Easy New Way To Preview Your Mixcloud Livestreams On Facebook & Twitch

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
DJ livestreaming Mixcloud Live Promoting mixtapes
Last updated 15 November, 2021


DJs who use Mixcloud Live as their choice of legal DJ livestreaming platform can now auto-promote their livestreams on Facebook and Twitch, thanks to a new feature just added to the platform.

How it works

Once you set up Twitch and Facebook within the Mixcloud interface, Mixcloud will automatically inform your followers on both of those platforms that you have gone live, playing a silent video preview of your stream, giving your followers a chance to click through and follow your shows on Mixcloud itself.

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While this doesn’t let users watch directly from those platforms, it at least gives Mixcloud Live users the chance to let their followings know they’re live.

How useful is this?

This is likely to be more useful on Facebook than Twitch, not least because unlike Facebook, Twitch won’t penalise you for broadcasting DJ sets live on its platform – indeed, it encourages it, despite not having the correct licensing in place for doing this.

So there’s nothing stopping you going live on both Mixcloud and Twitch fully, if you wish (and if you’re happy to use a service like Restream to do so). However, for Facebook particularly, this is a cool addition, and has been on the wishlist of many a Mixcloud Live DJ.

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How to do it

The new feature is available to all DJs who are set up to livestream on Mixcloud. (To livestream on Mixcloud, you need to be a Mixcloud Pro subscriber.)

From there, watch this video made by Mixcloud that shows how to do it, or click through here for written instructions.

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