Controller Clinic #38: Should I Still Buy Vestax?

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Last updated 6 August, 2017

We absolutely love Vestax’s VCI-400 DJ controller, but with the company having gone under recently, is it still a wise move to buy any of their gear even at reduced prices?

Digital DJ Tips reader Ignacy Klimont writes: “My friend bought a Vestax controller this year and I really like it. Yesterday, I noticed big price drops on Vestax products, which I guess is due to the bankruptcy of Vestax. And here’s my point: What do you think about buying DJing hardware in this situation? Do you think it is a big problem, aside from warranty issues? Would you do this? Apart from Vestax, I’m thinking of two different controllers: Traktor Kontrol S2, and Pioneer’s DDJ-SB or DDJ-SR.”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Well, yes Vestax gear was really nice and excellent quality. But apart from the obvious warranty issue, there is also the issue of updated drivers and firmware. We’ve already heard complaints about drivers for the VCI-400 controllers no longer working with some computers and I am pretty sure there will not be any updates in the pipeline.

So while their gear is really good, I personally would not buy gear from a bankrupt company unless I really knew what I am doing or had a computer set-up that I was 100% sure would work and that I would not be changing for quite some time.

As for the other controllers you mention: Well the Kontrol S2 and the DDJs are quite different from each other. If you want to use Traktor as a DJ software go with the S2 and if you want to use Serato get a DDJ, or look into our other recommended beginner controllers, including Numark Mixtrack Pro 2, Reloop Beatmix 2 and Beatmix 4. Our DJ controller guide has all of our latest recommendations in it.

Would you still buy Vestax despite the company’s bankruptcy? Have you done so? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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