Traktor Pro 2.6 Now Available

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
Traktor Pro 2.6
Last updated 16 November, 2017


Improved Pioneer CDJ2000nexus HID integration, with the new flux mode mapped to ‘slip’ on the CDJs, is another feature.

Traktor users can today upgrade to Traktor Pro 2.6, taking advantage of the new features of the software that were first highlighted  in Native Instruments’s recent Traktor Z2 mixer announcement.

Headline improvements of the release include “Flux Mode” (similar to “Slip” in Denon and Pioneer CDJs), “Macro FX” (that combine multiple Traktor effects in a single control), post-fader effect routing and full EQ kills. More on all of these after the break…

Traktor Pro 2.6 feature details

  • Flux mode. This tracks the time while you juggle cues and loops or scratch the track, allowing you to drop the track back in at the moment of your choosing, where it will carry on playing from where it would have been if you hadn’t done anything at all
  • Macro FX. With names like “PolarWind”, “LaserSlicer” and “DarkMatter”, these are “bundles” of effects that can be activated together with a single button press. Preprogrammed by Native Instruments, they can be thought of as “effect presets” – out-of-the-box goodness to spice up your breakdowns, build and so on. There’s a full list here
  • Post-fader effect routing. Say you set up a big, juicy echo or delay on a track, and cut the track out. With pre-fader effects, the echo (that normally would take, say, 20 seconds to finally disappear into nothing), would also stop. But with post-fader effects, it can run its course
  • Full kill EQs. It’s long been a bugbear of mine with Traktor that you can’t just turn down all the EQs and completely kill a track. Now that’s been fixed in one of the available EQ options, meaning if full kills are your thing, you’ve got ’em

The software is available for download through usual channels now, one week ahead of the Kontrol Z2’s launch on Nov 1. There is a full list of improvements and changes on the Native Instruments forums.

Anything here you’ve been waiting for or are looking forward to trying out? What do you wish could be added to Traktor that it doesn’t currently have? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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