IKEA Releases Its First Dedicated Stand Aimed At Home DJs

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 20 September, 2022

Many of us have been hacking IKEA furniture for years for our home studios, but now the company has gone a stage further and released a new version of its DJ-favoured Kallax shelving unit, aimed directly at home DJs.

Produced in conjunction with Swedish House Mafia, this new “Obegränsad” edition of the Kallax shelf has two rows of four cubes for record storage, plus two slimmer sections across the length of the shelves for home DJ equipment like headphones, amplifiers and so on, which also raises the top to a suitable height for DJing on with turntables, mixer, a DJ controller etc.

The new stand alongside other DJ related items from IKEA’s range.

“Many aspire to be a DJ, but not everybody has the opportunity to perform in front of a big crowd,” IKEA creative head James Futcher said.

“We learned a lot from Swedish House Mafia about the setups needed to make music. During the pandemic, we also started seeing people live stream DJ sets from their homes and studios using KALLAX as their stage. And we thought, ‘There’s a fun opportunity to do a small update of an iconic product for a collaboration around making and listening to music.'”

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The new DJ stand is launched next month, and you can get more info from IKEA’s website.

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