New Online Quiz Gives You Your Personal “DJ Score”

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 6 September, 2022


Want to know what your personal “DJ score” is? By taking our unique online “DJ Test”, you’ll get a mark out of 100 – your “DJ Score” – that shows you exactly where you’re at in your DJing, right now. You can use your DJ score for bragging rights, but more importantly, to help you see where you need to improve.

Find out your score: Take The DJ Test

The good news is that we’ve just massively overhauled the test, which has already helped thousands of DJs to improve. This new version is even easier and more fun to take than ever. So even if you’ve taken it before (in fact, especially if you’ve taken it before), now is a great time to take the quiz and see where you’re at.

The real benefit of taking The DJ Test

Here’s where it gets really good, though. Using your results, we’ll compile and send you by email a personalised 33-page PDF, packed full of training and resources to help you to improve in the areas where you need help the most. It’s unique to you, and completely free. It’s a document you’ll come back to again and again for tips, advice and reassurance as you work to improve your DJ skills.

You’ll be tested with fun questions in the five big areas of DJing – Gear, Music, Techniques, Performing and Promoting Yourself. They’re the areas we talk about in our Amazon bestselling book Rock The Dancefloor!, and the areas we teach in The Complete DJ Course. This is the proven best way to level up your DJing, and we’re giving you access to this teaching framework for nothing.

How to take the test

All you need to do now is have a go – click here to take the DJ test now.

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