Over To You: How Can I Expand My Tastes Beyond The Obvious?

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Last updated 26 November, 2017


Swedish House Mafia: Not the be-all and end-all of dance music.

Forum member Bradley Stone writes: “Hello guys. I have been inspired by the buzz created by DJing and am thus planning on getting my own set up to start practising on. However, I feel that my music taste may be ‘too commercial’, with my library limited to commercial content only at the moment (Guetta, SHM, Daft Punk etc…) My question is, how can I expand the music I listen to? I love electronic/house music but need pointing in the direction of new music/artists that I can consider?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Go out there and find live sets from DJs you like and respect… listen to them. Then check out others that might play with them. When you shop for music, always check out the suggested stuff that appears when you pick out tunes. Go on Beatport and look at the top 20, but then look at the suggested tunes that accompany the tracks in the 20 you like. Check out Fatboy Slim if you like Guetta and DP. Check out Krafty Kuts and the Stanton Warriors. Check out James Zabiela. Just explore and always listen to mixes that have tracklistings… so when you come across something that catches your ear, you’ll jot down the tune.

There is nothing wrong with playing mainstream stuff…I just think every DJ like you should make the effort to educate and entertain. Play the SHM track everyone knows, then look for two or three other tunes that carry that energy and vibe, but the general public hasn’t heard. That’s your start.

Over to you. How would you advise Bradley to develop a musical style and collection that’s all his own? How did you do it when you started DJing? We’d love you to share tips and secrets in the comments.

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