips Team. From left to right, Joey (production course tutor), Ben (production assistant), Juanmi (finance & admin), Phil (founder), Steve (senior manager), Scott (community & customer support), Lauren (social media manager).

About Digital DJ Tips

Digital DJ Tips is the biggest online DJ school in the world, with over 30,000 students in 163 countries across its DJ training courses. Digital DJ Tips training is suitable for anyone from casual, beginner DJs to those wanting to start full-time DJ businesses or become career DJ/producers.

Digital DJ Tips started off as a website documenting the emerging digital DJing scene back in 2010, quickly growing to become the world-leading website in DJ news, reviews, interviews. Via its 25 DJ training courses, it has since grown to be the biggest DJ school in the world.

Its two annual surveys – the Global DJ Census and the Mobile DJ Blueprint Survey – are by far the biggest of their type, and provide valued and up-to-date insights into the DJ world to both the DJ industry and consumers.

Digital DJ Tips is also behind The DJ Test, a unique online tool that helps DJs work out where they most need to improve, and offers them personalised free training based on their results.

With a following of over 850,000 on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, the Digital DJ Tips community is the biggest, friendliest and most vibrant group of like-minded DJs in the world.

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Much has changed since 2010 both in the company and the DJ scene, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the company’s mission statement: To help as many people as possible become great DJs and DJ/producers.


Meet The Team

Your tutors

Phil Morse

Phil started Digital DJ Tips in 2010, to combine his passions for DJing, teaching and writing. As a DJ, Phil has played clubs, festivals, radio and events, including in Ibiza at Privilege, the world’s largest club. Phil is a best-selling author, having written Rock The Dancefloor!, the leading book on DJing today. He lives in Gibraltar, where Digital DJ Tips is based.

Twitter: @philmorse | Instagram: @philmorse | Email: Phil Morse


Steve Canueto

Steve’s career has taken him from learning to scratch on junk-shop hifi gear to mixing million-selling compilation albums for Ministry of Sound. He has DJed extensively internationally, and worked as a consultant for leading London nightclubs. His senior role at Digital DJ Tips means he is involved in everything from course making to marketing, working out of sunny Spain.

Instagram: @stevecanueto | Email: Steve Canueto


Joey Santos

Our production guru, Joey has produced music for radio, TV commercials and feature films. Joey ran his own recording studio in Manila where he’s based, coaching hundreds of artists during that period. Joey is also an in-demand DJ, and still finds time to record with his own band. He is the man behind much of our free content, and our production courses, among others.

Twitter: @djjoeysantos | Instagram: @djjoeysantos Email: Joey Santos

The supporting crew

Faye Morse

Faye first met Phil when he was DJing at one of his club residencies, informing him that “your DJing is OK, but your website is rubbish!” – but helpfully adding, “I can help with that.” Over a decade later, she’s still doing that, responsible for making sure not only the Digital DJ Tips website but also its free guides, promotions, courses and other products are as good as they can be.


Juanmi Suarez

Like a superhero, Juanmi leads a dual life. In the daytime, he’s a shrewd and accurate finance guru and numbers man for Digital DJ Tips, making sure the bills get paid, the accounts get audited and the stats are up to date and ready where and when we need them. But by night, he’s an in-demand event DJ, playing gigs almost every weekend. He lives with his family in southern Spain.


Lauren Andio

Lauren’s varied experiences in the music industry includes sound engineering, recording, stage management, and working in record stores. Lauren’s role as social media manager at Digital DJ Tips ensures our great content is seen by the right people in all the right places. Lauren loves DJing, and is a particular fan of Halloween gigs and DJing at film showings.


Scott O’Toole

Scott is a keen musician, playing in several bands and known to follow his favourite bands across England. His love of electronic music led him to learning to DJ, which led him to us. Scott’s role as community & customer support manager means he is responsible for making sure our customers and community always get heard, however they choose to get in touch.


Ben Vincent

“Gentle” Ben Vincent hails from the UK, and when he’s not DJing (he holds down a long-time residency in his home town of Macclesfield, UK) he’s either fiddling with gear and making music in his shed/studio, or touring the country with his family in his beloved VW camper. His crucial role as production assistant involves making sure we always deliver what we promise.



Charities, Affiliations & Associations


Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 09.58.07Digital DJ Tips donates a percentage of its profits to MOAS (the Migrant Offshore Aid Station), a registered foundation dedicated to preventing loss of life at sea by providing professional search and rescue assistance to people who find themselves in distress on high sea or trapped on unsafe vessels.



gfsbDigital DJ Tips parent company Digital DJ Holdings Ltd is a member of the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses, the leading non-political campaigning pressure group for small and medium sized businesses in Gibraltar, where the company is headquartered.


Affiliate links

Digital DJ Tips is partly paid for affiliate links, mainly through Amazon. When the site links to products, it sometimes earns a small sales commission. If you like a product on Digital DJ Tips, by buying through one of our links, you’re helping to fund the site and keep it advert-free.