iTunes/Music & Catalina Now Work With Denon DJ Engine Prime v1.3.4

Staff Writer
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Last updated 11 March, 2020

Apple’s iTunes/Music integration is one of the improvements Denon DJ has made to its music library software Engine Prime v1.3.4, which has been announced today. The app also now officially works with Catalina on Mac.

Engine Prime is the software that users of Denon DJ’s Prime series of DJ equipment use to prepare their music to DJ with on those units, and as such is the company’s equivalent to Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software.

For many DJs though it has been a “weak link” for Denon DJ, so for them it will be a welcome piece of new, reinforcing Denon DJ’s words that it is serious about the development of the software alongside the new hardware that’s coming, including the Prime 2 and Prime Go units.

• More info and download from Denon DJ’s website.

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