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Review of: Loopcloud

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On June 13, 2017
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Loopcloud is a useful sample management system, especially for those with limited production knowledge who want to start making their own tracks, but also for seasoned pros. However, the speed with which you can download sounds for auditioning in projects does vary depending on your connection speed.

Loopcloud lets DJ/producers choose, audition and keymatch samples for their productions in the cloud, before downloading them into their production software.
Loopcloud is a newly available cloud-based sample storage solution from Loopmasters. In today’s review, we will look at the software and its features.

Full Loopcloud review

Loopcloud is a new cloud-based sample storage service and plugin combo that allows you to manage and access loops and samples. It syncs with your Loopmasters account, letting you get to sounds that you’ve purchased from the Loopmasters site within the Loopcloud plugin. You can then drag these sounds straight into your digital audio workstation (DAW).

By offering the ability to upload 5GB of your third party content to Loopcloud for free, it seems that Loopmasters is aiming for its new service to become the go-to online sample archive and manager. Think Dropbox or Google Drive, but for DJ/producers. We will have to see how this feature progresses though, as it is currently listed as “coming soon” within the software. What we do know is that the aforementioned 5GB will be expandable with various subscription options.

Plans are also afoot to add a Loopmasters store into Loopcloud, to allow for on-the-go previewing and purchasing of sounds. These sounds will then be made available in your Loopcloud library, ready to use in your DAW of choice.

First impressions and setting up

Loopcloud can be downloaded for free from the Loopmasters website, and is available to both Mac and PC users. Loopcloud not only works as standalone program for finding, previewing and purchasing samples and loops from your desktop. Its real power comes from being integrated with a digital audio workstation (DAW), like Ableton Live, for example.

I downloaded Loopcloud, installed it, logged into it via my Loopmasters account and swiftly got to work.

In use

When you have picked your sample or loop in Loopcloud, you can simply click, drag and drop it into an open session in your DAW.

When you have picked your sample or loop from your library in Loopcloud, you can simply click, drag and drop it into an open session in your DAW. As a result of the simplicity of the user interface, DJs and beginner producers with limited production knowledge (like myself) might find the whole DAW experience a little less intimidating.

Less time worrying about feeling helpless frees up time for the creativity to flow and I had a great time messing around with different combinations of loops and samples. It’s quite amazing what you can come up with in half an hour or so of using Loopcloud with Ableton. The fact that Ableton Live auto-matches BPM / tempo makes it simple to jam away.

Another advantage of using Loopcloud is the disk space that you save. No one needs folders and folders full of useless samples and loops, right? With this program, you only download the ones that you want to use in your current project; the rest are stored in the cloud for you.


Loopcloud is most useful when used in tandem with a digital audio workstation (DAW) like Ableton Live. The simplicity of selecting, previewing and then drag and dropping samples into your DAW sessions makes this a useful program for those with limited production knowledge who want to start making their own tracks, as well as seasoned pros.

The interface is simple to use and easy to navigate but does feel a little clunky at times. Also, the speed with which you download sounds that you’d want to drag onto your project varies depending on your connection speed. A nice touch is the addition of a free welcome pack of samples, loops and one-shots of different styles for you to tinker with.

Talkthrough video

Do you think Loopcloud will help you get your tracks finished quicker? Have you had a chance to test Loopcloud? Is it something you’d like to try? Let us know in the comments below…