Reloop Touch Is A Touchscreen-Equipped Controller For Virtual DJ 8

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 23 March, 2018


Reloop just launched Touch, a four-channel DJ controller for Virtual DJ 8 that comes with a large 7″ touchscreen onboard. It’s got two jogwheels, eight performance pads per deck, three band EQs with filters on each channel, and two Fader FX Unit sections that are comprised of four faders each. The most notable feature is the 7″ high-resolution touchscreen that can display up to four virtual decks running in Virtual DJ 8. That means you can see what you’re playing without having to look at your laptop.

The touchscreen can display video for when you’re mixing visuals or video clips. It can also be used for controlling effects, browsing through your library, and even managing playlists via drag and drop gestures. While it’s meant to work plug and play with Virtual DJ 8, it’s also compatible with other DJ software via Midi.

The 7″ high-resolution touchscreen can display up to four virtual decks in Virtual DJ, and can also be used for controlling effects, browsing and managing your library, and VJing.

Screens on controllers aren’t new – the Numark NV for Serato DJ was one of the first to have screens onboard (though it wasn’t a touchscreen), letting you spend less time staring at your laptop or even tucking it away completely out of sight. It’s about time a full-featured touchscreen controller for Virtual DJ 8 arrived, and it looks solid: the screen is as big as what you’d find on a Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2, but the clincher here is that it can display up to four virtual decks on a single screen.

The jogwheels are small compared to most of the current crop of DJ controllers (Denon DJ MCX8000, Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2, and so on) but let’s not forget that controller DJs have got on with similarly-sized jogwheels not too long ago (Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk2, anyone?). We’re sure that this controller will be a highlight at the Reloop stand over at BPM|Pro 2017, and we can’t wait to check it out.

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• The Reloop Touch will be available for €699 from November 2017. Check the Reloop site for more details.

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