Decksaver Launches New Covers For Denon, Pioneer, Numark Gear

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
decksaver gear cover maintenance
Last updated 20 December, 2021


Decksaver, the company that makes practically bulletproof covers for popular DJ and production gear, has launched a large number of new covers, including for some of the most popular recent DJ gear.

Covers in this batch of releases include models for the Denon DJ Prime 2, the Denon DJ Prime GO, the Denon DJ SC6000/M Prime, the Pioneer DJ DJM-V10, the Numark Scratch mixer and the Numark DJ2GO2/Touch.

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We recommend you consider investing in a cover like this for your DJ gear, to use as a dustcover at home, and to use to protect delicate knobs and faders when in transit. You can check them all out at the new Decksaver website.

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