New Pioneer DJM-750Mk2: The Perfect Home Mixer?

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
DJM-750MkII Pioneer DJ Pro rekordbox
Last updated 2 October, 2018


Pioneer DJ
Pioneer DJ has just announced the DJM-750Mk2, which is aiming at the budding club DJ or serious bedroom hobbyist.

DJs wanting to go the “Pioneer route” and emulate at least some of the set-ups they see in the clubs in their own home studio have always faced a conundrum – spend the price of a family car on a Nexus system, or accept severely reduced functionality on Pioneer DJ’s traditional take on “home” separates. The DJM-750Mk2, though, might just hit the sweet spot for serious home DJs, thanks to its pretty complete feature set at a high – but not mega-high – price.

Over the DJM-750 that it replaces, the DJM-750Mk2 has an improved sound card, with routing for FX via USB allowing the DJ to use inter-app audio in iOS to add software effects into the audio chain – an excellent idea, and a major leap forward over the original. It means, for instance, you could plug in Pioneer’s RMX 1000 as an iOS app rather than shell out for the hardware. The mixer also has traditional send/returns too, so is well featured in this area.

The mixer comes bundled with Pioneer’s DJ software, Rekordbox DJ, as well as the DVS upgrade, making it a sweeter deal for DJs who own neither. And no, unfortunately you don’t get all the extras here – just the software you can see running on that screen!

Pioneer is also bundling its Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox DVS software, worth €248, which sweetens the deal further, and means that as long as you shell out for some timecode records (as they’re not supplied), you can use the mixer at the heart of a Pioneer DVS system.

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Add in the other big changes – Pioneer’s silky-smooth Magvel crossfader, and Sound Color FX on each channel (rather than a single Sound Color FX engine switchable across the mixer’s all four channels as on the original) – and you’ve got a pretty flexible club-style mixer at a considerable lower price than the DJM-900Nexus mixer.

• The Pioneer DJ DJM-750Mk2 comes in at €1,199 and will be available from early September. Find out more and watch the usual promo-style demo videos on the Pioneer website.

Do you like the look of this? Do you agree that it’s hit a “sweet spot” for the kind of DJs we think will like it? Let us know in the comments…

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