How To Fill An Empty Dancefloor [Live DJing Q&A With Phil Morse]

Last updated 21 August, 2023

In this replay of our live Q&A lesson, we discussed how to fill an empty dancefloor, ways to use your sampler, different DJ mixers, and more!

Here’s what’s covered…

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 6:19 What’s the best laptop for video DJing?
  • 8:47 Can I mix with the same tune throughout a DJ set?
  • 10:45 After buying a new laptop my software can’t find my music, how can I fix this?
  • 12:18 I have two Technics and a Rane Seventy-Two, how can I add two Denon DJ SC6000s to that set-up?
  • 13:23 What’s the best media player for playing videos live?
  • 13:48 Which mixer is better: the Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 or DJM-900?
  • 16:41 How to fill an empty dancefloor?
  • 21:58 How to prepare Tidal streaming playlists in djay Pro?
  • 25:54 Why does my mixing sound better in headphones?
  • 26:40 Any tips for harmonic mixing?
  • 30:53 For mobile DJ gigs, do you prefer Denon DJ or Pioneer DJ?
  • 32:50 Do you recommend the Pioneer DJ RB DMX1 for lighting?
  • 33:45 How can I use the sampler on my DJ controller as a third or fourth deck?
  • 36:26 Where can mobile DJs find good remixes of popular tracks?
  • 43:09 How to promote yourself as a DJ?
  • 45:54 I’m returning to DJing after a break, where can I find music these days?
  • 50:24 What’s the best way to learn the FX on a DJM-900 mixer?

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