Over To You: Help For New Female Mobile DJ?

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 11 April, 2018


Dj Celeste
California’s DJ Celeste on the decks at a mobile DJ event. There are plenty of women making a living in this industry, although fewer than we feel there ought to be.

Digital DJ Tips reader Varsha writes in with a question that could potentially be relevant to half the entire population, although maybe shockingly, to only 5% of our readership. It’s this: “Hi Phil, I have just started as a mobile DJ. Do you think it’s not good for a girl to do this? Can you recommend any forums or help for female DJs?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Lots of women do just fine DJing, and the mobile DJ space is no different. I personally know of several successful female DJs who major in wedding DJing, for instance. While DJing is still overwhelmingly “a man’s world”, that of course goes for so many other areas in life too, areas where – just like DJing – there’s no real reason for it to be this way.

We can’t think of any actual forums, but why not start a female DJ group in your town for mutual support and company? Lauren, Digital DJ Tips team member and a DJ herself, adds:

“Maybe look for a female DJ agency or collective if you’re worried about it, otherwise just be aware of why there aren’t as many females in the industry (in general) and then go for it anyway.”

Anyway, over to you. Are you a female DJ who can offer some advice to Varsha? If you feel you can help in any way please do so in the comments,

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