Our Top 10 James Hype Moments (Insane DJ Tricks & Backstage Reveals)

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Last updated 8 September, 2021


James Hype is a real product of our age, a DJ who has played many incredible gigs for sure, but whose star has risen on the tide of YouTube and social media sharing. It’s scary to think what heights this man will rise to when lockdowns lift and big events return.

But as he’s kept so many of us entertained in lockdown, and as of course he is a Digital DJ Tips tutor (the man behind our James Hype’s Mixing Skills course), we thought we’d collect ten of our favourite James Hype moments of all time. So in no particular order, here they are. Enjoy!

Our Top 10 James Hype Moments

1. Audiomack Boat Rave In Amsterdam

James takes his thing to the Dutch canals in this recent boat set…

2. Going To The Supermarket (Lockdown Car Set)

James gets bored and misses DJing, but the lockdown regulations in the UK at the time say you can only leave your home to go to the supermarket. This is what happens… (also on Instagram)

3. The Forearm Trick

For a DJ who doesn’t really scratch, James gets super-inventive in other ways, as he demonstrates in this Instagram video clip.

4. Four Decks In The Mix On The London Underground

Just before the first UK lockdown hit in Spring 2020, James dropped this set on YouTube, proving that him and his team’s understanding of social media and building an online presence pre-dated those things being forced on them. (Also on Instagram here and here.)

5. Tiesto 3-Deck Pitch Play Trick

Who needs digital pitch play when you’ve got three CDJs and dextrous hands? Here James adds extra excitement to the “Let’s Get Down” lyric…

6. “The Box”, James’s Trailer DJ Set-up

James decided if clubs weren’t open, he would take the rave to the people, and bought and converted a trailer into a mobile DJ box… here’s what it looks like (plus a brush with authority…)

7. I’m Losing It vs One More Time – “Upside Down”

A classic Hype routine that we also feature in its iconic original version later in this list, but this time performed with a twist…

8. Behind The Scenes – Police Stop Epic 4-Deck DJ Set In London

This 15-minute vlog gives so many insights, into James’s mobile livestreaming set-up, how his team helps him to make things happen, and how to stay calm when you’ve got the law bearing down on you… again!

9. CDJ-3000 Pitch Feature Test

James plays with the new pitch adjust feature on the Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 touchscreen, and gives a good masterclass in how to recover from a mistake mid-set…

10. I’m Losing It vs One More Time – Ferdinands Feld Festival, 2018

Saving the best till last, pure originality, all captured on a mobile phone including the audio, and several million views later still sounding as fresh as it did when we all shared it back then…

Let us know what you think of these clips in the comments below.

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