Friday Five: How Top DJs Deal With Nerves Before Gigs

Joey Santos
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Last updated 3 April, 2019

In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from Mixmag on how some of the world’s best and busiest DJs handle pre-gig jitters. We’ve also got pieces from Red Bull Music Academy, DJ Techtools, Flypaper and DJ Mag. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. How The Best DJs Deal With Pre-Gig Jitters – Even the world’s greatest DJs feel anxious before a show. Here’s how they manage to keep their cool before performing in front of thousands. Mixmag has it Read more
  2. QBert On The Art Of Turntablism – One of turntablism’s living legends dishes on the art form and why scratch culture is so essential to hip-hop. Red Bull Music Academy has it Read more
  3. What Every Mobile DJ Contract Should Have – Check out this article from our friends over at DJ Techtools for tips on drafting contracts for your professional DJ services Read more
  4. How To Engage With Your Fans Online – DJing is one thing, but you’re missing out on a chance to forge deeper bonds if you don’t continue the conversation with your audience away from the dancefloor. Flypaper has some ideas on how to do just that Read more
  5. An 808 Drum Machine For $300? – Behringer just announced the pricing and availability of its copy of the legendary Roland TR-808. DJ Mag has it Read more

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