How To Set Up HID Mode With CDJs & Traktor Pro 3

Marc Santaromana | Read time: 2 mins
Club/Festival DJing HID mode Pro Traktor Pro 3
Last updated 18 June, 2019


Previously we discussed how to set up HID mode with Serato DJ Pro using CDJs. This time we will go through the process of how to do it on Traktor Pro 3. Using HID provides more tactile control over the software compared to using DVS with timecode. The ability to use physical controls on the CDJ for functions such as cue points, looping, and library search can help a DJ put the laptop aside and be more engaged with the audience.

Traktor Pro 3 also provides more useful visual feedback on the media player compared to other software when using HID mode. Not only do you get the overview waveform (like when using HID with Serato DJ Pro), but you also get the larger main waveform and phase meter on the CDJ screen. The phase meter is especially helpful if you like to manually beatmatch, and will be a familiar sight if you’ve ever used USB flash drives prepared with Rekordbox.

How To Set Up HID In Traktor Pro 3

Pioneer DJ does a great job with making setting up HID mode with most software essentially the same:

  1. Start your digital DJing software
  2. Connect a USB cable from each CDJ to your computer (USB hub may be needed)
  3. Hit “Link” on the CDJ
  4. Rotate encoder until you are asked to link to computer
  5. Press encoder to enter HID mode
  6. Select which deck you would like to control
  7. Repeat process on any other decks


Traktor Pro 3’s HID mode is one of the most feature packed compared to other major DJ apps on the market. So if you are a Traktor Pro 3 user who uses DVS with CDJs you should definitely give HID mode a try, and the best part is that it only takes a few moments to setup to gain access to all of the features.

Do you use HID mode when spinning with Traktor at the club? Or do you prefer DJing with DVS? Let us know in the comments.

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