Pioneer DJ’s XDJ-XZ Now Works With Serato DJ Pro

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 11 March, 2020


Serato just announced an update to Serato DJ Pro. Now at version 2.3.3, the update gives the app full compatibility with the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ all-in-one standalone system. That means you can spin with your Serato DJ Pro library using your laptop, plus you can also view Serato DJ’s track waveforms straight on the XDJ-XZ’s screens (a first in the XDJ standalone system series). Track waveforms also appear on the XDJ-XZ’s jogwheel displays.

Watch the show

Here’s a live show we ran on our Facebook Page, YouTube Channel and Global DJ Network Facebook Group with a Q&A about this release:

Folk have been eagerly waiting for this compatibility since it was announced at the XDJ-XZ’s launch late last year, and now that it’s here, it just makes the system an even more powerful offering because it now works with three of the “big four” DJ apps (Rekordbox DJ, Virtual DJ, and Serato DJ Pro).

Of course its main draw is the fact that it can work without a laptop connected, but for those DJs who still want to spin with a computer while having the flexibility of a standalone device (or, indeed, as a failsafe in case of computer failure), the XDJ-XZ has just become an even more compelling purchase.

• Wondering why you may want to use this unit with software? Check out our 4 Reasons To Use Serato With The Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ All-In-One System article.

The official promo video is below:

Promo Video

• Serato DJ Pro 2.3.3. is available now. Check the Serato site for more details. You’ll also need to update the firmware of the XDJ-XZ, which you can download from the Pioneer DJ site.

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