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Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 Controller Review

Last updated 14 January, 2019



The Lowdown

The DDJ-SR2 controller for Serato DJ is Pioneer DJ’s first update to the original DDJ-SR two-channel DJ controller which was released back in 2013. It adds controls for Serato DJ’s Pitch Play feature, needle search strips, full-colour performance pads, booth outputs, and switchable phono / line inputs for hooking up turntables or DJ media players. It still retains most of the functionality of the original DDJ-SR, including four-deck control, three-band EQs and filter per channel, along with the usual FX, loop, and transport controls.

First Impressions / Setting up

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 is a two-channel portable controller with strong integration with Serato. It has an RCA and mic input as well as a port for USBs, XLR or RCA outputs and two headphone monitor ports. An update to the original DDJ-SR, the SR2 maintains most of the original’s features. The DDJ-SR2 has multi-coloured performance pads for triggering rolls and samples. A dedicated control section for Serato called Key Sync is another feature which helps keep your songs in the same key. The two channels have their own three-band EQs and trim knob along the middle. The build quality is as you’d expect from Pioneer DJ. The knobs feel sturdy to use and the large jogwheels are a major plus.

In Use

The DDJ-SR2 feels great during play and the bright pads help especially in dimly lit venues. A needle search feature is handy for scrubbing through a track. The level meters have both the master and the channel’s signal which is convenient. With its tight integration with Serato, the DDJ-SR2’s controls are easily mapped out after you plug it into your computer. At around US$620, the Pioneer DDJ-SR2 is not a budget option by any means but the extra features are definitely worth it and the build quality cannot be understated. Amazon reviewers say that the DDJ-SR2 is a great update to the original citing reasons such as ease-of-use, reliability as well as its portability.


The Pioneer DDJ-SR2 is a great two-channel mixer for the DJ who is just starting to get serious or a secondary controller for the seasoned veteran. With a nice set of features and top-notch reliability, the DDJ-SR2 is a great buy.

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