Make Your Own Vinyl At Home With Phonocut

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 4 March, 2021

Ever wanted to cut your own records? It looks like you’ll be able to do so, soon: Phonocut is a device that lets you press your own 10″ vinyl record at the push of a button. Think of it as a CD burner (remember those?) but for vinyl. You connect a line source such as a smartphone or a laptop to the 1/8″ input jack, load a 10″ blank vinyl disc that you also purchase from Phonocut, and then press a button to cut a piece of stereo vinyl in real time. You can record between 10-15 minutes of music per side.

It’s an unashamedly niche product, and one that will appeal to those who want to spin the oldschool DJ way. Whether you grew up listening and spinning vinyl, or you’re a millennial / Gen-Zer who recently got into the hobby, Phonocut looks to be an interesting product. That means you can press tunes from your collection onto a record, or you can even press mixtapes to vinyl for handing out at gigs (talk about making an impact!).

The idea of a home-based vinyl cutting device has been done before in varying degrees of success, most recently the VRX-2000 cutter from the now-defunct Vestax. But what sets Phonocut apart is the ease of operation and the price: it’s set to launch on Kickstarter for just €999, with the blank vinyl costing €10 each. The aforementioned VRX-2000 in comparison is exponentially more expensive (it can be bought used on Reverb for about US$10,000).

Will this *ahem* kickstart vinyl’s second coming not just as a collectible but as tools in DJ booths? We’ll wait and see…

Check out the photo gallery below.

Photo Gallery

• Check the Phonocut site for more details.

Does a vinyl product like this interest you? Do you want to spin with vinyl again, or are you happy DJing completely digital? Let us know below.

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