Mixcloud Announces 100% Legal Livestream Platform For DJs

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 29 April, 2020


Finally, someone’s done it! DJs of the world, you can now DJ livestream 100% legally, and potentially monetise your livestreams, thanks to Mixcloud Live, a new service from the popular DJ mix and radio show audio website.

The platform is currently in beta and has been rushed out because of the many thousands of DJs who suddenly have livestreaming as their only DJing outlet.

You can stream with or without video, and it uses the same stream key and stream URL system that many other platforms use, meaning you can use it with OBS, Ecamm Live, Wirecast and so on.

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“We hope that Mixcloud Live brings a little more fun – and maybe some dancing – into your home. Particularly at this time when the world is socially distant, and we all need to feel a bit closer. In addition, we are very focused on helping creators generate more income directly from their fans via their live streams,” said Cofounder Nico Perez.

With DJs being hit by copyright takedowns, muted streams and summary deletions of their content as they try to stream on other platforms, this could not have come at a better time. As Mixcloud operates on a different licence (it’s more like a radio licence), and collects royalties, you should not experience the same issues using it.]

Apparently livestreams are not currently archived, although that is in the pipeline. Mixcloud is at pains to point out that this is beta and may well be subject to bugs and quirks, but that they felt it wasimportant to get it out there as early as possible due to the current social isolation situation globally.

If you want to stream on Mixcloud you need a subscription to Mixcloud Pro – there’s a 90-day trial at the moment and it costs £9/US$15 per month after that.

The Future Of Mixcloud Live

I asked Nico and Mat, two of the founders of Mixcloud, to join me on a special live interview, where I asked them all the questions the community has been asking us, and they outlined their plans for the future of Mixcloud Live. It’s an exciting and informative watch, which will give you a lot more background on this.

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