Friday Roundup: DJing Gets In On The Air Guitar Fun…

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 3 October, 2014


air guitar
Air guitar players have been riffing away for years, but now there’s an air scratch prototype out there that actually makes real scratch sounds. Fun, but don’t give up the day job just yet guys…

In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve got the DJ world’s answer to playing air guitar (only a whole lot more fun), the hottest tracks in Ibiza chosen by top DJs on the white island, and news of a superstar DJ who who took dance music satire a little too seriously. It’s all here in our weekly muster of news and features from around the DJ web. Have a great weekend, folks!

  1. Scratching’s Answer To Playing Air Guitar… – Will air-scratch battles be the 21st century’s answer to air guitar duels? Watch the proof of concept video at DJ Worx (oh and if you want to know how to scratch for real, click here) Watch it
  2. Emotional Vs Thinking Music – Despite the hundreds of genres and sub-genres around the world, this article from Music Think Tank posits that we can neatly categorise them into two Read more
  3. Ibiza DJs Pick Their Favourite Tunes – With the season coming to a close, top DJs from Ibiza name their favourite tunes this year. inthemix has it Read more
  4. Pioneer RMX-500 Effects Processor Reviewed – Gearjunkies takes a close look at Pioneer’s standalone hardware effects processor Read more
  5. Lollipop DJ Headphones: Why You Should Try One – Stick headphones were the norm for DJs back then, but why would you want to use them today? Our friends from DJ Techtools tells us why Read more
  6. #RealDJs Spoof A “Fake DJ” – Inception for disc jockeys? Check out this wicked routine from DMC bad boys Shiftee and Enferno at THUMP Watch it
  7. Online Gig Promotion Tips – An empty room in an online gig is just as bad as an empty one in the real world. Avoid feelings of abandonment by your online peers with this guide from DIY Musician Read more
  8. Is EDM Saving Music? – Are all these millionaire producers and megabuck festivals singlehandedly keeping the music industry afloat? It depends, according to Crossfadr Read more
  9. Wunderground Sued By Steve Aoki – Guess who can’t take a joke in the world of electronic music? Do Androids Dance has the story Read more

Can you see air scratching catching on? How do you categorise YOUR music in your head? And should Steve Aoki learn to take a joke? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…

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