Meet The DJ Who Fitted A Full Pioneer DJ Set-up To His Bike

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 15 November, 2021

This is Dom Whiting. He’s a UK-based DJ who has made a big name for himself in recent weeks by DJing from his bike (a trike, in fact), through attaching his XDJ system to it, along with selfie cam, battery, speakers and livestreaming gear.

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He’s DJed while riding his bike across the UK, got over 100K subscribers to his YouTube channel, and garnered millions of views – and nowadays, he gets stacks of actual physical support on his Pied Piper-style DJ sets/journeys through iconic cities, with people joining in on transport – fixies, road bikes, shoppers, scooters, roller skates, skateboards, mountain bikes and cargo bikes.

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Here at Digital DJ Tips we are huge fans of DJ livestreaming (we have a course that teaches anyone to do it, and we do it ourselves every Sunday at 5pm London/midday Eastern on our own YouTube and Mixcloud channels), but we’re sure you’ll agree Dom is taking it just that little bit further, and we thought you’d enjoy learning about what he’s doing.

Watch the video

Check out this video of him playing drum & bass all throughout Manchester, and head here to visit his YouTube channel, where you can see replays of his rides, and also subscribe to him to be notified when he’s livestreaming his next set.

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